why dogs are better than men? (bitter? hehehe)

1. Dogs do not have problems expressing affection in public.

2. Dogs miss you when you’re gone.

3. Dogs look at your eyes.

4. Dogs aren’t threatened by a woman with short hair.

5. Dogs feel guilt when they’ve done something wrong.

6. Dogs don’t feel threatened by your intelligence.

7. Dogs understand what “no” means.

8. Dogs don’t brag about whom they have slept with.

9. (Dogs do not play games with you — except fetch

10. and they never laugh at how you throw).

11. Dogs understand if some of their friends cannot come inside.

12. Dogs think you are a culinary genius.

13. Dogs are nice to your relatives.

14. Dogs don’t mind if you do all the driving.

15. Dogs don’t step on the imaginary brake.

16. Dogs admit it when they’re lost.

17. Dogs don’t weigh down your purse with their stuff.

18. Dogs do not care whether you shave your legs.

19. Dogs aren’t threatened if you earn more than they do.

20. Dogs mean it when they kiss you.

21. You are never suspicious of your dog’s dreams.

22. You never wonder whether your dog is good enough for you.

23. You can train a dog.

24. You can force a dog to take a bath.

25. Middle-aged dogs don’t feel the need to abandon you for a younger owner.

26. Gorgeous dogs don’t know they’re gorgeous.

27. Dogs are happy with any video you choose to rent, because they know the most important thing is that you’re together.

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15 thoughts on “why dogs are better than men? (bitter? hehehe)

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  2. Yes, in fact dogs are better than men, would not trade mine for the world or for a man. They are more cuddly and love you no matter what you say or how much you charge on the credit card. Not bitter,( He, he)

  3. gmac

    so in short, mag bf na lang kayo ng dog. hahaha, joke onli yhen. hehehe
    natuwa me sa #9 and #10. hehehe

  4. hi audrey, guest you really are a dog lover… hehe 😉

    kuya gmac, wish ko lang naging tao nga ang aso.. hahaha… jowk!

  5. natuwa ako sa comment ni gmac, hahaha

  6. hehehe… agree ka ba ms kengkay?

  7. hi yhen, i sooo love dogs and cats! they’re giving unconditional love and when i’m coming home from day’s work, just hugging and cuddling makes me feel relaxed. 🙂 …not bitter hehe.

  8. hehehe.. buti nalang aling baby di ka rin bitter.. hehe

  9. bitter nga yata..hehe!
    nice one, gmac!

  10. hi carl, hidni naman… sly lang po.. harhar!

  11. artsee

    28. Dogs can bark, man cannot.

  12. hahaha… oo nga sir artsee tama ka…

  13. Awesome!

    My song from yesterday ponders ‘Why is Man not Man’s best friend’.

  14. Hahaha! This is so true! This reminds me of that song by Carrie Underwood “The more boys I meet the more I love my dog”.

  15. lol…yes, you say many truths, I have always said, “men may come and go but I will always have my dog”..

    although as much as I love my dog there are certain things a man can do that she can’t…ah well.



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