after the art of letting go, cguro naman its tym to move on and love again.. naks naman! hehe! so ito read on and learn if anong mga test na ang napagdaan niyo sa buhay pag-ibig na kinakarir mo ngayon. at kung wala ka namang lablyp ngayon atlis alam mo nang isolb di ba at solusyunan.

From the book Love, Sex & Lasting Relationships by Chip Ingram

___ 1. The Test of Time. Love benefits and grows through time; infatuation ebbs and diminishes with time. Are you in a rush to label certain feelings “love,” or do you have other words to describe these feelings? Do you save the word love for something better than feelings? If you find yourself “falling in love” often and early, only to be later disappointed, perhaps remembering this first test of real love will save you future heartache.

___ 2. The Test of Knowledge. Love grows out of an appraisal of all the known characteristics of the other person. How well do you expect to know the person you marry? Or how well do you know your spouse? Infatuation quickly decides it knows everything it needs to know. Genuine love creates an atmosphere of such interest that the other person opens like a flower.

___ 3. The Test of Focus. Genuine love is other-person centered. Infatuation is self-centered. In your most important relationships, to what degree is your attention focused on what you are receiving from them and to what degree is your attention focused on meeting the other’s needs?

___ 4. The Test of Singularity. Genuine love is focused on only one person. An infatuated individual may be “in love” with two or more persons simultaneously. In what ways have you realized that it’s much easier to work on problems in an existing relationship where singularity and faithfulness are maintained than to create a whole new set of problems with another person?

___ 5. The Test of Security. Genuine love requires and fosters a sense of security and feelings of trust. An infatuated individual seems to have a blind sense of security, based upon wishful thinking rather than careful consideration; infatuation is blind to problems. Security grows and flows out of deep awareness of the other person’s character, values, and track record.

___ 6. The Test of Work. An individual in love works for the other person, for his or her mutual benefit. People in infatuation only think of their own misery. They often daydream of unrealistic objectives and ideals that neither they nor their partner could ever actually attain.

___ 7. The Test of Problem Solving. A couple in love faces problems frankly and tries to solve them. Infatuated people tend to disregard or try to ignore problems. How good are you and your partner at seeing problems and working on them? Do you find that you gloss over hard issues in your relationship or face them squarely?

___ 8. The Test of Distance. Love knows the importance of distance. Infatuation imagines love to be intense closeness, 24/7, all the time. If circumstances require you to be temporarily separated from the one you love, that will teach you a lot about the quality of your relationship. If there is not a sense of separateness, a distinct life, relationships with other people, and healthy balance, then the relationship is probably a lot more infatuation than love.

___ 9. The Test of Physical Attraction. Physical attraction is a relatively small part of genuine love, but it is the center focus of infatuation. Now don’t read “small part” to mean “not a part” in what I just stated. If your heart doesn’t skip a beat now and then and you don’t feel real attraction for your mate or the person you plan to marry, I’d call that a problem.

___ 10. The Test of Affection. In love, affection is expressed later in the relationship, involving the external expression of the physical attraction we just described. In infatuation affection is expressed earlier, sometimes at the very beginning. Affection tends to push toward greater physical intimacy. Without the control of the other aspects of genuine love, affection spends itself quickly. It gives the appearance of making the relationship “close,” but the closeness is artificial and fragile.

___ 11. The Test of Stability. Love tends to endure. Infatuation may change suddenly and unpredictably. In infatuation the wind blows here and you’re in love. The wind blows there and you’re in love. Not so with real love. Real love is stable. There is a commitment. The test of stability can hardly be applied to a relationship measured in days or weeks.

___ 12. The Test of Delayed Gratification. A couple in genuine love is not indifferent to the timing of their wedding, but they do not feel an irresistible drive toward it. An infatuated couple tends to feel an urge to get married—instantly. Postponement for the infatuated is intolerable.


William Wordsworth

“…What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be now forever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower;
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind;
In the primal sympathy
Which having been must ever be;
In the soothing thoughts that spring
Out of human suffering;
In the faith that looks through death,
In years that bring the philosophic mind.”

medyo mahirap intindihin mga test na ito pero ang mganda dito eh makakarelate ka in a certain point. so paano pwede na uli kayong maglabas ng sama ng loob at magcomment na. nwei, ito naman mga shot sa bukid. y not di ba?

mother and child

mother and child

fruit of life

fruit of life

maamong tupa

maamong tupa

color combination (rice, rice hays, burned rice hays)

color combination (rice, rice hays, burned rice hays)

the yin and yang (rice hull and carbonized rice hull)

the yin and yang (rice hull and carbonized rice hull)

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23 thoughts on “LAB 104: TESTS of LOVE

  1. ang dami namang test ate yhen. ano ba yan…

    pero in fairness agree ako dun sa mga sinabi ng author. napakalalim nga ng tinatawag na pag-ibig. di lang basta gusto mo ang isang tao,ganun na yon.

    at may naalala tuloy ako dun pagkatapos basahin ung ode ni Wordsworth. Nabasa ko na rin yan nung college days eh. pero sakin na lang yun. hehe

  2. hahahaha! ano ba yan? nakarelate ako sa lahat…. di kaya it’s time for my true love to appear to me na? parang napasa ko na ata yan lahat. hahaha!

