struck by a text message

The other day, i received a text message sent by kuya jim (c’ster member)and it says: “Bravery is saying no to what you believe is no. Sacrifice is saying no to what you think is yes. Confidence is saying yes to what you think is yes. And trusting is saying yes to what you think is no.”

At first i ignored the message but when i browsed my inbox again and check which messages should i delete, ‘this’ message simply spoke to me in an instant. and yes i was struck.

For the past few days, i am struggling for the thought that life is a matter of choice. sometimes i think of life that it is indeed a matter of choice but still a matter of there is no choice. i always see these choices as an excuse that we have made mistakes but we did not, its just that, there are really some things that we dont have a choice at all.

It looked like a puzzle to me, trying to analyze what the message is all about. and it only means one thing, that yes we are capable of doing things we wanted to do because of these choices. we can say yes and we can say no. and yes its our choice and no its not our choice.

Considering the four emphasized words, bravery, sacrifice, confidence, and trust, it is only Him who can make us capable of doing this things. We should be brave enough to accept our sins. Sacrifice wordly things that are not pleasing to Him. By having him in our hearts we will have confidence in ourselves. And there is only one thing to do, this is to trust Him alone.

Godbless everyone!

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6 thoughts on “struck by a text message

  1. Mer Pints

    Hi sis yhen ang ganda naman ng message mo ngayon. Naisipan ko lang pumunta dito, iyon pala nandito lang ang sagot ng aking, psst…problem. We are thousands of miles apart and the alons are lumalakas, ang the gap between me and Mr. Hangin is pahaba nang pahaba. I need to be brave to face tomorrow, sacrifice to give him the freedom he wants, confident and trusting I will survive this storm. Kanta iyon a…

  2. tmatta

    I’m impressed! warmly.

  3. hi mer and tmatta,

    thanks for dropping by this post. life is full of uncertainties. and its really up to us on how we will face life by itself.


  4. absolutely ture.. 😉
    very interesting..
    “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.”
    Proverbs 3:13

  5. hi jonathan, tnx for complimenting my post with that verse. it is only Him who can give us wisdom…


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