The TRUTH hurts and REALITY bites!

This is the video that is going viral again. It is entitled “20 reasons Why I dislike the Philippines.” The title itself made it to the limelight, simply because it’s about Pinoys or Filipinos [for formality purposes hehe], which in most cases almost everJUAN is affected [much].

My thoughts on this matter:

1. I do agree with him [though some points are exaggerated but generally, it’s the reality, and it bites. rawr].

2. Why don’t we just accept the truth even if it hurts? Afterall, it’s the TRUTH. Can’t we just take this as a lesson, a wake-up call, an eye-opener [ano pa bang gusto niyong word?] to improve our nation instead of throwing stones to the guy or the people responsible for this video? Can’t we just be open-minded for a while and stop being so shallow? Let’s look at the message and not host [pansin ko lang kasi, affected much ang mga people kasi foreigner ung nagsabi. ano bang gusto niyo? malumanay na way sasabihin mga issues na to? kaya di tumatagos sa mga Pinoy eh, mapride na hard-headed pa!]

3. As expected, most Filipinos will runt on this thing [affected much lang ganyan]. But please, magalit ka o maasar ka sa tao o sa gumawa ng video na ito kung may significant contribution ka na sa bayang ito. Yung tipong, napaganda mo ang buhay nang kalahati ng populasyon sa iskwater, naturuan mong magbasa mga kababayan mong kapos sa pera para makapag-aral, o di kaya’y nakatulong ka manlang maglinis ng ilog pasig, Manila bay, o kanal ng kapit-bahay niyo. So start reflecting na! I’m giving you 10 sec to do it. 😀

4. Others felt that their morales were being degraded but for me it’s not, it’s still there and its totally intact [definitely, no damage done]. Agreeing with this video doesn’t make me any less Filipino coz still, I am [and I am proud to be one]. But in life, we should always be rational [though most of the times we’re not, like what is happening now to most of Filipinos] to the point that we should understand that there is always these two sides of the story – the good and the bad. And you can only change things if you understand and accept these two-sides –  that it’s really there, it’s part of our lives, it’s given, and so, we have to act and do something about it. And in this case, this video is just one part of the whole picture and I believe, that the Philippines is more than this! So their goes my morale – still a proud Filipino and proud of my country [pls lang tanggapin na ang katotohanan nang umasenso naman ang ating bayan at maremedyohan na ang lahat ng bagay na maaring malait sa atin].

5. There is a BIG difference between being proud of your country and being proud Pinoy from being in love with your country or the love for your nation. To picture this, you can be proud of someone [like Charice, Pacman, etc] but surely it’s impossible that you love them [as in yung love na love ha, di lang echos na love] to the extent that you are willing to die for them. If Filipinos love their country, then why is it that it’s still a mess?

5. This boils down again to the ‘kahirapan’ issue that will lead to ‘kabit-kabit pang other ‘issues’ of our country [corruption, overpopulation, pollution, human trafficking, child abuse, etc… name it, the Philippines has it]. The logic –  in the Philippines,  the poor are becoming poorer and the rich, richer.

So the poor care less because they only care for their survival. To survive, some of them strive hard to get an education [but this is just so few], some of them join some [stupid money-making] game shows, some of them enter politics [it’s also an easy money here, btw], some of them get supplies in their offices and bring them home for their kids, some of them steal, some of them are selling their flesh, some of them are marrying foreigners [just to escape the reality] and a lot more [unbelievable] things to survive.

While on the other hand, the rich doesn’t care much of their survival but they are more to how to keep their money intact and growing. To make this possible, most of them get good education from good schools [yes they are/should be EDUCATED, if you know what I mean], some of them are just wasting their money to casino, some of them [also] joins politics [believing that this is where power comes from], some of them converts agri areas to industrial areas, some of them bribes the ‘masa’ during election, some of them kills [innocent] people [and impeach a chief justice] to protect their property, some of them owns a TV network and other media [to control the minds of the ‘masa’], some of them sell guns to the rebels, others create war [just for fun], and a lot more [unbelievable] things, as well.

So how yah [there goes my Manglish haha]?

Anyway, I believe that Filipinos are more than this. We have proven our race in so many things and in so many ways, from arts to sports to science and a lot more others. So instead of overreacting to this video why don’t we just do our parts as Filipinos – LOVE OUR COUNTRY in a way that you protect it not from the people who are telling the truth but from the people who only care for themselves [and I hope that’s not you].

Let’s start the real change [and not just change-change for the sake of image], let’s do the real one!

So when you go out today and will do some ‘things’, try to embrace this: CARE NOT ONLY FOR YOUR OWN WELFARE BUT FOR THE WELFARE OF YOUR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN. After all, the love for one’s country starts when there is love among its people.

(PS. Before I forget, if you think that you are just nobody or you can’t do anything about it, you’re wrong. The first or perhaps the best thing you can do is to PRAY FOR OUR NATION. Believe me, PRAYER WORKS!).

If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen.
Ronald Reagan

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6 thoughts on “The TRUTH hurts and REALITY bites!

  1. saw this video yesterday from another site.. i’ve actually started writing few lines in my blog as a response , then i’ve decided to make my own video response in my YouTube channel, but again, I’ve decided to delete it and shut up because I took this whole thing as a positive external review from a foreign visitor..

    I had so much to say about how I agree with most of his opinion, (except for the frequent dropping of the “F Bomb”) but I’ve decided to keep mum or many Filipino “literal readers/viewers” may go against me..

    • thanks kuya for this sensible opinion. at first, i was also hesistant to post my thoughts but as i was reading the comments below the video, narealize ko that many of my ‘kababayans’ still luck the understanding and acceptance of what our country really is.

      i want to remind everyone that the issue here is not the host or the production but the message of it, which in this case nakakaligtaan na ng mga Pinoy coz they are too busy defending themselves.

      it’s normal to get hurt esp if its the truth. i admit i was hurt watching this one since i am a Filipino and I love my country but sometimes we need to get hurt to realize that there is something wrong. manhid na ata kasi mga pinoy. alam nila ang mga problema, but they choose no to see it or not to care.

      and lastly, [tulad ng comment ko sa fb] DISLIKE is totally different with HATE. I may have 1000 reasons why I dislike my country but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love it. In fact, I am a proud Filipino and I am still proud of the Philippines. 🙂

      • i should have pointed out some fallacy of ad misericordiam being a point of rebuttal for Filipinos but, but if i did not delete my video response, our shortminded compatriot will definitely start a word war with me in social media and i don’t think it helps, so i scrapped it..

        • yep, expect that to happen! Filipinos are like that in nature! But if you’ve pursued it, baka naging viral rin ang video mo kuya… 😛

  2. instead of posting a response to this video, i would rather write top thing i hate about Filipinos. like most of the reactions on this video, one of them would be being ‘defensive’.

    • yep i do agree with you. being defensive is a sign of weakness. people are being defensive because they know they lack something that they need to prove themselves. and that’s what most Filipinos are doing now in response to that video. Filipinos actually know the truth, but then their pride cannot swallow it so instead of looking at a bigger picture like focusing on the topic itself, they just tend to throw stones on the host and the prod team. 😦

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