amazing thailand

updating… updating… updating…

hehehe! its been a long week of not updating my blog and visiting yours. so what ive been doing for the past days? traveling!!! from coron to bulacan down to compostela valley in mindanao then to bangkok in thailand.

whew! seems very cool but its not… traveling in a straight week is very tiring. trust me. esp if its about work. but after doing ur work have some fun, too.

and dats what we did in our trip to bangkok! fun fun fun…

amazing thailand

we went to thailand with a shoestring budget, and thank God we survived. hehe. we have paid our roundtrip ticket for 3k plus only but got shocked with the travel tax of 1620 + terminal fee of 750. nevertheless we have no choice but to still push through wd our trip.

gee travel tax?!

we arrived at bangkok almost 12midnyt and wer able to checked in at Lub D Hostel, Silom 2am. d place was so cozy and really has a nice ambiance. and wats the  good thing about it? it is cheap or has reasonable price plus a free wifi hehe. for two nyts we only paid 605baht. not bad ya?

our room

minimalist wall

bar at lub d

entertainment room

on our frst day we decided to visit the temples w/o package tours. yes we did it our way…  we took a canal boat and paid 200 baht each to tour the temples. so our first stop the TEMPLE OF DAWN.

40baht per shot? oh my!!!

front view

inside the temple

after this we headed towards the market near the grand palace and had our lunch. we tried their street food and whatever thai cuisine. and we enjoyed it.

colorful street foods

after lunch we had a walk around d place and wer able to buy some cheap stuffs like earings, ref magnet etc… so wyl waiting for the temples to open a tuktuk driver offered us to tour around d place so we did and paid him 30baht.

tuktuk ride

he brought us to a temple with a big sculpture of buddha. we really dont know exactly d neym of the place but we still took some pics… hehe

barefeet (no shoes/sandals allowed)

wd d giant buddha

after this the driver took us to a jewelry shop where you can see different kinds of stones and and jewelries of different prices depending on the design and quality. so we just ended up buying some souvenirs in their souvenir shop and of course a pictorial to the place.

just resting... hehe

then d driver took us back already to wer he picked us. this tym the temples are already open but we chose only one from the many palaces since we dont have enough money anymore. entrance fees to their temples are very expensive. so we picked the WAT PO TEMPLE or the place wer you can see the famous reclining buddha and this is wer d frst university in bngkok located wer u can also learn d thai massage.

shhh... the buddha is resting hehe

retouching d art in d wall

i belong... hehe

more temples...

at nyt, me together wd my offcemates/friends had a chance to meet lensky (eyeball ito hehe).  and in fairness, this blogger friend of mine is very beautiful. i admire her in pics but i even more admire her in person. so better meet her in case u wl have a trip to bkk hehe. she took us to a nyt market and had an authentic thai food for dinner. again, thanks lensky for that. hope to see you here, soon.

wd lensky

frst day is such a long day… hehe…

for the second day we went to the floating market. and as usual we just tour the place and didnt buy a thing except for snacks. hehe the FLOATING MARKET is just a more or less 1km long stretch where u can buy goodies in a floating store. we didnt much enjoy d place since its full of tourist nvrtheless its still an experience worth keeping.


selling on board

from d floating market we went straight to the end of the river wer the famous cobra show can be seen. again, we dont have enough money so we didnt watch it. we just stayed outside and took pics. hehe

cobra stature

then going back to bangkok we passed by a furniture shop. and i was amazed how intricate the designs of the furnitures. indeed, an artful work. hehe


wers d other monkey?

in d afternoon we shopped at PRATUNAM wer u can buy very cheap clothes. and in d evening after having our dinner at d hostel we already went straight to the SUVARNABHUMI TERMINAL because we have a plane to catch up. bangkok airport is really nice dats y we took advantage of d place… hehe

monkey king

dats my DQ ice cream

i want ur DQ... hehe

der u have it guys. leaving you wd some tips if ur planning to go to bangkok:

1. Always bring a map coz it really helps.

2. Better tour the place on ur own coz its relatively cheaper than gettng package tours.

3. Beware of taxi or tuktuk drivers offering ride to discount jewelry stores. you may risk buying fake goods. firmly decline their offers.

