types of men women should not marry…

If there are characteristics of men women should marry there are also types of men women should not marry. Consider this things ladies bago ka pa magsisi sa huli. So check this out and be ready to take your bow.

1.Never marry a man who define looks
as more important than the rest. If
hes a narcissist, too bad. Get out
from him. If you cant, you have to
deal with it.

2.Never marry a man who borrow your
cell phone to call on someone. The
next time you see your bill, youre

3.Never marry a man who try to change
the way you are. Who suggest to cut
your hair with a style and say, “you
look like a nun”. He is the type of
man whos willing to spend his money
just for you to look good for him and
in front of his friends. When you
marry him, youre going to have a lot
of pressure.

4.Never marry a man who smoke. Kissing
part might be too bad. Well, if you
love him, reconsider about marrying.
5.Never marry a man who invited you in
a bar, who just leave you behind the
entrance and say directly in front of
many people, you have money? You pay.
Too bad. If he called again, turn him
down. Shut off you phone and ignore
him when you see him again.

6.Never marry a man who let you push
his car, run out of fuel thing. “Do
you have 50 bucks?, I’ll pay you
later”, that’s a disaster. Then, when
you ask him to return your money, he
has a lot of excuses. You should know
the hint, that the man youve dated is
not trustworthy.

7.Never marry a man who make you look
like a crook, who get your nerves off
the hook, who let you wait for a day
and will ask apology at the end of the
week. Turn him down and throw him in
the creek.

8.Never marry a man who will try to
control you, who will set a schedule
for you and tell you, “I don’t like
that, postpone your appointment on
Saturday and come with me”. What the
heck? Dont be his remote control.
That means, he will control your life
forever if youre going to marry him.

9.Never marry a man who label you as a
sex object, an object who can fulfill
his own desire, this means that if he
look at you like that, hes doing the
same thing to some other girls and
that’s going to be a big issue during
marriage. Before this thing will
happen, think of it a trillion times.

10.Especially, never marry a man who
tried to manipulate your life. Women
are not robots, they can be submissive
but too submissive. There are
instances that a women should take a
decision out of her own.

Girls, never settle for a man who hurt
you all over and over again. Don’t
marry him for just a love reason,
consider other things. If the man
loves you, he will treat you like a
queen, hell give his respect and he
will make everything possible just to
make you satisfied and happy. It’s
your life anyway, if you marry him,
its all up to you. Marry a man who
know you, who will accept you, not a
man who want something from you. Never
tolerate his behaviour, you can
compromise in some way but not in the
whole span of time. Don’t do all the
bending, in a relationship, two people
will work it out.

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5 thoughts on “types of men women should not marry…

  1. Doc.bobonyo

    Sabi ni James Yap, no comment ako diyan, HA!HA!HA!

    The test to man’s integrity is commitment. HUHUHUHU, dito ako napakasal sa anak ni biyenan. Masyado tayong maprinsipyo sa commitment na iyan. Pero no regret dahil happy naman ako ngayon with her and my children. At kay biyenan, well accepted na siya ang Variable to test my character,,,hey ano ba itong nasabi ko. Paalam ma girls at magpapagupit pa itong abang lingkud ninyong guwaping, ha!ha!ha!

  2. hi doc b… dapat pala sa iyo nagpapakonsulta ang mga lalaking nais matuto at nais ng lumagay sa tahimik.

    dahil sa mga kwento mo mukang bihasa npo kayo sa ganitong usapan… dapat po ang sa inyo mala doctor love… wahehehe!

    dapat mag offer npo kayo ng training… hehehe

  3. kristy4u


    I am Mis Kristy how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health.I went through your profile and i read it and took interest in it,if you don’t mind i will like you to write me on this ID:(veyekristy@yahoo.com) hope to hear from you soon, I will be waiting for your mail because i have something VERY important to tell you.

    Lots of love,

  4. hi kristy, tnx for passing by. godbless you!

  5. RKT

    Whats the chance that a man will have above characteristics.. They are more of a girl’s characteristics, statistically speaking… In most cases, girls are the ones looking for a free meal ticket for life (kudos for exceptions.. if there are any), take half his shit and run away with kids when things don’t work out.. and yeah.. to justify it all, they accuse the man with lies that take away any self-respect and dignity.

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