magsalita ang matinong lalaki!!!!

huh... hard to find that one!

huh... hard to find that one!

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38 thoughts on “magsalita ang matinong lalaki!!!!

  1. kengkay

    i found one, not perfect but pwede na rin 😀 eto lang masasabi ko sa yo, kapag mahal ka talaga ng lalaki, they would prove, time and time again, that all guys are not the same 😀

  2. ktin

    thanks God, i found one…

  3. yeah tama ms kengkay… hope that time wud come tlg…

    magpakilala sa akin ang taon magsasbi na hindi pare pareho mga lalaki.. hehe

  4. wahehe congrats kitin… 😉

  5. ako rin i manage to find one na sobrang iba sa lahat. *obviously. pero indi sa nilalahat ko ang mga indi matinong lalaki…pero aminin natin….marami talaga sila diba? saka sabi nila majority wins haha. *nang-aasar lang.

  6. Giselle

    Yea.. sometimes you feel all guys are just the same. But there is nobody who is perfect. Nothing and no one. It is love when you can love the guy in spite of his not so lovable qualities too…

  7. NOT all guys are the same. it depends what you’re trying to prove.

  8. ay nako aling baby sinabi mo pa!!! marami sila!!! cguro one in a million lang ang matinong lalaki!

    oooh wow… big words giselle… yes there is no perfect person but there is perfect love… hmm sounds redundant hehe!!! basta i only need just ONE guy to prove to me that i was wrong.. hehe

    ui, pinagtatanggol ni kuya gmac ang mga kalalakihan. pero aminin na natin halos pare pareho ang lht ng lalaki. they just differ on how to implement things.

    ;-0 hehe bitter!!!

  9. anu ba dapat namin sabihin, para mapatunayan matinu kme? teka ang aking wife ata ang dapat makaka-pagpatotoo dito 😉

  10. hi kuya vhincent… salamat sa pagdaan…

    aba akalain mo, may mga nagpapahayag pa rin na hindi lahat ng lalaki pare pareho… naway dumami pa kayo.. hehe

  11. Ano nga ba ang hinahanap ng mga babae sa lalakwe este,lalaki?
    Mga iba makapal ang wallet ang hinahanap,mga lalako naman ang hinahanap sa babae ay malaki ang hinaharap.

  12. hehehe.. ano nga ba? ako kasi sir cocoy basta matino ayos na di bale ng di gwapo… hehehe…

    pero may ibang lalaki di na nga gwapo may gana pang mambabae… ehhee… redundant sir cocoy. ewan ko ba…

  13. hahaha. syempre naman. pero if we arent all alike then there wouldnt be 50 years golden annniversary, there wouldnt be your mom and your dad celebrating bday with you. in short this is the mindset of people. that we wouldnt know until we see it and we experience it.

    dont worry sabihin ko sa iyo yan pagtanda ko. malamang may K na ako magsabi. hahahaha.

  14. hahaha sige kuya gmac… sabi mo eh… nawa’y mapatunayan ko din yan balang araw. hehe

  15. yeah and easy comes after hardship…

  16. hi toby… there shud be no more hardships if it is true love, ryt?

  17. true love ? if u can find it let me know too LOL… earthy love only can lead u to celestial love if its true… and then celestial love is true of all LOVE…

  18. hmmm. nice one toby… love that celestial love you got there… hehe

  19. Giselle

    celestial love? OMG! Now, whats that?!

  20. not sure bout that giselle… lets see when we get there… hehe 😉

  21. Giselle

    yea… i hope toby is able to help us out with that

  22. ok seems u got questions. ummm… i gotta say u r only familiar with LOVE. but what kind of it? just think about it…

    in this world there r many beautiful things that helps us to find and see the Creator of these, GOD. truly, they r created 4 us , to live better, to make us grow, to make others happy, to help ppl out, to help ppl to be what they must be(some ppl r not what they must be), to live calm and free, …

    what do u think about these creatures? what r the goals? ….

  23. lets think if there r many things created 4 us, (living better,…) why they created?

    now think about true LOVE…

    Lovers always want convenience of his/her LOVE . so wut is convenience of Adam ?

  24. wow, dat is so deep toby. i was tryng to comprehend your statements. the way i understand it is that, each and everyone is capable of loving someone. and each and everyone deserves one true love…

    am i ryt?

    so wers the celestial love there? hehehe…

  25. yea, i say when u do LOVE everybody & everything and truly u devote urself 4 them, ur LOVE is true. i mean like GOD that LOVEs every1 and everything and helps them out to make them grow… when u decide to be like GOD (as far as u can), u’ve been falling in celestial LOVE… that was the point……so as GOD does anything 4 ya, and helps u to go the right way, sends prophets,…really devotes himself 4 ya. when u can reply him with the right respond u can call urself im a LOVER….true LOVER

  26. seems i wrote so !!! yhen in which city u live and how old r u? if i may to ask

  27. ok got your point toby.. tnx for sharing.

    im 22 years old 😉

  28. wut do u think yhen?
    nice to passing by… LOL

  29. hmmm… il think of it toby.. hehe 😉

  30. ok when ur thought finished let us know of the result…. LOL

  31. yeah sure toby… unfortunately my brain is an obsolete processor… so it may tak etoo long for me to think… hehe

  32. yea, but be remember an obsolete processor leads pc to have a weak perfomance, so u gotta find a way before it leads to it….

  33. hahahha.. yes toby… as you wish…

  34. ok u mean ur going to make it better? or sth?
    when sth gets old usually ppl change ’em…so in this case wut u wanna do?….LOL

  35. we only have two choices in life…. to get better or to get bitter… so id choose to get better.. hehe

  36. Giselle

    Its hard not to be bitter initially.. But with time, you do get better.

  37. ok hopeful to get better, wish u choice da best in ur life in everybodies life

  38. hehehe yes toby…

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