the future is bright… the future is rice…

yes Christmas is fast approaching, i know, but before anything else just want to share some details of what had transpired during the celebration of National Rice Awareness Month last November.

first of all, i would like to recognize my dear blogger friends who showed support to this activity. in behalf of the Rice Awareness Committee of PhilRice, we would like to give you our heartfelt gratitude. this activity would not be complete without you guys, kaya thanks to rye (for being our model in our fansign), kuya tsi (first one to submit an entry to the fansign), papa dence (na talaga namang nagtopless pa), kuya eli, otep, lovely, ax, jason, lei, mr. nonsense, alvin, salbehe, kuya bon, alkapon, miss n, timangkey, pinkdiaries, and everyone who visited us at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia last November 23-26. (whew! did i miss someone?)

this is the grand prize winner of the fansign and to see other winners check it HERE. we received more than 70 entries to this contest kaya sobrang nagpapasalamat kami sa mga sumali.

winning entry from Dae Lee

winning entry from Dae Lee

to give you an idea what it was like in our four day exhibit/activity at SM MOA, here it is…

we had our ribbon cutting on the first day graced by DA-USEC Fondevilla, PhilRice ExecDir Beronio, GMA-Rice ProgDir Malabanan, and Brunei Delegates.

ka-blog’s Mico, Lucky, Monica, and Andrea hosted the second part of the program wherein they facilitated some games prepared for the children.

the four also joined other kids as they wrote their love for rice in a freedom wall.

the kids also enjoyed taking picture of themselves at the photo booth wherein the background is the Mayon Volcano in Albay.

beside the photo booth were the freedom wall and fansign entries. this two booths were said to be the most visited booths. the freedom wall allowed the kids to express their love for rice through writing while the fansign entries which said to be very creative, drawn the attention of everyone.

a committment tree was also put-up. where one can committ to take good care of the environment, save rice, plant trees, save water etc.

there was also an area where they can create their own artwork out of rice grains. these kids were really imaginative and creative, with their little hands, you can’t barely imagine how they can create such an obra.

the little ones also had fun planting rice in the little plant box placed at the center for the centerpiece.

not just rice but other vegetables too can be seen such as eggplant, pepper, kangkong etc. this is to show the concept of Palayamanan, that one can be rich by integrating rice with other crops, poultry, aquatic resources etc.

pigmented rice were also showcased. this was to inform everyone that rice is not just white in color but there are also purple, black, and red rice. these are the traditional varieties that are usually planted in upland areas like Banaue.

for aerial shots… hehe!

concluded the event was a free RAK (random acts of kindness) concert presented to everyone. famous bands like Brownman Revival, Zelle, De Lara, Bluejean Junkies, etc sang for rice.

The Ceremonial Harvesting and Boodle Fight at the Luneta Park was also a success. Thanks again to the people who joined the said event. Watch out for ABS-CBN Matanglawin’s episode about this event. Thanks ABS-CBN for the coverage.

also, kudos to my officemates who painstakingly organized the book launching of rice books at powerbooks at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

PhilRice also handed over a set of books to the Dynamic Teen Company, where Efren Penaflorida, the CNN Hero of the year, was known. we actually invited him but due to other committments his co-worker/teacher received the books.

More photos at the Rice Awareness Page in Facebook and Multiply.

so, to finally complete this entry, just want to share to you again my photos with encountered celebs. hehe… star complex pagbigyan niyo na… hehe…

ka-blog's lucky and mico

brownman revival


lougee of de lara (former mojofly)

oh and by the way, i attended a bday party of keira claire, my close friend’s baby to Paolo, yes to Paolo, don’t ask me how please… hehe!

thank’s again to everyone. i miss visiting your blogs… dadaan ako jan sa mga susunod na araw.

Have a nice weekend! GodBless!

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39 thoughts on “the future is bright… the future is rice…

  1. Beauriful pictures. Did you take that kids on palay background in Albay?

    I like the winner, it turned into an ART, asteg. Based from the photos alone, the event turned out a success!

    More of this… please.

