para sa mga may pag-ibig!!!

4 persons in your life…

how many have u found?

2nd-1 u love most,
3rd-1 who love u most,
4th-1 you spend the rest of your life with.

first u’ll meet the 1 u love most, and learn how love feels.
Because u know how love feels, so u can find the person who loves u most.
When u’ve experienced the feeling of loving others and being loved, u’ll then know what
it is u need most. Then u will find the person who is most suitable for u, to be able to spend the rest of your life with.

Sadly,in real life,these 3 people are usually not the same person.
The one u love most doesn’t love you. The one,who love u most,is never the one u love most. And the one u spend your life with,is never the one u love most or the one who love u most.

He/she is just the person who happens to be at the right place at the right time.

Which person are u in other people’s life?
No person will purposely have a change of heart.
At the point in time when he loves u, he/she really loves u.
But when he/she doesn’t love u anymore, he/she really doesn’t love u anymore.
When he/she loves u, he/she can’t pretend that he/she doesn’t.
same goes, when he/she loves u no more, there’s no way he/she can pretend he/she loves u. When a person doesn’t love u and wants to leave u. u must ask yourself if u still love
him/her, If u also don’t love him/her anymore, do not keep him/her just to save your pride. If you still love him/her, you should wish him/her happiness, and hope that he/she will be with the one he/she loves most, not stop him/her from it. If you stop him/her from finding true happiness with the one he/she loves, it shows u already don’t love him/her, And if you don’t love him/her, what rights do you have to blame him/her for a change of heart?

Love is not possessive, if you like the moon, you can’t just take it down and put it in your basin, But the moonlight still shines upon you. In other words, when you love a person, you can use another method of possessing the person. Let him/her become a permanent memory in you life. If you really love a person, you must love him/her for what he/she is. Love him/her for his/her good points, and the bad, You can’t wish for him/her to become like what you like him/her to be just because you love him/her. If he/she can’t change to become what you like him/her to be, you don’t love him/her anymore. When you really love a person, you cannot find a reason why you love him/her, You only know that no matter when and where, good mood or bad mood, you will wish to have this person be with you.

Real love is when two people can go through the toughest problems without asking for promises or listing criteria. In a relationship, you have to put in effort and give in at times, not always be on the receiving end. Being away from each other is a type of test, If the relationship isn’t strong, then you can only admit defeat. Real love will never become hate.

When two people are in love, They love to ask each other to swear, to make promises. Why do they ask each other to swear and promise? Because they don’t trust each other,
they don’t trust their lover. These swear and promises are useless; Till the sky falls, till the ocean dry, my love for u will never change! We all know that the sky will never fall; the ocean will never dry, Even if it does happen, are we still alive by then? Be careful when making promises; don’t make promises that you cannot keep. Swear by things that can never happen, because it can never happen, so no harm just saying it casually. Remember? Swearing by things that can never happen are the most touching!!?

In a relationship, what you say is one thing, but what you do is another;
The 1 saying, doesn’t believe; the 1 listening, also doesn’t believe.

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9 thoughts on “para sa mga may pag-ibig!!!

  1. Niyaz

    This is fantastic yhen !..i love this thing especially ” Loving someone & to be loved in return ” itz a grt feeling rite ….also “TRUST” is love according to me !!

  2. hmmm… i think niyaz is in love!!! il give you a hug for that!!! hehehe!!! juz kidding!

    nwei, hope this help you, too!!!

  3. Niyaz

    hey thnks 4 dat 🙂
    but my love is a past no more 😦 huhuhu

  4. ooopppsss… sorry for that…

    do u mind if i ask u wat happened?

  5. Niyaz

    no not realy !
    yeah leh it was sad ending love story 4 my side 1ly…coz i only felt dat itz luv not dat gal 😦

  6. ah okay you love her but she doesnt love you? did i get it ryt?

    y? wat really had happened? ooopss sorry im kinda intruding ur private life now…

    its okay if ul not share it…

  7. Niyaz

    yhen u r correct only !!

    ooh no u not intrudin okie, i too wana share dis but not here in blog .

  8. yeah i understand you… maybe sometime using a different medium… hehehe!!!

    wel nwei, thanks for that nice, swift conversation… c u around in the cyberworld…

    take care…

  9. Niyaz

    thnks too for ur replies !!

    yeah sure if u wish .

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