November as stipulated in Proclamation 524 issued by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in January 2004 is the National Rice Awareness Month. Kung kaya’t here’s some rice trivia’s for you.

Did you know?

  • p31336711That the first public appearance of Palayman (PhilRice mascot) was on October 24, 2002 with Mr. Carlito Bibal, a Devcomm staff, as the first person to wear the mascot.

Palayman started as a humanized rice character for PhilRice’s information materials. He was also known as the Philippine official mascot for the International Year of Rice.


  • great_wall_china_photo_gov_2The Great Wall of China, known to be one of the eight wonders of the world, is made of rice. Its foundation is composed of plain sticky rice and compressed dirt.

However, this has been reconstructed and repaired for a number of times, but parts of it with the rice and compressed dirt can still be seen today.

  • weissbier_dbb_2The whitish colored beers are those made from rice, the reddish ones from sorghum or millet.

According to data from beer brewers, rice is the second most widely used adjunct (any unmalted grain) material in the United States in producing light-colored beers. The adjunct is used as a cheaper source of carbohydrates that brewers convert into sugar.

  • 800px-flag_of_myanmar_svgThe flag of Myanmar (former Burma) is known for its uniqueness because it is the only national flag in the world where a cogwheel containing a stalk of rice is found.

  • map-chinaChina is the world’s largest producer of rice, while Thailand is the world’s largest exporter. However, it is claimed that the yield per acre of a rice field in Bali, Indonesia is about the highest in the world.

Ever thought of the world’s largest rice mill? It is owned and operated by the Riceland Foods       cooperative in Jonesbro, Arkansas.

  • The smallest card ever made where a grain of rice was inscribed with Christmas greetings was perhaps the one sent to Edward VII of England in 1929.

The grain bore the inscription: “To his Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, Sincere Christmas Greetings, From the Joseph G. Gillott Pen Co., London, England, Season 1929.”

  • In 2004, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the first Filipina to receive the Ceres Medal of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization for her efforts in agriculture modernization.

  • bululAll over Asia, rice gods or deities are almost always depicted as females or mother figures. The Philippines perhaps, is the only country in the world where rice gods are all males, like the Bulul of Ifugao province.

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11 thoughts on “be AWARE!

  1. ang galing nung mga trivias! feborit ko ung great wall of china. di ko akalain made of rice pala yun. happy rice day yhen! tama ba? hehehe/

  2. naku cnb mo pa kuya gmac… have a rice day din po… 😉

  3. Yhen
    Pasensya ka na kung hindi kita gaanong nadadalaw nitong mga nagdaang araw dahil naging busy ako at nag volunteer sa HQ ng minanok kung kandidato kahit natalo.Hehehe!

    Happy birthday nga pala sa iyo kahit huli na ang pagbati ko at sana’y good pa at kung expired na itago mo na lang para sa susunod na taon.Hehehe!

  4. i love rice even if i’m on a strict low carb diet. hehe!

  5. Mrs.Bolante walked into Joc-Joc room one day. Joc-Joc missed his wife so much and asked his wife.
    “If I were disfigured, would you still love
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    “Darling, I’ll always love you,” she said
    calmly, filing her nails.

    “How about if I became crippled and couldn’t
    hug you any more?” he asked nervously.

    “Don’t worry, darling, I’ll always love you,”
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    “Well, how about if the senate will force me to tell the truth?
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    face. “Joc-Joc, I’ll always love you,” she reassured him,
    “but I would really miss you. Our driver is waiting”

  6. salamat sa pagbati sir cocoy!

    ayos lang naman kung dka na nakakadalaw basta dka nakakalimot ayos lang po!

  7. o talaga? may ganun ganun pa si gloria di na lang sia mamigay ng mga libreng bigas. hakhakhak!!! =P

    wehh? ang galing yung great wall gawa sa bigas!!! hahaha! grabe napaka informative!!! weeeeeeee!!! kuha tau dun bigas sa great wall tas benta natin, eh kaso baka isipin nila may melamine. hakhakhak. ang korni ko. wahehehehe.. =P

  8. hehehe… ako din na amazed din talaga ako sa great wall na yan! dko din akalaing kanin ang ginamit jan.. eheh!

  9. I was out in circulation for so many days and already there’s a lot of good and humorous posting in your blog.Congrats! I love reading it.How I wish I should become a rich woman too so that I can buy a lot of sex.HIHIHIHIHIH! Kidding-kidding only.

  10. grabe kimuchi, magkano kaya yun para makabili ka ng sex? hehe

    anyhow, informative post yhen. siguro kung isa ako sa mga heneral na susugod sa great wall of china eh.. susunugin ko ng apoy yung dingding para maging tutong yun later on. tapos, saka kami susugod pra makatawid sa kabila.

    hahay buhay!

  11. its ok ms kim… ako nga din nawawala sa sirkulasyon lately dahil an rin sa down ang system sa office… hehhee…

    naku foobarph baka naman i-ban ka ng china sa gagawin mong yan… pero makaka gawa ka rin ng record… pinaka maraming malulutong tutong sa saglit na sandali.. o diba bonggang bonga!

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