in life, we do not know what will happen next. we do not know if tomorrow we will still wake up. we simply live our lives to what we know it should be. and yes, we don’t own this, we just borrowed it from Above.

sunrise (1)sometimes, struggles come, miseries arrive, and confusions, doubt and hatred fills our heart and mind. then sometimes we also come to a point that we question our faith. but what’s the good thing about life?

it’s the thought that whatever situation we have right now, God gave us the freedom to reach Him, talk to Him, ask anything in His name, and seek peace, comfort and joy through the power of PRAYER.

but why pray? bakit nga ba? kailangan nga ba magdasal?

have you ever ask yourself these questions?

before, i thought that praying is just simply praying. i pray to God to ask for help. i pray if i am in danger. i pray if i want things to happen. and i pray if only i wanted to do it.

then i realized that praying is not just simply praying pala. now, i believe that a prayer can move mountains and yes, it can change lives. that is why we should not take prayer or praying for granted.

Philip Yancey, an author of several Christian books once said, “If I had to answer why pray? In one sentence, it would be because Jesus did (Matthew 14:23).”

so if Jesus needed to pray, how can we do less?

this time i would like to thank the people who have prayed for my mom. i have an entry on this and you can backread. check here.

i am amazed how God showed his power in my mom’s life. when me and my family learned about mom’s sickness, when she told us that she has a breast cancer, at first we were shocked and didn’t know what to do and react. but then, we just took it as a challenge from God. a test of faith, maybe. and yes, we didn’t falter, we didn’t question Him why, and we didn’t LOSE OUR FAITH. this is the time that we (my family) learned to TRUST HIM ALONE. that in Him, NOTHING IS REALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

now, my mom had her second chemo session last tuesday (out of the eight sessions she will have) and by God’s grace she’s doing well and very determined to fight the Big C.

akala ko before na sa movies or sa teleserye lang nangyayari ito, but then again, this can happen to everyone of us. ito ang reality and we have to face it. so here’s mom, sa left photo medyo naglalagas na rin ang hair because side effect na rin ng treatment, it only means daw na nagtatake effect na yung gamot. at yung sa right photo with her wigs on. thou, it may seem so difficult for her, i can still see the hope reflecting in her eyes.


i was reminded by what has Audrey said last night in the teleseryeng Tayong Dalawa. sabi niya “Sa panahon ngayon, wala ng mas makapangyarihan pa kundi dasal.” TRUE ENOUGH!

Lei thanks also for the encouraging words yesterday. i agree with what you said that EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT TO BE WELL.

through prayer, we will be able to communicate intimately with God. it would mean more than just meeting and knowing the most POWERFUL persona in the world.

when everything seems to go wrong, just PUSH! when the job gets you down, just PUSH! when people don’t react the way they should, just PUSH! when the money looks “gone” and the bills are due, just PUSH! when people just don’t understand you, just PUSH!

Pray Until Something Happens!


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30 thoughts on “PUSH

  1. When our prayers are not answered, it simply means that we aren’t praying right. Hence, we need to persevere & pray on.

  2. agree! Praying really works! kailangan lang talaga na we are sincere in praying, hindi lang basta dasal lang tayo ng dasal for something.

  3. Ano kaya ang naghihintay sa atin bukas?

  4. natutuna ko ‘yang PUSH na yan sa unang work ko. tandang tanda ko na sinabi nya yan kaya isinulat ko sa notebook ko nun.

    sa iba, ang prayer daw ay parang isang gamot, nawawala kase ang worry nila after nila mag-pray.

    powerful talaga ang prayer subok ko yan! hehe

  5. pray lang talaga..
    and lets push..


    wow di ko napanood ung sinabi ni audrey ah..
    basta ang alam ko lang sila ni gerald ang nag katuluyan..
    tama ba ate?

  6. sya nga pala..pa hi kay mommy..

    god bless..:)

  7. I believe in the power of prayers. Ate Yhen, do you know that Kuya Blu has lighted a candle for oluvus.

    Wala rin naman talaga akong masabi or ma-advise. Every scenario of our life is made wonderfully beautiful. Nagkakaroon man tayo ng problema, it will pass. Everything will be all right in God’s due time.

    Prayer is a powerful tool. I believe in miracles. I believe in mystery that Someone is working out there to make us happy and contented. I believe we have to hang on. I believe we have to grip on our faith.. to make things better.

    • yes ax…

      kelangan lang talaga nating pagtibayin pananampalataya natin…

      GodBless. hope you are ok now… 😉

  8. forbiddenlei

    wow may special mention ang batang makulet. hehe. yaan mo ate yhen. may god pa. may friends kpa. andito pa kmi. to cheer you up everyday. hehehe. mwuah mwuah ate yhen

    just pray! we will pray!

    • syempre kaw pa…

      malakas ka sa akin eh… hehehehe… kahit mapang asar at makulit ang ading ko… ehhe

      tnx again lei…

  9. boypulubi

    Dasal nga lang sa Kanya ang katapat.
    Pero may mga bagay na kahit anong dasal ang gawin mo ay hindi pa rin maibibigay sa iyo ito.
    Siguro, isa ring mensahe ito na baka hindi angkop kung anuman ang kahilingang ito.

  10. dun sa palabas, ded na c audrey kagabi…sad..but buhay pa c papa ramon so lets celebrate…

    in connection to that, maging masaya tau sa mga panibagong buhay na binibigay saten ni Lord…kaya naten to, te yhen…hug tlg kita s EB…promiz..

    God bless sa ting lahat…^,^

  11. inspiring post. isama ko nga sa mga mass intentions ko ang nanay mo. whats her name?

  12. Mr. Nonsense

    not only that prayers promote hope and faith. they also provide comfort and understanding. prayers do heal in many ways. god bless.
    btw, bongga si mommy sa 2nd picture. galing ng spirit at beauty nya 🙂

  13. Isa sa mga favorite authors ko si Philip Yancey… 🙂

    Indeed, prayer is a formidable tool… We pray to commune with God who is the Source of our strength…

    All our supplications in prayer are answered: Yes, No and Divine Silence… 🙂

    Prayer is man’s strength and God’s weakness…

    I will include your mom in my prayers… 🙂

  14. God is able and WILLING to show Himself strong and mighty to those who believe in Him.

    We just have to “be still, and know that He is God”.

    Emphasis ang salitang WILLING dahil gusto ng Diyos na ipagkaloob ang magagandang bagay para sa ating lahat.

  15. RC

    🙂 nice

  16. RC

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