dealing with irritating people (can you handle me?)

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to work or live with someone that keeps pushing your buttons? They just irritate you. Or you simply don’t like them. These people are usually not evil. They just have a way that brings out the negative in you.

Here’s something that have worked for me in the past. Find something really beautiful in that person….something that you really appreciate and keep your focus on that one thing. This is where I’ve experienced the Law of Attraction to be very powerful. When I interact with someone that’s got a way of really pushing my buttons, I deliberately look for that one positive thing. It’s not always easy, because your mind is so conditioned, because of previous interactions with that person. We are so used to only seeing the irritating negatives, that we CONSCIOUSLY have to look for the positives. What makes it even more difficult is that most of the time you don’t want to find anything positive in that person. But believe me the results are great. If you keep focusing on that irritating thing in the other person, you will find and attract more. If you find something you can appreciate and keep your focus on that, you will be surprised at how much more of it you get.
A couple of weeks back I interacted with a lady. She didn’t irritate me that much, but what was striking (and I know this is going to sound politically incorrect) was the fact that she was physically not very attractive at first glance. To top it, she was exceptionally rude to me every time we interacted. What happened here is that I focused on what I perceived to be her physical unattractiveness. What did I get? Unattractive behaviour.
I then started looking for the physical beauty in her, because that was where my negative focus was. I then saw something that I have missed all along. She had the most beautiful eyes. I mean really beautiful. So after that, every time I saw her , I consciously focused on her eyes. I also started noticing some other attractive aspects, like her voice. Guess what, she stopped being rude to me, and we actually get along quite well now.
Start by doing it with every person that you interact with today. Doesn’t matter who they are. Look for the beauty and things you appreciate in them and sit back and see what you get.
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37 thoughts on “dealing with irritating people (can you handle me?)

  1. Renato Pacifico

    There are irritating people like ignorant groupies of Artsee and some of illogical ilk in Cocoy’s Delight blog who cannot seem to accept that Filipinos are the scourge of America.

    Filipinos in America bash Vietnameses, Chineses, Hong-Kongeses, Indians and other minority group but the bashed has the most contribution to America in life-altering inventions and business-enhancing decisions than Filipinos.

    IT’S A FACT!!!

    Vietnameses, Chineses, Hong-Kongeses, Indians and other minority groups are more often mentioned in Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Scientific Americans and IT magazines attributable to their life-enhancing findings than country-club-proud-englischtzes-speakengese Filipinos who is critical of other minority groups.

    Filipinos are proud of their degrees. Degrees that has not contributed to AMerica. They are more led, commanded, controlled and they meekly follow. Thank goodness, they follow, because if Filipinos were to think they’d think the way Filipino think in my dear Philippines.

    Let’s admit Filipinos are Low-IQ-Low-Life-3rdworld-Asian-Trash!!!!

  2. Renato Pacifico

    How to deal with Filipino braggarts in America?

    Why is it Filipinos in America don’t acknowledge each other? Why O Why?

    Why is it Filipinos in America are so sensitive to incorrect grammars, inflection, pronounciation, spelling when Filipino themselves speaks like illegal Hispanics?

    Why is it that Filipinos are proud of their country-club englischtzes and when they stand before a real American they lose their englischtzes?

    Why is it Filipinos has this false sense of superiority complex?

  3. Renato Pacifico

    Why is it that when Filipinos loses an argument they ban you from the blogsite?

    Why is it that when Filipinos loses an argument they scream at you? Does screaming makes them right. Does screaming a measure of mental capacity?

    Thank goodness, Filipinos will never be a majority in AMerica, because if Filipinos were majority of America, America will become another banana republic.

  4. Renato Pacifico

    Why is it Filipinos cannot face the truth?

  5. Kimuchi

    Nasundan ka.HIHIHIHIHIH>

  6. Renato Pacifico

    I didn’t know that America is crawling with ignorant bumbling idiots ignorant fools like Kimuchi and Artsee.

    I wonder what they do for a living in America aside from sucking SSI-benefits from AMericans.

    If Kimuchi and Artsee (who works in Seafood City cleaning fish) receives SSI therefore they are don’t have meanigful employment. Meaning, employment, their children can be proud off.

    SSI are for people who have no jobs. People who have not earned and reach the threshold of standard of living.

    Therefore, these people cannot work in office but pick thru trash bins for cans.

    How dumb!!!

    Kimuchi, how’s your health-sucking medicare and SSI-benefit-sucking Filipino partner Artsee …

    Hingos-hingos kasi pag-uuwi kayo sa Pilipinas yung mga anak na umaasa sa kanilang parents patay kasi wala rin trabaho kaso sikat daw na ang kanilang tatay nandito sa America. Pwe!

