thank God its raining…

after months of suffering from the sunheat, at long last its now raining… i mean like real raindrops, unlike d other day na nagpatikim lang. and bcoz of the sudden fall of rain di ako prepared, wala akong dalang payong. so aside from listening to shakira’s gypsy and train’s hey, soul sister eh magpost nalang kaya ako ng bagong entry db? hehe!

rain… others love it, others dont… others even feel nostalgic bout it but others feel excitement. but generally, most people believe that wen its raining blessings are pouring? i for one believes it… bkit ang hindi dba?

almost all of us have experienced na maglaro sa ulan, mabasa ng ulan kaht di balak magpabasa, at malungkot minsan dahil di natutuloy lakad ng magkakaibigan…

for the past years, ganyan lang ang tingin ko sa rain o sa pagulan, until a friend of mine died because of heavyrainfall na nagcause ng landslide na tumupok sa bahay at buhay niya/nilang magpapamilya. its been 7months already since nangyari un but till now everytym d rainfalls naalala ko siya dahil sa iniwan niyang magandang ala ala.

so here’s a worth-reading article she wrote a week before she died. hope ul be inspired. enjoy reading.


Antoinette Kindipan

October 3, 2009 at 10:14 pm

I was looking out from the window this afternoon while the strong winds battered and the heavy downpour of rain lashed houses and trees in our neighborhood. A super typhoon is heading our way, again. While staring at the pouring rain, I thought, “What’s good about the rain?”

Seven years ago, a super typhoon hit our area that damaged a lot of properties and took a number of lives. I was about 18 years old then and although I have grown up to such a stormy environment, this typhoon was one of the greatest shocks of my life, that until now left a bad memory in me. A big landslide came rushing down from the mountain cutting the area beside our house. The impact was so strong that the earth shook. We all thought it was an earthquake. After a few minutes, people in our neighborhood all came out to see a huge area dug out with thick mud all over the place. A house beside ours was partly taken and I saw a person being pulled out from the mud. I was totally scared. Immediately, I and my family were out into the rain heading towards the evacuation center where we stayed for a few days until the storm was gone.

A week ago, our capital city was the center of media attraction, both local and international, because of the storm that hit a record high of rainfall in just a matter of hours and send raging waters along the roads and streets of Manila making it like a big river inundating thousands upon thousands of houses, washing away years of investments and livelihood of more than a million people. The sight was horrible and pathetic. The storm was no respecter of people. Rich and poor, famous and ordinary people alike were on their roofs waving for help. Thousands became homeless and starting back to zero. Children could not go to school. People couldn’t go back to work. For a time, the world for them came to a halt. It has been said that this was the worst disaster that affected the whole of Metro Manila in 40 years.

My personal experience about the storm gave me a bit of trauma that whenever it rains, I always think of our safety. When the rainy season comes (usually starts from June to October), I start to worry about my family especially when I am away from them. Even when I am at home, hearing the rain pouring at night keeps me awake, not because of the strong downpour but because of thoughts that I may be caught off guard in case something bad happens. Because of these, I hated the rain. Today, this thought kept me thinking. “What’s good about the rain?” Sure, it sends irrigation to scorched lands and all other areas and creatures needing water but too much of it sends catastrophe to others. Thinking about it further however, makes me believe that there is more to it than that.

After the flooding in Manila, people are pointing fingers at each other on who is to blame for this disaster. Some said it’s not an act of God as people have become so irresponsible of taking care of our environment instead it’s a wakeup call from God that we be conscious of our roles as stewards of what He has given us. In the name of development, people have cared less of the consequences of their actions. High-rise commercial buildings mushroomed everywhere even in places where they are not supposed to be located. Talk about poor urban planning as pointed out by one official. Garbage! Yes, the ubiquitous wastes which scatter at every corner now clogged the supposed waterways and drainage that should have eased the flow of water. Climate change? This is yet another easy culprit or say, lame reason for some but could be a consideration. Now, is this the prize for socially irresponsible way of development? I leave it up to you to judge. What’s good about the rain? Perhaps it’s nice to think that it reminds us of our social responsibility as good members of our society.

When we were at the brink of that situation back in 2002, there was nothing we could do but pray and ask the Almighty to spare us from the wrath of nature. Natural calamities are always stronger than us and almost always, we as humans are helpless in this. When we got back to our house after the storm, we were so grateful that everything was intact. Nothing was lost or damaged. It was amazing that the area on both sides of our house had landslides but our house was untouched. I realized that in times like these, what’s good about the rain is that it makes one draw closer to the all-powerful God who holds everything in His hand.

Many also believe that what happened in Manila is an act of God to which we don’t have control. It is pretty scary in fact to think this way. But even in the Bible, it tells of stories about people who suffered disasters because of their sins. More than the garbage that floats around us, a better attention should be given to the garbage in us or our sins that makes this place a sickening abode of injustice, crime, and all sorts or perversion. But it is comforting to know that there is also the story of His forgiveness and salvation of our self-inflicted garbage.

If there is something good about the rain, for me, it would be these realizations. Tonight, even as I write this, the rain continues to pour on. But what’s good about it is that it makes me value more the thought that life is brief, that there are so many things to be thankful for, that I can always trust the One who gives life to spare my life and the ones I love from this storm.

