life saver’s coat!

underwater-swimming2.jpgJust keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim, swim.

Sounds Familiar? It is familiar! These are the famous lines of Dory, a regal tang that Marlin bumps into while pursuing the boat that is carrying his son, Nemo in the movie Finding Nemo.

Why am I saying this? I just find these words very encouraging.

Sometimes in our life, we can’t do things the way we wanted to. Drowned in a situation where light seems so unreachable, and a state where it’s so unpredictable.

I am always caught up in a situation asking myself “what shall I do now?” Words boggling into my head just won’t dare to stop. I don’t even have a chance to give the right answers when someone’s talking to me. It seems like everything is going too far behind me.

In the office – Have you ever experienced your Boss asking you to do something and in that something, behind your mind seems so impossible? Me? A lot of times! I remember one of my friend told me “Yung Boss natin parang umo-order lang ng ulam sa carinderia, parang andali dali ng pinapagawa.” Well, imagine how we managed such things!!! (trying really really hard!) But of course, the good thing is, if we are able to do what he asked us to do, wow man it is heaven. Because somehow, somewhere it boosted my confidence with a sigh saying, “Galing, nagawa ko. Kaya ko pala!” Huh! Thank God there’s a good thing their!

In relationships – How many times your heart got burned out and felt the pain inside? How many times your eyes cried? How many times you felt you’re empty-handed? How many times you failed in a relationship? Hey, there’s no such thing as a “counter” for love. Not every time you entered into a relationship gives you a credit when you failed, cried and felt the pain. That’s just how love is, if you can’t feel the pain, you are not loving anymore. However, the best part of loving is that, it generates! Sometimes we may lose some… but most of the time we gain. In loving there is no losing, if in any case you lose at least you played and learned for good. Life goes on… and it goes until the deepest part of the ocean. So go on, keep loving. That’s the best part of living.

In friends – believe me or not, out of the hundred friends you call “friends” only four or five people are true to you. In a month we meet an average of eight people that makes it to 92 in a year. But unfortunately not all of these are meant to be real. Who cares anyway? As long as you have one…two…three… honest people, now that’s real treasure. Sometimes in friendship, quantity doesn’t count, but quality does! So worry no more if you can’t please them all, just be thankful you have enough friends that when in times of trouble, joy, pain, and tears they are there to be with you. What else, life goes on… And true friends live forever.

What about in your family? Decisions… decisions… decisions… what am I up to? Nothing! Because in my own home, it is where my heart is, that’s according to the old Wizard of Oz. Home is my Utopia, especially in my bed. It is where I find peace, I find comfort, and I find satisfaction – during in my deepest sleep of course. They are the lifesavers or life vest in my swim of life. They allow me to live the gains and to survive the pains. Huh! Very tough… Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! But at least my family is my most treasured possession.

Consider this, we are like the fishes in the ocean, we tend to lose direction, caught up by a net, or can be freed out, but the best thing is that we can just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

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6 thoughts on “life saver’s coat!

  1. genadi vainer

    that girl is so sexy

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  5. Ian

    I wonder if the parents of this topless 8 year old are aware that their daughter is all over the internet now.

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