popular sex myths

-people can’t help falling in love-
***we may be attracted to someone at first sight but true biblical love is something that grows with time. It isn’t selfish and is based on respect and admiration for another person’s character and godly attributes (1 Corinthians 13:4-8 )

-people have to engage in sex-
***no one ever died from not having sex. Waiting to awaken sexual activity at the right time(after marriage) is important. (Song of Solomon 3:5)

-if you’ve already had sex, your life is ruined-
***God always offers us the opportunity to repent, to admit that we’ve sinned and to then live properly. the advice we are given under these circumstances is the same Jesus gave the woman caught in the act of adultery: “Go and sin no more.” (John 8:11)

-everybody’s doing it-
***according to songs and movies, one could think this is true. But it isn’t. Even in the United States more young people graduate from high school today not having had sex than those who have. And the number of those abstaining is increasing.

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39 thoughts on “popular sex myths

  1. cocoy826

    Sex is a part of life.The more sex you have,the more happy you are.

  2. hehehe gnun b yun sir cocoy? base on experience b yan? 😉

  3. cocoy826

    Yhen.malawak na ang karanasan ko sa ganyan.Marami na ang naloka sa akin.Kailan lang akala ko ay matatahimik na ako sa mga babae pero hindi pa pala may isang bloger doon sa CD na patay na patay pala sa akin at ng nagkita kami ay siya na ang nag-offer sa akin,hindi nga ako makapaniwala sa sarili ko dahil maganda,matalino at may sariling proffesion at naloka pa sa akin at enjoy na enjoy daw siya,pinaligaya niya ako ng husto.

  4. Niyaz

    sex aftr marraige is correct ……Most of the religions too insist dat…

  5. hahaha..iba pala talaga kamandag mo sir cocoy..

    to the highest level po pala talaga kayo pagdating sa bagay na yun!!!

    cge po saludo na ko sa inyo.. ehhee

  6. hi niyaz, no to pre-marital sex!!!!

    go for the gold!

  7. Mer Pints

    Ako naman po ay naniniwala sa sex after marriage. Ito ay bigay ng Diyos sa atin upang lumigaya in the manner it should be. Liwanagin ko lang sis, doon sa pinakasalan mo, hehehe. Na-correct na tayo dito ni pastor, hehehe.

  8. hi mer, oo nga naalala ko rin yung sinabi ni pastor. hehehe!!!

    ewan ko ba iba na nga mga kabataan ngayon. yung napanuod ko sa kapuso mo jessica soho, 13 years old buntis na siya at 18 yrs old yung bf niya na nakabuntis sa kanya. kakaloka!

  9. Niyaz

    yep , i m stick wid dat principle very strong….
    But today’s world seems to be goin weird & nasty !! i dont knw whre it vl end may be we are goin to see d end of world soon 😦

  10. yup niyaz, too bad the world is becoming worst. the young generation is very liberated.

    too much immorality… and too much sin!

  11. Niyaz

    u knw …India once it was very traditional , spiritual & even respect gals…
    but now evry damn thing changed totally ..”Sex” is not at al a matter ….guys n gals started having sex bfre marraige wid n number of people…no more one to one relation in india…. After I.T invasion in india & so many multinational Software companies landed our Indian culture totally devasted…….

    May be its looking gud & taste nice now…but sometime will come then evryone realize…..

  12. wel, thats the world now niyaz.

    but we can do something to change it. and the change should come from us first.

    morality should come from within.

  13. thats why we should believe in long courtship and short engagement so you will have ample time to know who/what you are dealing with. with long engagement intimacy will always be there unknowingly of the facts behind each person’s postiive and negative qualities and in the end result try to escape the reality where everything you have known are farce. while in long courtship there will always be a build up of friendship, exercising longingness and learning both of indifferences and common likes and love will alway be there. so choose, think, and decide but the best is lay your plan to the Lord and He will give you wisdom thereby leading you to the best life you would have ever imagined.

  14. المهندس/ حسن البهكلي

    Hi ,
    Hello ,
    Nice to meet you and everyone
    I can say , love is coming after marriage and will be more and more tied

  15. hehe..yun nga turo samen.. yung mga pop culture na nangyayari saten..akala nila, tama na.. which is, morally wrong 😉

  16. alphabloke

    I believe in all you wrote. This actually was a topic of discussion between my friends and I last friday and we drew a line about it.
    What we found out is that a lot of young people because they were exposed to early sex have a problem when they are in love with someone and he/she’s not having sex with them. This drives the pperson, just to keep the relationship, to have it with them.
    How do we approach that issue?

  17. Yhen

    Nice topic you got here. Everybody is sure interested to add a comment or two kapag ganito ang subject. It’s because humans beings are not solitary creatures, and something that unites all of us is our adventures in the world of relationships, love and sex.

