real beauty


Being beautiful is natural, being natural is beautiful. That’s how I see beauty now. 

reach me


Confidence is what I lack because of my figure. I see myself as a walking drum before but it all changed because of a certain person who showed appreciation to what I am. This person was a special friend of mine. He changed my perception of what beauty is through making a letter and read it during our batch party. Here’s a gist of the letter: “To my butterfly, How does a butterfly live? How does a butterfly become butterfly? How does a butterfly just float around without knowing it has so many admirers? How does a butterfly not know how beautiful she is? How does a butterfly not know she is a butterfly? How does one catch a butterfly? How does a butterfly respond? I know you will never understand. There are so many nets floating around trying to catch a butterfly. My butterfly, be careful. In a world full of nets, remember there is an open hand just waiting to take care of you and is always willing to care. My butterfly, float gently into the world.”


We sometimes neglect to see the beauty in us but try to see beyond there will always somebody who can see beauty in us. And that’s real beauty, the beauty within; the natural beauty.

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