what you need to know!!!

To have relationships with people, you have to risk three important steps. You need faith for each step. 1) Trust, 2) Accept, and 3) Commit. First, you’ve got to trust people, and that’s hard, especially if you don’t have a basis yet for trusting them and you’ve been hurt before by people you’ve trusted. But life is all about relationships and relationships will always involve trusting and trusting will always have risks attached to it. That’s the way it goes. Second, you have to accept people for who they are. People are not perfect. Just like you. They will make mistakes; they will do wrong things. Even Christians will do that. But by accepting people as they are, you give them permission to be themselves, warts and all, and that’s crucial for building relationships. Last but not the least, you need to commit. Commitment does not mean crossing your fingers and holding back. Commitment means making a decision to be in a relationship with people even though you have no assurance of what will happen. You just choose to trust and accept them nevertheless. That’s how you start relationships with people.

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7 thoughts on “what you need to know!!!

  1. Mer Pints

    It is difficult to trust when you can not trust yourself.
    It is not easy to accept when you can not accept who you are.
    It is not wise to commit when you are not ready for it.

    But the master of relationship, our Lord Jesus tells us…

    “Love one another as you love Me.”

    When God’s Love is in our hearts, He can restore faith in our hearts to be trusting, paint a pictures of hope in our lives to know who we are and become acceptant too to ourselves and others (including even the unloveables,) and strengthen our character not to abandon our duties and commitment to God and our neighbors.

  2. One got to accept & trust oneself first.

  3. amen to that mer!

    yes ms jem before u can trust any1else u must first learn to trust yourself.

    thou sometimes this is the hardest part, we hardly get to trust ourselves for no reason or for many reasons.

  4. Very nice entry. Kudos! =)

  5. tnx kirksydney! godbless!

  6. kengkay

    oh, and dont forget to talk 🙂 mahirap ng pakiramdaman lang ang trust, acceptance at commitment…pero tumpak talaga yang tatlong bagay na yan

  7. yes ms kengkay, upang maisakatuparan ang tatlong yan mahalaga din ang COMMUNICATION. minsan o kadalasan hindi natin naiinda ito kaya di rin magawa ng maayos ang trust, acceptance, at committment.

    nwei, salamat po sa pagbisita.

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