w/c will you consider? (think!!!)

In life , always remember one thing before doing something good or bad… “What you do defines you!”


Never identify yourself with your actions. you are not what you do. Having done “bad things” doesn’t mean you are a bad person. You are just someone who has made an unwise decision.

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4 thoughts on “w/c will you consider? (think!!!)

  1. hmmm… which is which ba? i was thinking what really defines us? or is this not a contradicting words.

    i am trying to convince myself that yes what i do defines me but somehow not everything i do REALLY defines me. what if you are just doing things because you have to? does this still defines you? what if you dont have a choice but to act that way? does it defines you?

    too simple yet too complicated statements…

    what do you say?

  2. Sa buhay hindi ang ating sariling lakas ang pinaiiral. Maling hakbang iyan at may nagaabang na panganib. Hindi natin gaanong nakikilala ang ating mga sarili kung sariling lakas lang ang pinagbabatayan; it’s only through a genuine relationship with God that we begin to know more of ourselves and act properly. God defines who we are, tells us what we should do, and how to rely on for the perfection of our ways. We need him more than anybody else to achieve our goals. Sa tutoo lang hindi nating kayang abutin ang ating mga pangarap at minimithi sa buhay na sa sariling pagkilos lang natin at kung walang pagpapala ang Diyos. Sa tutoo lang ano mang responsibilidad na ginagampanan natin ay hindi nating sariling hakbang lang ang mga ito, pagpapala pa rin ng ating Diyos na makapangyarihan ang tanging susi at gabay. We are given freedom to think (make decision) and act (application) but it should be (defining the righteous thing) in conformity to the will of God. God bless again.

  3. This speaks of freedom, freedom within the bounds of reasons… the beauty of life is when you make mistake you always have the option to correct it.

  4. wow, that inspires me doc b n ms colegiala.

    tama , God lang ang may kakayanang kumontrol ng ating buhay. and if we walk with God yun dapat ang magrereflect at magdedefine sa atin. hindi basta basta.

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