  18. I think married and single people have their own pluses and minuses about sex. It’s not like it’s a problem with one and not the other.

    When people think about single people, often they think either they are wildly promiscuous and are having random sex with lots of people, or they’re thinking, maybe bakla sya or tibo sya, that’s why.

  19. There’s the common problem naman among married and coupled people. Two things that I know: sex and money.

    Those are what people fight over. Lots of other things, too, but those are two of the main things. So, just being coupled, or even being married, doesn’t mean that you get exactly the amount of sex that you want, the kind of sex that you want, when you want it.

  20. Two people are rarely totally compatible, and even if they are compatible at the outset of marriage, they might grow in different ways. Then, when they are incompatible, they can have major battles.

    Ang payo ko sa ganyang sitwasyon, konting diperensya, hiwalay agad.

  21. alphabloke

    I’m enjoying this discuss but will appreciate it if you guys will speak only English because I’m an African (Nigerian).


  22. Whereas if you are single and you get involved with someone and the sex isn’t right and the rest of it isn’t right, you can move on.

    Of course, this is what makes the live-in thing normal nowadays. I’m not telling Yhen na ito na ang best thing to do.

  23. Alphajoke

    Welcome to this blog but we’re in the Philippines!

    We certainly cannot 100% follow your request to have everything written in English. We’re Filipinos and we have our own national language perchance, we’re not as good as you in that medium. We’ve got only few words of English to contend with and as you can see, we’re struggling as our English might be grammatically incorrect.

  24. But for your benefit, because we appreciate very much your visiting this blog and we welcome you with a friendly handshake, we will translate the Filipino words written here that you cannot comprehend.

    Welcoming strangers and let them feel at home is one feature of the much vaunted Filipino hospitality. However poor we are.

  25. alphabloke

    ok. Thanks for letting me know.

    I’m out.


  26. Kimuchi

    If you have sex before marriage,mahuhuli ka sa weeding.

  27. Kimuchi

    Pero hindi nangangahulugan na kung kasal ka na ay hindi ka pweding makipag sex sa iba.Pwedi basta’t huwag ka lang pahuhuli kahit itanong n’yo pa kay Cocoy.HIHIHIHIHIHI>

  28. This is what many are looking, a declared National Holiday for Sex: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/national_sex_day

  29. Why is sex so much like drugs?
    Because the quality depends on the pusher.

  30. Top reasons for having sex
    The top and bottom reasons for having sex from a list of 237 that college-aged men and women gave University of Texas researchers:

    Men’s top 10 reasons:

    1. I was attracted to the person.
    2. It feels good.
    3. I wanted to experience physical pleasure.
    4. It’s fun.
    5. I wanted to show my affection to the person.
    6. I was sexually aroused and wanted the release.
    7. I was “horny.”
    8. I wanted to express my love for the person.
    9. I wanted to achieve an orgasm.
    10. I wanted to please my partner

  31. Women’s top 10 reasons:

    1. I was attracted to the person.
    2. I wanted to experience physical pleasure.
    3. It feels good.
    4. I wanted to show my affection to the person.
    5. I wanted to express my love for the person.
    6. I was sexually aroused and wanted the release.
    7. I was “horny.”
    8. It’s fun.
    9. I realized I was in love.
    10. I was “in the heat of the moment.”

  32. herofromstrife

    Not well known sex fact:

    Religious women experience significantly higher levels of sexual satisfaction than non-religious women.

    This was published in USA Today based off of a survey done at the University of Chicago. If you want to read it for yourself, just google USA Today church ladies. If the goal of life really is to maximize your pleasure, then the right route is through religion.

  33. wei vines, tama. sometimes akala natin tama but its morally wrong. 😉

  34. hi alphabloke, yes i agree to what you said. teenagers are so inlove with the thought of loving. sometimes they are afraid of losing someone tha is why they give what his/her gf/bf wants just to please him/her. which is not right.

    because in a relationship guy, should repect the ladies or vice versa in some cases. if they truly love the person, they should learn ro wait for the right tym.

  35. hi sir joe, sometimes what is normal to our society can be immoral to our beliefs.

    pero ang nangyayari, pipol wud tend to do wat the society dictates even if its not right.

    yes, its the reality pero hindi dapat laging nakikiuso.

    sex is alright if mag asawa na. u can have ol the fun u wanted esp dun sa list na nilagay mo sir joe. pero once u committed this act before marriage then its a sin. and eventually, kung cno man nainvolve sa pre marital sex will/should face the consequences.

  36. ms kim, mejo alanganin po yun ah. yan po yung tinatawag na PWEDE pero HINDI TAMA!


  37. herofromstrife, thanks for sharing and dropping by.

    like wat ive said in the previous post, its not about religion but its about our faith ni God.

  38. kengkay

    sex is over rated but when it is good, then it is real good 🙂

  39. hehehe… gnun ba yun ms kengkay?

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