I believe that most of the statements are true. Well let’s see how you will react to each and every words.

1) Good guys go crazy over easy girls.

2) Good girls are taken by ungrateful guys.

3) The most loyal are those being cheated on.

4) Cheaters are begged by good ones to stay.

5) The most worthy of good relationships are the ones that aren’t taken seriously.

6) Those greatly hurt by their greatest love end up being players.

7) Opportunities for relationships come when you least expect it.

8 ) You can’t stop yourself from loving someone you shouldn’t but can’t force yourself not to love someone your better off with…

huh… weird love! nwei according sa isang quote “People have different views about love, but whatever it may be, there’s only a single truth behind everyone’s heartache: love hurts when God knows you deserve someone else.”

that’s the truth and we have to accept that fact. for the truth will set you/us free. hmmm, yes its a cliche however we have to stick to that reality.

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3 thoughts on “IRONIES

  1. Niyaz

    wat u have written here is true & its happening in the world ….
    heartache is the worst pain in this world, no one should be cheated no matters they are gals or guys..

    yhen ,

    is dating a game of hearts , where losers wil always be dre???

  2. love, starting pa lang nung high school ako pinapadefine na yan ah. hindi pa rin ba nahahanap definition nyan ngayon? lolz.

    seriously God is love. the meaning of love is located in corinthians. ryt yhen? hehehe

  3. hi niyaz, i guest dating is always a part of it… no t to get hurt but to learn from it…

    sir gmac its in 1corinthians 13 po ata yun, if i got it ryt… wel, cguro it is really unconditional…

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