the art of letting go

They say that expecting is one way of hurting ourselves.
Most of the times, people get hurt because of being so expectant. People and relationships may fail us but God is always there, he never fails.

Sometimes the reason why we hold on to something or to someone even if it’s hurting us already is because we’re afraid that something or someone like that won’t happen or come again. Sometimes we choose to love even to the extent of losing our self-esteem, respect and worth.

Little do we know that sometimes the reason why we can’t truly have what we deserve and what will really makes us complete and happy is simply because we have become so engrossed with the second best that we already have that we fail to see the best ahead of us. Letting go is really hard especially if we have become so attached to that something or someone that has a hold on us.

Life is a constant change and learning to love ourselves first is the way to loving others unselfishly. The need to love and be loved is a human nature.

In any relationship, it’s not just the heart leading but it has to go best with thinking. The pain of letting go is just at the start, sometimes it becomes even harder because we’re entertaining every thought of it that only leads to hurting ourselves more.

Learn the art of letting go by just giving it up and continue to live life without it. There are so many ways to divert our attention if we will allow ourselves to open the windows of our lives.

Happiness is a choice. If you want to be happy, be happy and if want to think otherwise then that’s what you’ll be.

With all that life has to offer, be encouraged that there is a God who is always willing to take hold of us if only we will let Him. Live life with Jesus, only then can you experience a life with life.

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11 thoughts on “the art of letting go

  1. Very insightful!

  2. in letting go, it starts with the decision that you want to pull yourself up from your current situation coupled with prayers…. i think the constant companion in this situation is God. hindi ka iiwanan mag-isa

  3. hi lwayswright, thank you for passing!!!

    yes i agree with you ifoundme, si God lang talaga ang maari nating takbuhan sa mga ganitong panahon.

  4. We live in these world with a purpose from God.You lost some,you gain some.Life must go on.

  5. sana sir cocoy, i will lost some weight.. hehehe!!!

  6. Niyaz

    hey what happen yhen?? so sentimental uh??
    cheers loh

  7. Mer Pints

    Rain, rain go away come again another day… remember this line when we were kids? We wish the rain to go away because we are waiting for the sun to play. At kapag naglaro may putik na ang damit, hehehe. Kung magalit si nanay maliligo kaagad, presko na naman ang pakiramdam. Pagkatapos kakain ka naman ng ginataan na luto ni nanay na may maraming saging at kamote. Pagkatapos kakabagan ka dahil marami kang nakain, at uutotin, iyon ang let it go, hehehehehe.

  8. uhm not really niyaz… just some sort of reflection… have a nice day!

  9. nice thoughts mer…

    eventhough gusto nating mawala ang rain minsan, sometimes we also miss to play under the rain. the rain gives us the feeling of refreshment. and its really fun playing under the rain.

    that is life… sometimes the things we let go are the things that makes us smile. pero sometimes its better if that act of letting go is only done once or twice.

  10. Niyaz

    hmmm okiesssss !!

  11. nice!! PDL subscriber din pala ikaw ha. hehehehe./

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