have you ever felt being so lonely at times because you feel so helpless of the situation you’re into?

i really don’t know how i can put my feelings into words right now but i really can’t handle the pain am feelin.

i cant understand why bad things need to happen not just once but many times especially the things that hurt you most.

i know iam not a perfect person but i also assure u dat i was never a very bad person at all which made me think and ask myself, do i really deserve the pain and the hurt am feelin.

im broken. pls help me fix myself and make me whole again.

i dont have much to say ryt now but still wishing you all a happy weekend!


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38 thoughts on “bleeding…

  1. off topic: ate bat my google ads ka sa taas? kala ko ayw ng WP ng ads pwera self hosted?

    on topic: ate…aw…lika hug kita..
    kaya mo yan!
    God bless po.. 😉

    • uhm dko din alam bkit may google ads jan… auto ata yan…

      nwei, tnx for d hug and encouragement…


  2. ELIment

    outing nalang sa weekend yhen para makalimot at maging happy 🙂

  3. ouch.. stop bleeding!!!! ;-(

  4. sakit naman! ….one day all will be on a STOP, HALT, BASTA,…then, sunshine and a smiling face will radiate your world!…

    • yes kuya blu….

      naniniwala naman akong after ng lungkot ay may kasiyahang kapalit…

      sb nga ng kanta, there’s a rainbow always after the rain….

  5. Aww cheer up yen! Everything’ll turn out just fine 🙂

  6. uh sad pala ang week mo happy nalang girl!! 😉

  7. ay nakakalungkot naman… =( cheer up po! sana maging ok kana uli..

  8. kulang ang salita minsan para sabihin na magiging ok ka rin.pero alam ko na you will be ok.soon you’ll be ok.

    magandang araw,yhen!

    • salamat kuya…

      naniniwala naman akong magiging ok din ako… walang problema ang hindi nasosolve at walang sugat ang di naghihilom… 😉

      gandang araw din po…

  9. Yhen?

    Hey, if you need someone to talk to, just buzz @


    • tnx so much…

      il be fine dont worry…

      yaan mo pag ok na ako tutumbling agad ako sa bahay mo… 😉

  10. Hmmm… Why do bad things happen to good people?
    An age old question…
    Good to hear that you are now fine (in the comments…)

    Still, allow me to share three insights Yhen…

    First, Job was a good man, yet everything he had, including his sons and daughters were taken away from him… At the beginning of Job’s story, there was a wager between God and Satan… Satan wanted to prove that Job’s love for God is within the blessings he received. And so God allowed Satan to inflict suffering upon Job to prove Him wrong… And God was correct, Job praised God even if he suffered. The insight: Maybe sometimes bad things happen even if we don’t deserve it to challenge us to also love God and praise Him unconditionally… 🙂

    Second, it is ironic at times that when we suffer, we find Divine Silence to be deafening, such that no matter how much we scream in prayer, it seems that we are not being heard… Some say that God is silent because He is busy picking up our broken pieces… Insight: Sometimes, He is silent because He just want to hear us in our catharsis… And just like in the poem Footprints in the Sand, He holds us closely. He is carrying us… And so suffering then, in an ironic way allows us to be close to God’s bosom…

    Third, sometimes we are so occupied with our sufferings that we forget that even the Son of God suffered, and He suffered more immensely… Insight: When suffer, we are given the opportunity to imitate Christ in His Passion… If we think of it this way, suffering is no longer a burden, but a privilege…

    God bless Yhen!

    • thanks so much kuya…

      i am really reminded of these things especially the third one…

      maybe im too bz looking for myself… kailangan ko lang palang tumingin uli sa Kanya…

      GodBless po…

  11. Jimboy

    to agonize + to acknowledge + to accept = New Life!
    (with God as your math instructor)


  12. Sending hugs to you, Yhen. Glad that you feel much better now. You’ll feel much, much better tomorrow, a lot better on the next day after that, and then on the next day, and the next day….. 😉

  13. hala. anong nangyari? Okay lang yan. tignan mo andami nag-aalala sayo sa mga comments above. 🙂

  14. ate yhen kumusta na po?
    sino nang-aaway sa iyo? ehehe

    ingat and keep safe ate yhen

    be blessed!

    • hehehe ok na ako pong…

      btw, nagka usap n km ni kuya stoix… aun… la lang nabanggit k nga nya… ehhe

      • thank God okay ka na ate yhen.

        Nakausap mo na pala si kuya nevs, ehehe nakakahiya naman aha

        ingat prati ate yhen be blessed!

  15. malou

    how are you, hope you’re fine now. In moments like this the Lord said ” be still and know that I am God.

  16. hisnameisdencios

    ok ka na ba yhen?


  17. ang ganda Mo teh wag kang mag alala..cheer up magiging masaya ka din :)..nice blog ^_^

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