Elisabeth Elliot says that she is
often asked the question, What
can I do to get him to notice me?
Note carefully the advice she gives.

My answer is “nothing.” That is,
nothing toward the man.
Don’t call him. Don’t write a
little note with a smiley face or a
flower or a fish under the signature
and put it in his campus mailbox.
Don’t sidle up to him in the hall and
gasp, “I’ve just got to talk to you!”
Don’t look woebegone, don’t ignore
him, don’t pursue him, don’t do him
favors, don’t talk about him to nine
carefully selected listeners.
There is one thing you can do:
turn the whole business over to God.
If he’s the man God has for you, “no
good thing will he withhold from
those who walk uprightly” (Psalm

Direct your energies to obedience,
not to nailing the man. God has his
own methods of getting the two of
you together. He doesn’t need any
help or advice from you.

By changing your thinking,
you change your beliefs.

When you change your beliefs,
you change your expectations;

When you change your expectations,
you change your attitude;

when you change your attitude,
you change your behavior;

When you change your behavior,
you change your performance;

and when you change your performance,

a sisterly advice lang naman po ito sa mga girlfriends natin na single. you may or may not do it as it is your choice. however, it is really a good thing to consider the will of God first rather than pursuing our own desires. i still believe in the saying that TRUE LOVE WAITS.



simplicity is beauty

simplicity is beauty



a light in the dark

a light in the dark

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19 thoughts on “LAB 105: SISTERLY ADVICE

  1. I agree. True love really do wait( though this does not apply to all situations). You only have to be patient coz it’s worth it,anyway.


  3. Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

  4. azul

    ikaw ba kumuha talaga ng mga pictures na yan?ang ganda huh…

  5. hello yhen, ok ka rin ano? nagsusulat ka na pero kinakarir mo pa rin ang pagkuha ng mga pix…

    baka isang araw nyan e pagkakitaan mo na rin yan..

    when you change your beliefs,
    you change your expectatinos..

    sempre, kung wala ka na tiwala dun e bakit mo pa nga aasahan na mangyayari yon di ba

  6. it’s like, when you’re smelly, take a shower,
    when you take a shower, you smell good,
    when you smell good, you feel good,
    when you feel good, you go out,
    when you go out, you buy something
    when you buy something, you feel happy.

    when you feel happy, life becomes beautiful.

    like those colorful flowers.

  7. amen ako dito, yhen! pero having said that, syempre dapat magpa-cute din ang girl kung minsan.ü we, men, finds it difficult to take risks on a girl who seemed unapproachable.ü

    God bless!

  8. ayan talaga namang TRUE LOVE WAITS. wag ka mag-alala ate yhen, irere-echo ko ang seminar sa church namen. hehe. isshare ko yun pramis.

    may lab 106 pa ba????

    ah basta si Lord na ang bahala saken, I know He’s preparing something better for me, for US. 😀

  9. danmihalache

    I added a new category, “arh. projects-animation”, in which I made the link to another blog; there are six posts bringing out three country houses; it’s a simulated shooting. The resolution, of course, is not that of the original DVD such as I present to my customers.
    The size of the folder coerced me to divide it in six parts.
    You can see them all scrolling in that blog.
    The links are:,
    or access the first from my site and scroll.
    Regards, Dan,

  10. tama.Everything happens, and will happen in God’s time. :p

  11. my heart is not ok ate Yhen. 😥

  12. sandi martin

    Agree ako s’yo Yhen 🙂

  13. Ganda naman nung “pagdapo” na picture.

    Tama ka yhen. Di kailangan magmadali or masyadong mag-effort pagdating sa love life. Everything is already laid in God’s plan. We just have to be patient and understand His “timing.”

  14. “By changing your thinking,
    you change your beliefs.”


    waw..may mapupulot din pala ako sa post mo na toh.. 🙂

  15. ang cute ng bulaklak at natuwa ako sa butterfly…

  16. abrel: tama, patience is a virtue ika nga.

    cindy: 😉

    starbozz: tnz for visiting… i added you to my list na. tnx.

    azul: yup ako po… past time.

    payatot: tama, but sumtyms, tignan din natin… malay mo maibalik pa yung tiwala… 😉

    k: nice interpretations kuya… 🙂

    kuya utoy: hehe talga lang ha… paminsan minsan tama ang mag pacute talaga… hehe

    joycee: good. dats the spirit! wag malungkot if wala pa, He is preparing the best one for you.

    dan: tnx for the links u shared.

    flamindevil: yup, kaya wag ipipilit ang bagay na dipa talaga laan.

    darwin: y? hope u dont mind. wat happend? u myt wana share…

    sandi martin: 😉

    emilayskie: yupyup, God’s timing is the perfect timing!

    jem: buti naman may napulot ka rin… hehe

    mang badoy: tnx.. hehehe! 😉

  17. padaan ulit:

    cute pala tong line na to:

    ‘God has his
    own methods of getting the two of
    you together. He doesn’t need any
    help or advice from you.’

    uu nga nman. :p

  18. flamindevil, yup yup thats the best part there… diskarte na ni Lord yun kung baga… naks… hehe

  19. I agree with “turn[ing] the whole business to God.”
    Pero, mga girls, huwag masyadong dibdibin ang sinabi ni Elisabeth Elliot {mawalang galang na nga po}…
    Tama si kapatid na Utoy: naghihintay din minsan ang mga kalalakihan sa pagpapa-cute ng mga girls. Dagdag ganda points ‘yun! Huwag kayo masyado dedma… kayo din. {naks parang expert}

    Lalo kang gumagaling sa photography ha.

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