when somebody loves me

Why in the world that when you learn to love somebody it is also the time to set the person free. Too much ironies in life but why not make it lesser for love. I felt guilty not showing how much I care for the person I love. I took advantage of his love and now I regret the day I deny him in front of the crowd. I despise myself for causing him so much pain. He did his part making me the most important person of his life but I neglected all his actions. It took me a lot of courage to make break-ups real. The reason of this move is that I am guilty of my faults, mistakes and pain I’m causing him. Honestly, the memories are still there. I can still feel the heat of his love wrapping into my arms. I can still smell the aroma of his body moving towards me. And I can still taste the sweetness of his lips enticing mine to love him more than everyone could ever know. The pictures lasts but the memories wont… Every time I look into the past opening the chapter of my life with him being part of it, tears fall down from my eyes flowing into my cheeks and my hands trying to catch it up before it will go. To cry for the person you truly love is something undeniable. Crying is the only way to outburst my emotions. He left me empty-handed. With no reasons to return. No crossroads to cross. And no roads to block. Sometimes we have to forget the person we did love. In life we live, we learn, we love, and then we move on. That’s the process of it. Life goes on no matter what happens, no matter how it causes you, and no matter what and how it changes you and your life only to survive the imperial world. Sad. But true.

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One thought on “when somebody loves me

  1. I’ve been the guy in the picture once – and believe me, I still can’t hate her – it is as if it wasn’t meant to be and I wasn’t angry at her – I was angry at the world. Hold on. Life is good past the corner.

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