ang MANSANAS bow!

Take a look at an apple tree. There might be five hundred apples on the Tree, each with ten seeds. That’s a lot of seeds!

We might ask, “Why would you need so many seeds to grow just a few more Trees?”

Nature has something to teach us here. It’s telling us: “Most seeds never Grow. So if you really want to make something happen, you better try More than once.”

This might mean:

You’ll attend twenty interviews to get one job.

You’ll interview forty people to find one good employee.

You’ll talk to fifty people to sell one house, car, vacuum Cleaner, insurance policy, idea…

And you might meet a hundred acquaintances to find one special friend.

When we understand the “Law of the Seed”, we don’t get so disappointed.

We stop feeling like victims. Laws of nature are not things to take personally.

We just need to understand them – and work with them.



To the world you might be just any person, but
to one person you might just be the whole world.

Being is not the breaths you take, but
it is the freshness you put in the breath of others.

Growing older has no choice, but
growing up has choice.

Being born has no choice but
Living life has choice

Falling sick has no choice, but
Keeping healthy has choice

Getting caught through storm has no choice, but
Efforts for safe landing has choice

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9 thoughts on “ang MANSANAS bow!

  1. Hey natatakam tuloy ako sa mansanas. Kanina lang nereresitahan kita ng mga prutas pero ako naman ngayon ang natatakam… Pero ang gusto ko sa apple ay iyong maraming pakahulugan na associated dito. Never mind sin. Gusto ko iyong salitang the apple of my eyes… Kapag may nagtanim ng seeds of love sa puso ko at sasabihing you are the apple of my eyes, sasabihin ko kaagad sa kanya, fuji apple or washington apple, hehehehe. Joke lang ha, gusto ko lang tumawa dahil kakain ko lang…

  2. Choices in life.. we’ll have to make them as long as we’re still alive.

  3. hahaha pwede bang peras nalang mer??? yung hybrid ba kasi mas malaki yun.. hehehe!!!

    the choice is ours… life is always a matter of choice. tnx jem for dropping!!!

  4. apple is.. delicious.

    well we always have the freedom to choose but let us remember that in deciding we must face responsibility at the end result. If you choose the path of your self predicament then you must face consequences but if you choose to walk the path where God wants us to be, which may be the narrow road according to matthew, will lead us not to destruction but to life. so in everything you do put God first.

    lalim noh. hehehe.

  5. hehehe oo nga po ang lalim ng sagot mo sir gmac ah.. hehe!!! d kinay ng powers ko.

    we should always choose the path God chose for us.

  6. hahaha. ako din di ko sya naintindihan. jok. hehehe. ur ryt.

    matthew 6:33 says seek ye first thy kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of this things shall be added unto you.

  7. amen to that sir gmac…

    godbless po!!!

  8. Naku, mabuti na lang at walang nakapasyal dito ng mga nagkakape kay cocoy sa CD. Mamaya baka kung ano-ano na naman ang ma-associate nila sa mansanas, you know what I mean. Kawawa na naman si doc.bobonyo ng kantiaw ng mga dalaga at binata doon, hahaha.

    During my younger days apple was a very expensive fruit. You can only taste it when you are sick. Kaya sabi ko noon, sana lagi akong nagkakasakit for the sake of apple, hahaha.

    Later I got a lesson from this, when we have the opportunity to offer the best things to our love ones we do not because we cannot afford them. When we can afford we don’t have that opportunity already. In making choices in life be sure to act fast but cautious. I was pushing my son to take up nursing when he was in college, he declined his scholarship. Instead he took up a 1 year course in computer. When he finished he worked with a small company. He gained experience for a while and was planning to go abroad. I intervened against his plan. He was so frustrated. Instead I accompanied him to AMA to enrol in computer science. While studying he was also helping his classmates with do their programming exercises. Later he got paid for being a tutor. After graduation three companies called him for an interview. He had to make a choice among the three, he selected the smallest but offered him more challenging tasks. Not for long he was offered by to work with IT companies with higher pay, he waited for a better opportunity. A large banking institution saw his biodata, they called him for an interview. He acted quickly, and was aborbed. I asked him why the bank, he just said there is a security of tenure. Again it didn’t take him long to be promoted, he is now an assistant manager. There are two reasons he said for choosing the bank; security of tenure, and professional growth. We both made choices in life– it’s a good thing he listened to me and I also listened to him.

  9. wow very inspiring naman yan kap. wel, your son is indeed of great wisdom, of course with the genes of his father… naks!!!

    nwei, the choices we had made led us to what and where we are right now.

    kap, mansanas ba??? hehehe… ako walang hilig sa mansanas… hehe!!! iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon… hehhe!!!

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