To those in the area of the storm Pepeng and to everyone, keep safe!

there, hope u learned something from the article… and again, thank God for the rain.

GodBless Everyone and enjoy every drop!

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37 thoughts on “thank God its raining…

  1. nice post—-i learned something…we should be thankful to God for the rain

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  5. malou

    nakakalungkot naman. Pero marami talaga tayong dapat ipagpasalamat sa Diyos.Count your blessings……

    • yes teh nakakalungkot but atlis we learned something from the situation db?


  6. Ganda aman. Realiztations. Nasubukan mo na maglakad sa ulan kasama mo bebe mo? Hehe.

  7. Why is it not raining here in Ilocos?? :/ INIT

    • hehehe so ur in ilocos? san jan?

      im from batac…

      and yes mainit talaga jan… hehehe… ginto ang ulan jan…

  8. nice ng article yhensky, true naman diba?!

    buti pajan umuulan na ditu ang init padin sobra!!

    ingat yhen, God Bless and enjoy every drop! 🙂

    • yup, its a good thing na naulan na dito after ilang days na high ang temp…

      nwei, hope makapunta parn km jan since tapos na gulo jan… ehhe

      • yey yhen tapos na nga gulo, then may curfew but last week na this week.. sana nga makapunta kayu.


        • oo nga eh we saw it on the news.. hopefully open na nga mga istalls jan pag punta nmn… hehe…

          at sana wla n tlgng gulo… hehe

  9. jason

    grabe ate spheres baket ayaw umulan dito samen!!!

    • jason

      aw shaks ate paki edit nung nasa taas na comment ko! hohohohohoho shaks aligaga lang

  10. jason

    ate yhen nagawa me po ng entrry para sa bigas. sana magustuhan mo po ah!

  11. jason

    eto po link ate..

    pasensya na ate napapasarap lang pagtambling ko at pagtambay dito sa site mo

    miss kasi kita eh

    • tenkyu hamster….

      hamishu too…

      if in case dis will be published inform kita agad… hehe 😉

  12. sa sobrang init,we’re all asking for rain.pagdating naman ng tag-ulan,hihingin naman natin na sana uminit ng konti.ang ganda nung article na isinulat nung friend was just sad na nangyari yung bagay na kinatatakutan n’ya.

    we’re in the mercy of nature.kailangan lagi tayong maging handa and stay out of the comfort of our lives.we have to be vigilant.this story of the disaster na kinaharap natin will haunt us forever.

    sana lang,sa mga bagay na wala tayong magagawa minsan,maging mabait pa rin ang kalikasan sa bawat isa sa atin.ganunpaman,suklian natin ng pagpapahalaga yung nature.alam naman nating lahat na napaka raming pwedeng gawin.

    magandang araw,yhen!!!

    • yeah gnyn nga ang tao, wen d heat of the sun is rising wer asking for rain but wen its raining we wanted to syop d rain… hehe.. naguguluhan na nga cguro c Lord s atin… ehhe

      nwei, i do agree wd u na kailangang pangalagaan ang kalikasan… kc in d end we will sow wat we reap… 😉 para din sa future ng mga magiging anak ntn yan…. 😉

  13. Mr. Nonsense

    aabangan ko ang episode na yan…ilokana gone wild: wet t-shirt bonanza…
    ahmmmm…….si jason ang may idea nyan….

  14. Dorm Boy

    Indeed dapat magpasalamat sa blessings. When it rains it pours ika nga!

    Naalala ko rin ang mga baha sa amin sa Pangasinan nung bata ako. Nakakatakot nga ang makaexperience ng biglang pagbaha sabay walang tigil na ulan.

    Pero now sa init ng panahon what we could really is a little bit of rainshower to freshen up our drying life.

    • ah so ur frm pangasinan pala… yeah… grabe nga din dun ang pagbaha db?> esp in dagupan…

      and i agree wd u… kelangan tlg ntn ngaun ng rain para nmn marefresh ang tuyong lupa/katauhan…

  15. Naliligo ka pa ba sa ulan, Yhen? 🙂

    Masarap diba?!

    • oo nmn… d nmn naulan jan eh…

      dto araw araw na naulan… ano join ka? hehe…

      tapos magtatampisaw tau sa irigasyon sa may bukid… o diba parang movie lang… ehhe

  16. LOL.

    Oo kaso lang, ikaw ang hahabol sa akin. LOL. Joke. Syempre hahabulin kita tapos gugulong tayo sa putik. Yun ba yung movie scene na gusto mo? LOL!

    • hahaha oo mgnda yan… parang bet ko un.. tapos papahila tau sa kalabaw gnyn… haha

      ano n magiging title ng movi ntn? ehhe

      • LOL. Ewan. Di naman ako magaling sa title. Eh tagalog movie to, so dapat, love song ang title. LOL. :p How about “Perfect Combination” hehe. Di naman romantic. Ano na lang…uhm, ewan. Ikaw na mag isip! Ako na nga nagdidirek eh. :p

        • hahaha… pwede bang “basang basa sa ulan?”

          suggestment lang naman… ngaun kung ayaw mo naman… eh ala akong paki alam basta yan na dapat yun… hehe

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