lessons from 2009

extremely happy… extremely sad…

extremely exciting… extremely boring…

last year, i had the most extreme experienced. the ups and downs were very visible. tila ba sumasabay lang sa sitwasyon ng pinas.

it was last year when i had the most numbered of travels in and out of the country yet i only had one chance to go home.

it was last year when i met new [blogger, and showbiz and nonshowbiz hehe] friends yet it was also the time i had to say goodbye to some.

it was last year when i got promoted yet i also got bored of my work.

it was last year when i got the chance to meet celebrities yet i also got stressed since it was work related [you know wat i mean].

it was last year that my family received so much blessings yet we had to survived almost unsurpassable trials.

because of these experiences, i learned that everything happens for a reason.

that in life, everything is an experience worth keeping [positive man o negative yan].

i also learned that life is so uncertain, that is why it is only thru trusting God that we will be able to surpass life’s struggles and trials.

it’s also ok to expect but not too much. its ok to love others but also learn to love yourself first. its ok to share as long as it comes from the heart. and its ok to be happy as long as you also make other people happy.

i am amazed with the thought that life is full of surprises. however, you may appreciate some of this surprises and you may not. what matters is that you will learn how to handle life the way it should be.

i always hear and read that happiness is a choice, a state of mind, yes, it is… but sometimes, its still up to fate if it will allow us to be happy.

you will never know when you will be happy or sad. when you will be smiling or not. when you will be gracious or grieve. we just have to live life according to His purpose because He is in control of everything.

i just celebrated new year with a bang!

happy 2010 everyone!

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42 thoughts on “lessons from 2009

  1. pi new year ate yhen hehe…:)

    hugs hugs..

  2. Halal ka dyan ate. Wag mong ilalabas ang baril na yan Ate kasi starting Jan. 10 magsisimula na ang nationwide gun ban. Baka hulihin ka. Hehehe!

    Happy 2010 Ate Yhen!

    • hahahaha gunban na ba?

      yaan mo poot papalisensyahan ko na yang baril na yan… naks parang akin eh… hehe…

      pinewyear din xau…


  3. hala sayo pala nanggaling ung mga ligaw na bala.wehehehe sumbong kita sa pulis.hehehe happy new year.

  4. gun club member ka ba yhen?

  5. whew, dami talaga nangyari nung 2009.

    hinahanap ko kung saang part yung sinasabi ni Father Fiel at Tim. wahaha, sa picture pala galing yown.

  6. ikaw siguro nagpaputok.. lagot ka dami kaya tinamaan lols. hehehe

  7. May your 2010 be blessed. 😀

  8. happy new year yhen! 🙂

    bang! hehehe

  9. yeah! yhen always try to find hapiness in everything you do! ^^ .

    wishing you a very promising new year! keep on blogging!


  10. Ang ganda naman ng new year reflection mo…May you have another year of abundance and strength.

  11. you will never know when you will be happy or sad

    like it. Happy New Year

  12. ayun oh!

    tama yan we have to live according to His purpose


    happy new year beautiful yhen!

  13. Mr. Nonsense

    anong nangyari sa sweet and innocent?…katakot naman to…sige na at sa yo ang wallet at alahas ko. pati salawal ko ay iyo na rin!

  14. yhen pabisita lang ha…hmmm cute cute mo pala…

  15. doug_grave

    hapi new year!! astig un pics ha para pang action film lang ung post!heheh

  16. ang ganda naman ng mga learnings mo yhen.

    have a blessed 2010!

  17. forbiddenlei

    napa LBC ko na ung stick mo manang. wahehehe


    • asan na garud? ala pa ako natatanggap… antagal ha…

      mainipin ako… wahaha…

      mwahugs adingko…

  18. joan

    ..hapee new year ate yhen!! 🙂

  19. you really had the mix blast of life last year.. pinaka gusto ko sa lahat ng shinishare mo eh yung travel mo. Kasi parang feeling ko nga ang dami mong pera, kailan ka kaya magpapaambon? hehe.. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too..

    NEW BLOG POST: http://painuminmoko.crashtequila.info

    • hehehe… daming pera? di anamn… its just that part of work talaga is to travel… ehhe…

      happy new year tooo…

  20. lab da pix.! haha

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