  3. panay test ah! malalim naman talaga ang pag-ibig at minsan e di mo sya maintindihan..

    ganon pa man, masarap pa rin umibig…

  4. ELIment

    ang dami talagang test pagdating sa love.. sa ngayon, 2 ang sinisikap kong lampasan, kong maipasa–test of time and distance.

  5. Angelie

    wow–aahhh what a post…:) I think all of these test are true.. pero depende pa rin sa mga taong involve…. hay (sigh) and pag ibig nga naman..!!!! Anyway, your photos are amazing.. good shots…
    kip it uP giRL..:)

  6. dencio

    ang daming tests. haha ang mahalaga naman ay wagas na pag-ibig at tiwala e. buti pa yung kambing sa unang pic ready para sa shot naka project e yung tupa (3rd) inisnab ka hehe

  7. gudang

    dami ngang test! for the nth time, haha, andami nmang test na yan..
    yung test of singularity.. 😀 la lang..


  8. azul

    okei pass your papers na..teacher yhen woh may nangongopya…hehe

    ni tag po kita ..pkitingin na lang po sa blog ko…

  9. love knows the importance of distance..


    hehehe..tama ito..

    distansiya kami ng banana ko ngayon…but we are enduring it..hahaha

    *padaan yhen!

  10. hindi ko magagamit yung test
    loveless ako

    yhen… happy hearts month

    ano kya ang lab 105?

  11. haha another lab test chenes. Madami ako kaibigan mahilig din sa ganyang mga test test. Ako naman ang hilig ko ay psychological at personality test pero never ang love. Maybe because I always believe that love cannot be measured.

    may alam ako test na napakadali lang para malaman mo kung compatibale ba kayo nung partner mo o crush mo. napakasimple: FLAMES


    Have a nice week yhen

  12. i really love reading your blog.. ang dami kong natututunan pagdating sa love… hehehe just keep it up!

  13. abrel: ano naman naalala mo sa ode ni wordsworth?

    ifm: hehehe… baka nga… malay mo anjan lang sa tabi mo, iniignore mo lang.. kaw din… hehe…

    payatot: tama masarap pa rin umibig… ehhe

    kuya eli: naku hirap niyan… hehe… temptation ang kalban jn kuya.

    angelie: tnx girl!

    dencio: nadali mo kuya! hehe… talagang kelangan wagas eh… hehe

    gudang: bkit nagdodouble heopardy ka ba? hehe

    azul: tnx… hehe cge try ko gawin yung tag…

    vanvan: that’s good… magenduranz ka… ehhe

    epfi: any suggestion for the next episode kuya? hehe

    bluepanjeet: hehehe, gusto ko din yung flames… masya yun.

    kuletz: tnx so much!

    —daan ako sa mga tahanan niyo kapag sinipag. pero salamat pa rin sa mga dumadaan.—

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  15. hinde naman siguro para lang sa mga lovers ang mga tests na ito noh??

    sa tingen ko kase, sa sitwasyon ko ngayon eh nasa test of Time ako ngayon.

    Are you in a rush to label certain feelings “love,” or do you have other words to describe these feelings?

    Ewan ko kung love nga ba ‘to. Basta there’s no need to rush things. I’ll just go with the flow. 🙂

    Love this post at syempre, i love your photos din.. 🙂

  16. joycee, tama, there’s no need to rush things…

    take time… theres a perfect time for everything…

  17. @Bluep — ang kulet FLAMES daw. ha ha ha! woi, naging suki din ako niyan nung elementary. ha ha ha.

    nakibasa na lang ako yhen.
    e kasi, wala nang kuwenta ang mga love tests na ‘yan sa estado ko ngayon e.
    gamitin ko na lang sila sa mga future marriage counseling ko. he he.

    ang cute nung tupa!

  18. hehehe tama kuya rev, gamitin mo sa future… hehe..

    at akalain mong naglaro ka rin po ng FLAMES… hahaha!

  19. sandijmartin

    ang daming test, hindi ko alam kung ano isasagot ko, Pwede bang mangopya 🙂

  20. hehehe, pwede naman sandi as long as applicable sa iyo yung sagot di ba? hehe! 😉

  21. _mayhe

    bkt gnun??

    prng hnd q nrrmdman na love prn aq ng bf q..kht na lge nia cnsbe na love nia aq..

    advice nman po jan..

    tnx po..

  22. danmihalache

    I missed you!

  23. hi mayhe, hmmm… mejo weird yang nararamdaman mo… pero wag pabigla bigla sa magiging desisyon mo… pakiramdaman mo muna ang sarili mo. baka mamaya feeling mo lang yun diba? gv ur feelings a second chance kapag gnyn parin ang narrmdaman mo for him cguro kelangan mo na maglet go…

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