Love is holding hands in the street.
Marriage is holding arguments in the street.

Love is dinner for 2 in your favorite restaurant.
Marriage is a take home packet.

Love is cuddling on a sofa.
Marriage is one of them sleeping on a sofa.

Love is talking about having children.
Marriage is talking about getting away from children.

Love is going to bed early.
Marriage is going to sleep early.

Love is a romantic drive.
Marriage is arrive on tops curvy tarmac .

Love is losing your appetite.
Marriage is losing your figure.

Love is sweet nothing in the ear.
Marriage is sweet nothing in the bank.

Tv has no place in love.
Marriage is a fight for remote control.

Love is 1 drink and 2 straws.
Marriage is “Don’t you think you’ve had enough!”.

Conclusion: “Love is blind, Marriage is an eye opener!”

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5 thoughts on “LOVE and/vs MARRIAGE

  1. Mer Pints

    Love and marriage is just like parallel lines, they shall never meet.
    Paano iyan, magaasawa pa ba ako? Hindi naman maari na puro love na lang, he he he .

  2. hehehe… wala namang mag asawa ms colegiala.. part parin yun ng buhay. life is a rollercoaster ride ika nga… hehehe…

    wala ring masama if puro love nalng diba? ang mahalaga is you know how to love.

  3. Cigi na nga…pero not naman iyong biyenan ni doc.bobonyo. Hehehhehhe…

  4. hahaha nakakatuwa ka talaga ms colegiala…

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