    Sa America begging for benefits … where are the Filipino’s pinagyabang na intellehenteng utak?????

    How Dumb and Ignorant … May you live an ignorant and SSI live forever.

    Dapat mahiya kayo sa mga anak, kamaganak n’yo.


    Show me your shitface!!!! You don’t have the guts!!! You don’t have the courage. I’d like to yank out that SSI lifeline of yours.

  7. Putanginamo Renato! Matandang bakla, dito ka naman magkakalat ay disenteng blog ito?

    Kung sino ang may-ari ng blog na ito, please burahin na agad itong matandang baklang ito. Huwag nang patagalin. Sisirain nya ang iyong blog sa kanyang mga kahangalan. Na-ban na siya sa maraming blogs at dito naman magkakalat ng lagim ang impaktong ito na sugo ni satanas. Matandang bakla!

  8. Matandang bakla, wala kang mahahala dito.

  9. mukang malalim ang pinanghuhugutan ni renato.

    nwei, we all have the freedom to speak ourselves.

    i really dont care about you nor believe your words renato, however i respect your opinion.

    ms kim,

    maraming tulad niya. deadma na.

  10. I hate bipolars. I had a groupmate in hospital duty who was a bipolar. One hour she’s high then the next time her mood plummets. We call her Ms Tantrums.

  11. hi richmond,

    tantrums are for kidz, maybe that person just needs attention huh! hehehe 😉

  12. Nakakatuwa naman si renato.

  13. hehehe.. natuwa tlg ke renato eh…

  14. Irritating person is brainless people.They are not worth the stress.Irritating person thinks that it makes them look more intelligent when they make others look like simpletons. They use big words to compensate for there small brains. They have no real talent other than pissing others.Eventually this kind of person will dig their own hole, just make sure you are there to fill the front row seats with your cellphone camera.!

  15. hi sir cocoy, uhm just wanna ask, wer did u encounter that renato? blogger ba xa? or intruder lang tlg?

    nwei, in my point of view, sila yung mga taong kailangang pansinin or KSP gnyn.

    too bad he’s too proud of himself.

  16. Renato Pacifico

    Let us see who are simpletons. Filipinos na nagyabang na magagaling sila na walang ipapakita na accomplishment na nagtanggap ng SSI?

    Simple logic. Is it bipolar? Needs attention? Why the blogsite? You must all be bipolars …





  17. Renato Pacifico

    People who begs and receives SSI are people who are not gainfuly employed.

    And Filipinos are proud of receiving SSI. Why are they not gainfully employed if they are really intelligent ….

    Cocoy’s elk are dumb just like Cocoy … These people cannot see that for 480 years God has not blessed Filipinos … how ignorant …

    And they come to AMerica where Ten commandments cannot even be posted in public schools and public property …




  18. Renato Pacifico


    I like teasing these cowards … I heard Filipinos are brave … show me your face … you have my address … and most of all you have my e-mail … trash my e-mail and we’ll track your ass down and deport you for trashing government e-mail you ding dongs …



  19. Annittha

    you are so pathetic..

  20. Putanginamong matandang bakla ka! Nandito ka pa? Manhid ka talaga, tarantado ka. Hindi ka kailangan dito. Gumawa ka ng sarili mong blog at doon mo ibuhos ang iyong sama ng loob sa mundo, putanginamo, natandang bakla.

  21. Sa may-ari nitong blog, huwag mong hayaang sirain ng matandang bakla na ito ang maganda at disente mong blog. Kaya nandito yang tarantadang yan, gusto ka niyang sirain.

  22. Ganyan ang ginagawa nya sa mga blog na pinupuntahan nya. Kampon yan ni satanas! Ban na yan sa mga naunang blog nyang pinuntahan dahil naghahasik sya ng lagim para magkagulo ang mga bloggers.

  23. Everyone gets a fair treatment in my blog Renato, so here’s yours: Behave yourself and act like an adult, or you will be banned from my site. I welcome civil and rational debate; I do not tolerate vitriol and abuse.Your bigotry is glaring.

  24. If you are proposing a challenge Renato…..
    Come and get it .Bring it on and select any topic you wish.I’m sure you can’t wave your wand.

  25. artsee

    Ang tagal kong hinanap itong tindahan ni Yhen, malapit lang pala sa CD. Dito na pala tumatambay si Renata. Hoy, huwag kang manggulo dito! Bayaran mo muna ang mga kinain mo sa CD pati na ang mga sinira mong mga mamahaling kasangkapan. Kundi, may darating sa iyong warrant of arrest.

