a bigger picture… (a blessed day!)

…and you question God -‘why me?’…

always look at the bigger picture….

A day without the Lord- Is a day wasted.

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6 thoughts on “a bigger picture… (a blessed day!)

  1. Sis, thanks for the message. Mukhang tinamaan ako.
    Akala nating napakabigat na ang mga problemang dumarating sa ating buhay na tila wala nang katapusan.
    All the trials that come to us everyday only show that God is there absorbing all the impact for us, that we may live comfortably and safe. With out him, there will be no way, no truth, and a promise of eternal life.

  2. yes ms colegiala, sometimes we always see the miseries in our life and we always blame someone of perhaps God why is this happening to us. but we never knew that without Him life maybe worse than what we are experiencing right now or expect. trials is just a part of it, to learn, grow, and be mature. It is always nice to claim that all things work together for good. He has a purpose for everything.

    let’s be thankful to God for He is always there to protect us from the enemy and danger.

    reflect on what God has done for us and you’ll realize that life is indeed beautiful.

  3. disarminglife

    thank you for this cute and eye opening cartoon. There are much worse things that could afflict us which we’ll never know about because of God. I will definitely be passing this on.

  4. @disarminglife, thank you also for sharing your thoughts.

    despite the bitterness life has to offer us He promised in His words that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

    the Lord Bless You always!

  5. 🙂 this made me remember yun nabasa ko before na ang sabi why do we always ask “why me” when adversity hits us pero we never ask “why me” when suddenly our lives become so blessed and we get everything that we want.

  6. …mareklamo po kasi talaga ang tao ms nika…

    nwei, lets just be thankful for what has God doing for us diba?

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