make a difference…touch someone’s life!

Mark was walking home from school one day when he noticed the boy ahead of him had tripped and dropped all of the books he was carrying, along with two sweaters, a baseball bat, a glove and a small tape recorder.

Mark knelt down and helped the boy pick up the scattered articles. Since they were going the same way, he helped to carry part of the burden.

As they walked, Mark discovered the boy’s name was Bill, that he loved video games, baseball and history, and that he was having lots of trouble with his other subjects, and that he had just broken up with his girlfriend.

They arrived at Bill’s home first and Mark was invited in for a Coke and to watch some television. The afternoon passed pleasantly with a few laughs and some shared small talk, then Mark went home.

They continued to see each other around school, had lunch together once or twice, then both graduated from junior high school. They ended up in the same high school where they had brief contacts over the years.

Finally the long-awaited senior year came and three weeks before graduation, Bill asked Mark if they could talk.

Bill reminded him of the day years ago when they had first met. “Did you ever wonder why I was carrying so many things home that day?” asked Bill.

“You see, I cleaned out my locker because I didn’t want to leave a mess for anyone else. I had stored away some of my mother’s sleeping pills and I was going home to commit suicide. But after we spent some time together talking and laughing, I realized that if I had killed myself, I would have missed that time and so many others that might follow. So you see, Mark, when you picked up those books that day, you did a lot more, you saved my life.”

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10 thoughts on “make a difference…touch someone’s life!

  1. Doc.bobonyo

    I remember a friend who became a Christian, one day a room mate tested his patience. Nakita ng friend na naglilinis ito ng sapatos kaya nang matapos ito at maligo, the room mate took the opportunity to put dirt on his shoes and mess up with his things and left in a hurry.
    When the room mate returne (he was ready for a fight then) nakita niya na nililinis ng kanyang room mate ang kanyang mga sapatos, inayos ang kanyang higaan, and his locker. Pagkatapos nito he picked up his shoes, nilinis din niya at inayos ang kanyang mga gamit. The roomate left disturbed and hurting inside. Product of a broken home and used to arrogant way of life, naantig ang kanyang puso sa nakita niyang display of humility. Hindi siya nakatiis, umiiyak siyang humingi ng tawad sa kanyang room mate. The guy become a Christian too and now active in the church doing missionary work. See how love change the lives of people. It is the same act of love that brought Christ to Calvary for the redemption of our sins.

  2. yes doc bobonyo, indeed love can change the lives of people.

    kaya its not bad to show care, humility, and love for someone, hindi natin alam this little act can change someone’s life.

    lets do good things for the Glory of God!

    Godbless po!

  3. KapitanKidlat

    It is better to give than to receive, kaya kung magmahal ka nga lang itudo mo na di ba doc.
    Hi yhen masaya din pala ang talakayan ninyo dito. At saka magaganda ang mga messages ninyo todits, nakakaenspire. T.Y.

  4. ….i read ur story and i tried to think about all the ppl they came in my life and they changed it , making my life better….
    what would happen if i never had met these ppl?
    anyway, thanks for ur story and have a good time there

  5. Mer Pints

    hi yhen,
    We do not own our lives, it is God’s. We are designed to serve God and humanity. He himself manifested by giving humans another chance of eternal life. While God sent us the Son for our salvation, we too are instruments in the salvation of others. God bless my friend.

  6. @kapitankidlat, it is indeed true na it is better to give than to receive. or sabi nga diba, God bless us to bless others. so lets continue to be a blessing to others.

    thanks for posting…

  7. @ilias, hi, you might want to share your story also. hope life would much be better with the people around you.


  8. @ms colegiala, i do agree with you we are born to serve Him and others as well.

    by changing the lives of others or by allowing ourselves to be used by God in imparting His word is our own pleasure and we should be grateful for that.

    godbless you oweiz!

  9. i’ve read this one before and it made me cry. sometimes we don’t really think of our actions because sometimes we fail to realize that no matter how small our actions are, it affects someone else and we don’t always know how much it does until maybe its too late.

  10. hi ms nika, tnx for sharing your thoughts…

    every act or action we do can affect someone’s life. we may not notice it at times but it really works…

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