  26. Renato,a piece of advice: the only thing more tedious than a rude loudmouth is a rude loudmouth trying to act like a victim. You came here with a chip on your shoulder, made some insulting and unfounded generalizations about some bloggers, and reacted with profanity and hostility when people called you on it. I’m feeling generous , so I won’t ban you this time in my blog at CD, but be aware you’re skating on very thin ice.

  27. artsee

    Langhiya itong si Renata…pinagsabihan pa akong “irritating”. Di bale sana kung sabihin niyang “annoying” ako. Tawag ko naman sa kanya…disgusting, utak matsing, mukhang bading, kulay uling, lahing pating, walang kuwenta ang dating.

  28. Artsee,
    Mabuti at hindi ka naligaw papunta dito sa tindahan ni Yhen.Order ka muna ng kuatro cantos at dito tayo mag-inuman.Hehehehe!

  29. artsee

    Sa kabilang kalye lang pala. Sige, order ka ng inumin at i-charge na lang sa CD.
    Wala kasi akong Japanese Yen. Yen lang ang tinatanggap na bayad dito sa Yhen.

  30. artsee

    Cocoy, anong ibig mong sabihin na si Renato ay “skating on very thin ice”. Kailan naman natutong mag-skate iyan? Nasa Los Angeles siya at wala naman ice doon. Dapat niyang malaman na sa kabaitan mo at ng CD, pinayagan siyang mag-post na napakaraming mga nakakasindak na komento lalo na iyong paghamak sa Dakilang Maykapal. Di bale sana kung magmura paminsan-minsan tulad ko din pero iyong pati Diyos mumurahin at ipagsisigaw ang Satanas, nakakataas ng balahibo. Bago mo siya na-ban, nag-konsulta ako sa isang Psychic. Sabi niya kailangan ma-exorcise ang blog ng CD dahil nasasakupan ng Demonyo. Buti na-ban na siya. Pero nararamdaman ko pa rin ang masamang ispirutu sa CD kapag nandoon ako.

  31. Kimuchi

    “Yan renato.Bakit natahimik ka na yata.Binibigyan ka na ng partida ni Cocoy sa gusto mong laban.Puro ka lang pala dakdak at pang-iinsulto lang ang alam mo.Maghanap ka na nga ng ibang kausapin mo.

  32. hi sir artsee, welcome.

    nwei, hayaan na lang natin yang si renato na mag express ng sarili niya. we should pity him kasi he cud not make his own lungga. or kung makagawa man siya ng sariling lungga baka kasi hindi siya bisitahin kaya sa mga blogs nalang ng ibang famous people xa nagkakalat.

    wel lyk wat ive said, sabihin mo gusto mong sabihin renato. walang mawawala sa amin, ewan ko lang sa iyo.

    ms kim, ang iyong puso… one vs 100 ang drama ng lolo mo eh yun nga lang wala siyang col a fren na option.

    sir cocoy, tutal naman kayo ang mas nakaka unawa kaya dapat inuunawa nalang siya. hehe…. we should not go down his level.

    ayan inaasahan ko uli ang pagtambay mo renato… basahin mo rin ibang post ko ha para naman masaya.

  33. Sorry, mali yata ng napasukan ko, uwi muna ako, haha.

  34. hi kap… napadaan ka… hehe

  35. artsee

    Sumilip lang iyan si KapKid dito para alamin kung may libreng pagkain. Ang sarap pala kung may dalawang lugar na puwedeng matambayan…

  36. Yhen,
    There is very little I can do about your guest Renato. He is not willing to communicate rationally and thus effectively deprive himself from the wisdom accumulated by others. He allow his egos to consume his minds and bodies and cage himself in small habitual cells in which he can feel safe. People like him do not accept logic. When pressed to use logic, He will frequently attempt to move the talk away from the topic at hand.

    I meditate a lot to be able to keep my kind of level of calm, peace, and clarity during his emotionally heated argument with some CD bloggers. I have to figure out how to confront Renato. Lately, I feel like my brain died, leaving nothing but rotten emotions behind.

    I can imagine myself helping this man cure his mental ills as well as helping himself all he want, but the fact is, He is probably doing nothing more than feeding his ego of a super-human-never-lose-any-word-battle- martial arts master.He is yours Yhen enjoy him and good luck.Hehehehe!

  37. gnun ba sir atrsee? kung alam ko lang na makikimeryenda c kap.. hehe…

    sir cocoy, cge hayaan mo lang yang si renato. mahirap din kasing makipag diskusyon sa taong hindi marunong makinig. masasayang lang talino mo.

    magsasawa din yan.

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