our world

Thank you is the best words I can say to the person who catch me when I started to fall from the inequities of life. The world started to turn against me but here is a person who was willing to comfort, care, and love me for who I am.

Impossible, as it may seem but it is indeed possible with people who truly love. We are in a world full of challenges and trials and it is up to us whether we could or could not survive. You are more than I am thankful of, you are not just somebody to me but a blessing from God.

Realizing that we could possibly love each other is more than enough to conquer the world and build our own world. Our world wherein we could do whatever we want to do. A world wherein we are always true to our emotions. A world wherein happiness is the main source of living. A world wherein in only us could hear everything what are heart is shouting.

It is but painful to have so many reasons around why we cant be together right now but I am happy that even though we are far from each other we still belong together. To trust you when you are too far. To kiss you goodnight through the stars. To hug you tight through pillows around. And to whisper I love you encourage by the dancing winds around. Here are the thoughts I wish you probably feels.

Before, I said that we could describe things thru our emotions not just our senses because I believe that sometimes what our heart feels our senses couldn’t sense. We may not see each other often, nor touch each hands together, nor smell the perfume of each ones body, nor hear sweet hellos and hi from one another, nor taste the lips of each other, but one thing I am sure of we both feel the love for one another.

Patience is testing our relationship that though we don’t see each other often we still have time to express our feelings. Our actions may be vulgar sometimes but we are still ready to fight the consequences of our actions by the power of the so-called love.

The love you are sharing with me is so intense that even though you are not here with me I still feel your presence around. To be with you is more than I could offer and to love you is more that I am willing to give my all my life. Ending these paramount emotion is still the words Thank You!

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2 thoughts on “our world

  1. Lherry

    hey its me.. galing mo tlga magsulat…idol!!

  2. hi lherry,

    tnx sa compliment… compliment nga ba? hehehe!

    nwei, keep smilin! godbless!

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