rules of love

1. NEVER kiss is you’re not committed
2. NEVER love a taken person
3. NEVER expect. Just hope.
4. NEVER fall for a friend.
5. Then realize that in love, there are no rules…

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6 thoughts on “rules of love

  1. true… true….

  2. hear! hear!!! hehee

  3. ibig sabihin pedeng magmahal ng taken na? kasi i like number 5. hehe. basta always remember the commandments of God then i think you’ll be ok.

  4. i think kuya, pwedeng magmahal ng taken na pero hindi ibig sabihn na pwede ay tama di ba? hehehe

  5. so u mean wrong can be right and right can be wrong? hahahahayyy ang gulo. naguluhan na ako. hahaha. joke lang.

  6. hehehe.. ako din kuya naguluhan sa sinabi mo… wat i mean is, hindi lahat ng pwede ay tama, pero lahat ng tama ay pwede.

    kasi sometimes pwede o tanggap sa isang society ang isang bagay, kunwar pagiging gay, pero the bible says its not right di ba?

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