huwag maging bitter, life can be sweet at better!

Sometimes, you don’t have to hate someone for hurting you…

and it’s not proper to be bitter either.

and the truth is, it’s really a common mistake among us individuals…

for we live with our expectations.

we oblige others to love us back…

for in the first place, we don’t have the right.


but that’s life after all!


and most of all…


Happy weekend everyone!

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9 thoughts on “huwag maging bitter, life can be sweet at better!

  1. toby

    when somebody gives u a gift, u thank ’em and open the gift… so u r not forced to accept the gift…. u r pleased with the gift….

    now that ur gift can make u and others happy… u gotta give good replies to giver….and respect cuz (s)he respected u….

  2. Hi, Yhen!
    Tama ka, love is all about the giving! Sabi nga ni Roddy Frame (ng grupong Aztec Camera) sa kanyang kantang “How Men Are”: “…love is a giving with no need of return. It lends itself to everything. And maybe someday man will see that love is a lesson money never taught us to learn. Love is the power to act without the premise that there’s nothing for free!”(
    GOD Bless you and your whole family always!!!

  3. artsee

    Isang paraan para maiwasan ang pagka-bitter sa buhay ay ang bittermelon. Masustansiya iyan…

  4. yes i agree. we should have the heart of a giver and not an expectant spirit. we should have a character like that of abel and not cain. happy weekend yhen! oopps. monday na pala tom. hahaha.

  5. artsee

    Kaya nga sa mga Fil-Ams, huwag iboto si MacCAIN.

  6. @toby, yes indeed… be thankful for everything!

    @Jose, thanks for the post.. il add your link po…

    @gmac, tama po kayo… cheerful giver dapat…

    @artsee, nyek nyek… hehe

  7. artsee

    Wala naman alam si McCain kundi ang magcain. Ewan ko ba…wala akong tiwala diyan. Mas lalo na si Sarah Palin. Ang landi. Puro kindat noon sa debate nila ni Biden. Siguro alam niya na nanonood ako sa TV. Hindi ko naman pinansin…

  8. OO NGA. TAMA! 😀

  9. wow talaga lang sir artsee ha… dinidma mo si palin.. hehe

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