are you struggling with SIN?

Our sinful nature often leads us to commit what’s wrong before God. As christians, we interiorly want to live by the Spirit and not obey to what the flesh tells us to do. As for man and woman, many face or have faced with such sins like sexual immorality(adultery, fornication, masturbation…), lies, theft, pride, greed of money etc and we often find difficult to get out of it and even think that there’s no solution. We want to get out of it, we have the will but not the capacity to do it. When temptation comes we try to resist the devil or our will but we finally loose hold. Paul himself says:

“I do not understand what i do. For what i want to do(good) i do not do, but what i hate i do, i agree that the law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me” (Romans 7/15-17)

But Paul end this chapter by simply mentioning Jesus Christ as the solution. You’ve got to know Jesus Christ personally! Its not enough for you to know Him only as your savior, you should not say that all stops at the day you became a christian. No friends, the christian life is a life of discovery!

If you know someone, you’ll not do things that displease Him, right?
So if you know Jesus, you simply won’t do things he hates. The bible says that those who loves God keeps His word. So the first step for you is to start knowing what God expects from you through the word.

So here’s some solution that the bible gives to flees from sin(please read these verses if you’re really interested):

1)Keep His word(Ps119/9, 1 Jn 2/14)
2) Cut what’s wrong (Mat 18/8,9)
3)Watch and pray (Luke 22/46)
4)Live by the Spirit (Gal 5/16)
5) Be where God wants you to be (Prv 4/23/27, 16/17)
6) Tell a strong christian in faith about your struggle ( James 5/16)
7) You must keep in mind where’s your destiny (1 Jn 3/3)

Finally i would suggest you to study the Epistles of Hebrews, i would recommend this book “The Holiest of All” by Dr. Andrew Murray. You’ll discover the deity of Jesus, that he’s our High Priest, that He intercedes for us, you’ll know that heaven is so much better that the pleasures of this world are worthless. You’ll really know whom you’re praying too and your faith will grow because you’ll discover God’s love, power and grace…

Wish that you grow in spiritual maturity day by day,
God bless!

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5 thoughts on “are you struggling with SIN?

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  2. wayneman5

    Thank you, yhen, for sharing about sin. Many struggle with it. The apostle Paul wrote that we should let our sinful old man Adamic heart die with Christ on the cross, be buried with Him, and by believing He was raised from the dead, we too now walk in a newness of life! (Romans 6:6-10). This has been the transforming experience of my life and has put me on the path to immortality in Christ. That’s why I call my blog “Immortality Road.” Hope to see you out there soon: Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  3. hi sir wayne,

    thank you for the sharing.

    have a sin-free day!

    the Lord bless you!

  4. wayneman5

    Thank you, yhen. May God continue to bless you richly with His incredible presence. We, His children, His princes and princesses, just have to persevere in this old world, line by line, precept on precept, in the face of a sometimes cruel and cynical world. And we shall thereby overcome all things through Christ’s Spirit. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  5. Amen to that sir wayne!

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