surviving HARD-KNOCKS

After entering a life full of pains and struggles or simply the hard-knocks in my life, I have learned that it is important to consider your self first before anything else.

I think it is never a bad idea to think of ourselves first in certain situations… especially when it deals with our feelings and emotions. Forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean you have forgotten, letting go doesn’t absolutely mean you have fallen out of love…

Giving time to myself, alone, is just my way of saying I grew tired of pain, of misery, and of things that didn’t work out.

It’s really not bad to choose a serene life over a painful one.

We all know that all of us have heartbreaks to bear-from parental issues, broken relationships, friendship feuds to our very own fights with ourselves. What matters is we were given that specific heartache for a reason and more importantly, we wouldn’t be given that particular problem if we couldn’t overcome it.

Yes, it is true that if you don’t want to get hurt, you should listen to your mind instead of your heart and you’ll know I am right…

Yes, you will never get hurt… but you’ll never be happy.

Somehow, there are point in our lives that we really need to let go and say goodbye for a while as what the quotation says “never beg people to stay against their will… sometimes the gift of goodbye opens up another door… move on, but never move away…”

Life may sometimes be harsh utmost but it can be beautiful to the extremes. God allow things to happen because He knows we can survive it. If we were able to survive things we will serve as a living testimony to inspire others that life given by God is really a beautiful life and we must live to its fullest.

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