Baring Necessities

“To others you may be nobody, but to me you are somebody.”-Shark Tale

Life seems miserable when I first came to this place. I got nowhere to run, no one to talk to. A very strange place and a mysterious fauna came and offered the realms of my depression. The first thing came into my mind was, “what am I doing here?”

A simple question yet requiring complexities of answers. Indeed, it was a one question pointing out to many solutions, yet I’m desperately still searching for the right answer to suit my situation. Then one day came, in a place where my memories brought me back, a person disguised started to fill up the answers and the emptiness I felt inside. I never thought that one day this day would come. My mind was so boggled with many chaotic circumstances that happiness never crossed it. But then God never failed me and so the rainbow showed during the time I met this somebody.

Very appealing yet arrogant in style. But hey, who am I to judge him it’s only the first time we’ve crossed paths. On that time the love story began.

This somebody became my friend, a very close friend. Because of this we exceeded the line of relationships. What about it? It’s no big deal. But sad to say it is. If you live in a world where we lived definitely you will hardly have the time to express yourself. Critics around. Judging eyes. And holy thou art people surrounds us. They consider themselves Christians yet they are the ones putting down somebody because of a certain word called “past.” Very ironic indeed but this never changed the feelings we had for one another.

We cried but laugh. We doubt but eventually trust. We almost failed but still stands up. We lose hope but we believed. It was an almost against all odds relationship and I hate the fact why this is happening. If this was a challenge or a trial why is there a need to suffer? Someone told me that time that “warriors don’t win wars without bleeding.” Guess that speaks it all. The pain felt remained but love conquered it all.

I appreciate this somebody’s goodness. The love he fought. And the suffering he surpassed. I almost caused him dying because of our state of affairs. But I know in the end we will end up happily ever after. People may always see him as nobody but to me he is always somebody. Time would come that they will eventually understand. Time would heal the wounds. And time would cover the scar it made.

Now, I ask myself what am I doing here? The answer has always been there. Here is a place where love grows, love remains, and love prospers. It is here where I knew I would experience eternal love.

People may never understand what this love story is all about. These sentiments are more than just the things I wrote here. It is not just an ordinary lunatic expression of love but also baring the real love story behind all those stories. I know it all started wrong, but this inspired us to perfect or almost perfect the relationship we had. It may not be the right time, but at least we did love. We did fought. We did learn. And we did surrender our relationship to God. It is important to trust Him alone. We are not pleasing men but we are pleasing God.

Life may seem unhappy and miserable but trust me the world is round. Join me in exploring the world and the world beyond.

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One thought on “Baring Necessities

  1. Gabriel

    Seems interesting


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