be careful what you wish for…

Now I know all of you’s have heard of the Tooth Fairy, and The Fairy God Mother,, But have you heard of the BITCH FAIRY,,, Check Her Out…?

Do not fear…the Bitch Fairy has arrived to put a smile on your face!!!!

Don’t mess with Fairies(whatever gender)!

Let’s be contented for what God has gave us. Godbless everyone!!! hope it made you smile just for a while!

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6 thoughts on “be careful what you wish for…

  1. Niyaz

    hahahhaha cant stop laughing yhen 🙂

  2. yeah… me too niyaz… the comics was really funny. however it gives us a lesson.

  3. Niyaz

    yeah ofcourse dre’s a mesage n it …thnks for making us smile this morning 🙂

    hve a nice day yhen….

  4. no problem niyaz, its oweiz my pleasure to make someone smile!!!

  5. hahaha. funny indeed!

  6. Niyaz

    Thats so nice of u yhen 🙂

    U rock !!!

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