4. Bring at least 10k if u really want to tour the place and enjoy shopping.

5. and be respectful of other culture at all times.

lotus flower

wall art


pink lotus


silver works


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43 thoughts on “amazing thailand

  1. base ba ako?

    Grabe, kakainggit na gala ito… 🙂

    And very nice pictures to document the trip… 🙂 Pinakagusto ko ang pic mo ng pink lotus.. 🙂

    And I think “intricate” is an understatement dun sa furniture designs nila… Complex na yata yun… hehehe…

  2. hisnameisdencios

    amazing indeed.

    kitang-kita ang saya at walang puknat na posing


    wala akong pang travel abroad.

    naghihirap ako ngayon.


    • hehehe dapat lang papa dence…

      aba wala n nga kmng pera malulungkot pa… magiging redundant nmn na km nun… hehe

  3. malou

    Hi, welcome back. Bilib na talaga ako sayo. Grabeng gala he..he…Pero para mo na rin kaming isinama with those kwento and photos….

    • thanks po… hehe…

      nwei, musta naman ang lfe ms malou… balita ko malapit n bday mo ah… ehhe…


  4. amazing pa din kahit bitin! piso fare ba to? good job! Ü

  5. wow!

    another unique adventure.i’m happy for you, naiinggit at the same time sa magagandang lugar na narating mo na.

    pero thankful sa pagsi-share mo lagi.marami pa sanang lugar ang marating mo at maibahagi mo sa amin.

    ingat ka lagi at magandang araw!

    • hehehe…

      naku cnb mo pa kuya…. sana mas maraming lugar pa kaong mapuntahan… hehe….

      yngat din po lagi… 😉

  6. diba may gulo diyan or something?stay safe! 🙂

  7. Hi!

    Looks like you really enjoyed your Bangkok trip. =) Pero seryoso? 605 THB lang ang accommodation nyo? Is that already for everybody? Amazing nman. hehe

    And, yes. Ganun talaga ang travel tax and terminal fee. Sad no? hehehhe… Sa Philippines lang ata meron nyan e.

  8. THAILAND is really simply amazing. Thais really took tourism so seriously unlike here in the country where the tourism programs are so half-assesed. 🙂

    INGAT LAGI! Where’s the next stop?

    • hay naku cnb mo pa poot…

      thou improving nrn ang tourism sa atin pero di hamak na mas asenso sa ibang bansa… hehe

  9. ate yhen ate yhen! yahey!! 😀 ayan na pala ang adventuress mo ganda talaga ate ko oh 😀

    singganda ng thailand!

  10. wow!! ang saya2x naman!!! great experience!!

    • yup… kelangan talaga ienjoy yan kc mahal na gala yan… pngt nmn kung di ka mag eenjoy… hehehehe

  11. I wanna Thailand too! Please! 😉

  12. Ala eh! Kasarap naman ng buhay ni Miss Yhen o! Pa-Thailand-Thailand na la’ang 🙂

  13. Yheeeeennnnn….

    Pasalubong ko?


    Na miss kita!

  14. Joyo

    ang saya naman yhen kelan ko kaya mararanasan yan…

  15. kaingit naman ate yhen, sama naman ako… huhuhu

  16. yey, na post muna pala! hehehe.. hanapin nyo ko! ahahaha..

    thnks yhensky too sa pagbisit sa thailand ( feeling lang bansa ko??! lol ) and i hope makalibot ka ulit ( sana nanditu pako, hehehe ) sige libot ulit tayu paguwi kojan yhensky ha?!? hehhe

    be safe! God Bless!

    • hehehe yup…

      ala kc kong copy nung tatlo tau na medyo close up kaya ayan nilagay ko… yung dlw tau medyo malabo din kc… ehhe…

      nwei, hope to c u soon lensky… 😉 yngat!

  17. สะใภ้เตริก์ หรือ ว่าที่เจ้าสาว สามารถเข้าแบ่งปันและมาแชร์ความรู้สึกกันได้ค่ะ.

  18. hello admin. i have to say that you have a very nice blog(amazing thailand | infinity) and i was actually impressed with it.i am new to blogging and i would love to know other bloggers and learn from them. My blog( is quite new and i’m still understanding to work with it. i hope i will get to learn a great deal from blog writers like you. cheers for this well-written post.

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