    • thanks po…

      yup i took some of the photos here… except of course yung kasama ako… hehe…

      ang galing nga po nung nanalong entry eh… literaly and figuratively na xpress nya yung love niya sa rice… 😉

      thanks din pala kuya k sa suggestion mo sa next year’s theme… hehe… heksited na tuloy kami for nxt year…

  2. rice talaga kung rice.. umuulan ng rice! hehehehe

    nosebleed ang post 🙂

    rice ba yun.. umuulan dito sa blog mo? akala ko snow. hehehe

    • hahaha adik ka otep…

      ui salamat pala sa pagjoin sa contest ha…

      treat ko kayo nila ax, leitot, lably at iba pang nag join na blogger frens pag nagkita kita tayo neh… hehe…

      snow yan otep… haha… adik ka…. para naman kunwari pasko na rin sa bahay ko… haha

  3. Nice photo… ang cute ng mga kids…

    meron ka na palang dalawang prince charming ha.. lucky and mico.

    paano na si papa denz mo? he he he

    • hahaha xmpre c papa dence ay papa dence pa rin… teka bkit dka pala nagpunta sa moa? inaasahan pamandin kita.. 😉

  4. no problem ate yhen.. i’ll support whatever endeavours and projects you are up to!

  5. Wow, congrats Yhen! Obviously ’twas a success! Sorry di nakasupport, busy sa kung anu-anung chorva waaah!

    • thanks so much joycee… no problem… atlis in ur own way u u know the importance of rice in our lives… GBU!

  6. huwaw! ang saya saya naman! salamat din po sa pagsali sa picture ko sa top10 ahehe ^^ natuwa ako dun!

    more power po sa inyong lahat! kita kits next year! marami pa tayung bigas na kakainin..


    • hi kuya boni… mabenta sa mga bata yung entry mo sa fansign… hehe… nkikita ko cla pag binboto ung xau…

      wel congrats atlis u got in to the top 10… 😉

      thanks po sa pagparticipate… 😉

  7. _______________.^.
    ____________ __>_( ?? ? -.
    ___________@.? ‘(-) ? *$
    ________? “( ()?t (?)o*?*
    _______(-),-?.-? _Q@,0 ?(-) .
    ____________>o*o? @.<
    _________o`-.?.-@""-Q '?~@'
    ______?.'`? ? *? ?? ?? @`-.)
    ____? o (-). @* '-@? ?Q.*(-)?? .
    __________? -?-'? ?._ ?
    _______@.? '*Q ? *(-), @.? '*
    ___.?' @ _ ?? _.-'~?-. @ Ž(?)`-*.o.?
    __.(-)* ? ..-' (?) o *.(?) 0 *(-)`)() Q ?*'.
    _________(? ) '-._?__(?)@
    ____;–?' ?? 0?(?) Q o *? * ? ?
    ___ * (?)._?__* .Q.~ ?- ??. 0 () Q ?*'_* .
    _(-)* ? *? o * ? _(-)Q~ ?? __??__(-)() Q ?*'.

  8. This is a nice activity saving our rice. For those who organize this concept, KUDOS to all of you!!!!.

  9. Wow, nice work nung winner ah. Animated.

    Yhen, congrats on your team’s successful events. Ang galing ninyo! I would have loved to be in MOA for one of your events. But I had to be on a trip. Just got back. Heto at curious agad ako kung sino ang nanalo hehehe. Wala kasi akong internet the entire time I was traveling. Wala naman kasing internet sa mga lugar na pinuntahan ko hehehe. Anyway, I’m sure marami pa kayong events. Babawi ako 😉

    • hi miss n… the first photo won the grand prize award…

      thanks so much for the support. its an honor… 😉

  10. Once again, Christmastime is here. People are hanging lights from their houses, singing awful songs about snowmen and going crazy trying to find that perfect present that has been sold out for months. Ahhh, Christmas.

    I know, I’m the Grinch or a Scrooge or whatever you want to call me. I don’t mean to be, but as Christmas gets closer and closer I seem to hate it more and more. But I do try.

  11. ELIment

    ang ganda ng activity na to yhen. at least ngayon nararamdaman ng mga tao sa lungsod ang esensiya ng agrikultura ng ating bansa…napapalapit ang nagiging aware sila para naman malaman nating lahat na may ginagawa pala ang sektor ng agrikultura. 🙂

    congrats sa napaka-successful na activity.

    • tama ka jan kuya eli… thats exactly our aim… to increase awareness among urban dwellers the importance of rice in our lives.. 😉

  12. Sayang hindi ako nanalo. Better luck next time. Spell bitter? Hehe joke! 😉

  13. dencios


    nagtopless ako hindi para sa kontes. para sa iyo yun. mas sasaya ka pa kapag nag meet na tayo. pramis? haha


  14. hello yhen, advance merry christmas! anyhow, ang saya ng activities nyu jan! 🙂

    be safe!

  15. hello po, merry christmas! hehe.

  16. Mr. Nonsense

    mukhang masaya…inggit ako

  17. 4 of 5..kung sakali may lumabas na album ng isang singer o banda na ako ang nag compose ng ilang kanta ay hihikayatin kita na bumili..

  18. hi arvin… sure no problem… suportahan ang mga pinoy bands… 😉

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