my balloon

My lil cousin told me this simple story. One day I was walking down the street holding a big red balloon.The pest of the school came up and popped it!It was gone and he ran away.I wanted to chase him and pop his balloon too.But instead I sat down on the curb and took a real deep breath and counted all the way to a hundred and then I didn’t feel like popping his balloon anymore.THE END When somebody did bad to us we would sometimes explode in an INSTANT ANGER. LESSON:when somebody POPS MY BALLOON I should take a real deep breath and count all the way to a hundred and pray.Not bad advice 4 anyone who needs help in being patience…^_^

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10 thoughts on “my balloon

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  2. anger management formula ito yhen ah. hehehe.

  3. artsee

    Nangangampanya ka ba? Bagay kayo ni Bugoy…he, he.

  4. Hoy,artsee.Pasyalan mo ako sa bagong bukas kong parlor.Kailangan ko ang financier.HIHIHIHIHIHIH

  5. artsee

    Wala na…kinuha na lahat ni Cocoy.

  6. ay naku cnb mo pa kuya gmac, anger management talaga siya…

    kuya artsee hndi nmn km bagay ni bugoy, mas makapal pa nga make up niya sa akin di ba? hehehe

    ayan naghahanap na ng sponsor si ms kim… hehe

  7. Anger management is great, I probably need to start counting too 😉

  8. hi abid, i think most of us really needs an anger management lessons… hehe! hope this story helped… 😉

  9. Yeah you are right, however I am guessing that anger management lessons alone may not suffice. Well anyways, more than anything else, the story was soothing. Enjoyed reading it and as always thanks for the share 😉

  10. tnx again abid… 😉

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