a not so holy week…

this is a late post, nevertheless let me just share it with you.

last last week, as the whole world celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I  together with some friends spent some time at dingalan, aurora, where the earth meets the water, sun, and sky.

its not bcoz we/i dont celebrate holyweek, its just that, for me holyweek can be done any time anywhere where i can have a personal time with Him (serving and praising Him) or at least do a reflection of myself.

so there, from munoz, nueva ecija to dingalan, aurora is a one and half ride using a single motor. good thing its not a ‘super’ rough road… whew!

a little rough road

aside from that, i really enjoyed the beautiful sceneries, specifically the flowing waters in the river, grassy mountains, valley of coconut trees, and bluish sea. i felt like, i was entering to another dimension leading to other countries like new zealand and hawaii (oops sorry, a little exagge of course, hehe).

road (not) taken

as we got there, we immediately checked in to a resort owned by their mayor. the price of the room we availed was 1300 for 7people, not bad for a nice room, an accessible location (this pertains to the beach, the market, and the food stalls), and a reasonable price.

after checking in, we immediately explored their beaches. thou dingalans’ beaches are not as beautiful as boracay or palawan, still we managed to enjoy the place.

what i learned from this travel is that sometimes, or should i say most of the time, attitude really matters.

it doesnt matter if the place is beautiful or not, what is important is that you enjoy each ones company or just the thought of being together.

here’s some evidences (btw, if ur wondering why i am not included in the pix, its bcoz i was the one who took most of it, and directed it of course hehe):

f4 effect


give us that chips...

facing the pacific ocean

just feeling the sea breeze

dark clouds

of course, the very cliche jumpshot


love -at a young age - triangle

mi amore on the wheels

...and of course, the group!

aside from going to dingalan, aurora, i also got the chance of climbing mt. balungao (a dormant volcano with hotspring at the foot of it), at balungao, pangasinan.

in case you are wondering if i was really able to climb that mountain, to be honest, yes i was, but didnt make it to the top, hehe. at least ive tried di ba?

here with me were jaypee (my special someone, you know) and his brothers and cousins.

striking a pose hanggat fresh pa hehe

this is where we stopped climbing already, hehe

i also experienced staying in a tent for a day. this is the relocation site of the ondoy and pepeng victims (these include some of jaypee’s relatives) in rosales, pangasinan.

they call this "tent city"

at first, i felt sad for them but when i saw their smiling faces that greeted me, i asked myself how come these people can even manage to smile even if worst comes to worst? then i realized, maybe because they have already learned to dance in the rain, instead of waiting for the storm to pass.

inside their temporary home

and again more thoughts came into me, one of which is that sometimes, we need to be thankful for what we have or be satisfied to what God has given us because we are fortunate enough to live a life that is not as hard as ‘theirs’.

on the other hand pala, i am enjoying my biking moments with jaypeearound CLSU, which started last weekend, and we hope to do it every weekend. wee… not only good for our relationship but also good for the health… 😉 hehe.

bike. rest. take some pix. rest. bike

so there, aside from having fun, at least i have some realizations that i can surely use in my daily life.

of course, ending you again with my pacute (to quote slaveboi) pix… hehe!

got my hair fixed in preparation for the summer season... la lang para maiba naman...

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34 thoughts on “a not so holy week…

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  2. Hm, kami rin, nung holy week.. wala rin ako sa bahay. Aw!

    OT: katakot yung dark clouds!

    • hehehe yep… parang mabigat na ulan ang babagsak pero its a good thing di masyadong malakas na ulan… pero umulan… hehe

  3. sors88

    sa bahay lang ako nun eh 😦

  4. huwaw.. namiss kong tignan ang kumikutitap mong smile!! 🙂

  5. nice pics…. very enjoy!!!

  6. jason

    huwaw ate yhen namiss ko dito ah!!!

    nakakainggit ang paglamyerda


  7. jason

    ang sasaya nyo sa pics! nakakaingget!!! huwaw tlaga!

    ang kukulit ng frends mo!! at talagang ikaw ang prinsesa nila tignan mo naman!

    • hehehe di ah, tatlo kaya kming babae… kaya tatlo kming princesa… hehe…

      enjoy enjoy lang…

  8. its not bcoz we/i dont celebrate holyweek, its just that, for me holyweek can be done any time anywhere where i can have a personal time with Him (serving and praising Him) or at least do a reflection of myself. – LOL. Nangatwiran ka pa. :p

    O ano na? Kumusta ka na? Di mo naman ako dinadalaw. Hmp. :p

    • hehehe aba aba kumokontra? nangangatwiran ka jan… di ah… ehhe

      may mga bagay lang talaga na sadyang ganyan… hehe

      • Hindi! Katwiran yon! LOL. Joke lang.

        Namiss kita!

        • fyn fyn fyn cge na katwiran na kung katwiran atlis may reasoning skills ako divi? hehe

          misshu too…. hehe

          gsto mo ng pili? pasalubong galing bicol? hehe o gsto mo ng abo galing sa mayon? ehhe

          • Mas cool yata ang ash, pero masarap ang pili.

            Asan na pics mo?
            Alam ko nagpacute ka na naman ng todong todo! LOL. :p

            • hahaha… adik ka talaga…

              nagpacute ka jan…

              di man… marami pix sa akin c mayon.. ang ganda ganda niya kc… sobrang naakit ako sa kanya… hehe…

              teka cge papadala ko xau ung ash jan… tapos mag wish ka ha… hehe

  9. Joyo

    saya naman nyan… ako holyweek kumakayod… haizz

  10. You also try anawangin sa zambales, ok din dun!

    At least nakapg muni muni ka during holyweek!

    By the way yhen ask ko sana san kau nagstay nun sa bohol, my officemates are planning to go there. any tips na rin for etinerary. thanks!

    • yup, i wanted to go to that place too… sb nila white sand daw dun… hmmm kelan kaya?

      we stayed at bfar dorm but if u want to stay in a resort mrmi rin naman dun n its cheaper syempreif madami kayo…

  11. Mr. Nonsense

    may maganda siguro kung sa huli ay may pinako sa krus…
    si ax daw volunteer.

  12. whenever i visit your blog, youre always out having fun! hahaha

    • hahhaa di naman… slyt lang… kc for me dis is wat life is… enjoying every sec of it… 😉

  13. Yheennn! namiss kita! musta kanaman?! gala ng gala ah?! o tuloy ba bakasyun nyu ditu?!

    • ei, long tym no see ah… hehe…

      yup, we wil pushthrough wth r thailand trip.. un eh kung dna magulo jan… hehe

  14. hindi naman magulo sa buong Thailand, may part lang ng nag rarally, but it’ll be ok naman for sure! 🙂

    • ah parang pinas… isolated areas lang ang magulo… hehe…

      cge cge… heksited na akech… ilang days nalang…

  15. ganda ganda, napunta na din ako jan kao matagal na.

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