I am a traveller, not a tourist…

I travel, not tour.

I am not a tourist, I am a traveller.

Travelling – like photography, is my way of life.

I really love seeing and experiencing His masterpieces – the people, the culture, the nature, the places, and the history.

When I was young, I always dreamt of travelling the world. So as I grew up, it was always been part of my prayer – to see and explore other [beautiful and extraordinary] places.

Guess, God didn’t fail me. When I started working in 2006 I didn’t expect that my job would be offering me a lot of travelling opportunities. I’ve seen, if not all, most of the beautiful places my country has to offer and have stepped already to almost every provinces. Well, I may say that traversing the 7,100 islands of  the Philippines  is indeed fun – especially if you’re looking for adventure and varieties.

Not long enough, God really knew my heart’s desire so He allowed me to travel outside/abroad as well.

Meeting new people and experiencing new culture is a must in travelling. I travel not because I am into shopping, luxury, or the idea of travelling itself, but I travel for the experience it will bring me. The more I see the world, the more my perspective widens.

Because of travelling, I learned to appreciate life more. That there is beauty in diversity. And that happiness does not come from the material things that we have and we want, but it comes from the small things that can bring us genuine smiles.

I know He is not yet finish in giving me more surprises in life. Who knows, tomorrow I might be cruising on the other side of the world. After all, I am really into travelling and He always has the best for His children.

With God on your side, the BEST is yet to come.

With God on your side, the BEST is yet to come.

Last year on the same month, I’ve posted a topic on the places ive seen/been in the last 5months (CLICK HERE for the post). Now, I want to share to you guys the places that I’ve been dying to see and hopefully I can manage to see these places, maybe in the next five years haha!


1. Boracay – yes, call it weird but seriously I’ve never been to Bora. Maybe because we also have the white sand beaches in Ilocos so for me back then, it’s not so exciting to go here. But now, I really think I should visit this island, at least to complete my list of the best places I’ve seen/been.

2. Batanes – ok, now tell me, who wouldn’t want to see this hidden paradise in the north right? I always wanted to go to a place where there is zero crime rate. And yes, Batanes is the place to be – it is where worrying is always out of place and serenity is always at pace.

3. El Nido – my friends who have been to this paradise told me that once you’ve visited El Nido, other islands will not be as fascinating as you expected them to be. So if you don’t want to miss the rest of Palawan, visit Puerto Princesa  and Coron first, then head to El Nido after. That’s what I am planning to do since I’ve been to PP and Coron already. Although, if given a chance I would still love to go back to PP and Coron well maybe because I’ve been cursed hehe (the ‘balik-balik‘ or come back, come back phenomena), if you know what I mean.


4. Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos – these countries are on top of my must see/experience list. Aside from the fact that you can easily go here without visa, since they are South East Asian countries, and cross borders easily, I know these places can give me a taste of what preserved culture is. Call me eccentric, but I am really amazed and fascinated with the building structures – its aesthetics and architecture. I love going to places where it gives me a feeling  of going back to the past.

5. Seoul – the only reason why I’m dying to go here is to experience snow and to see more “Lee Min Ho” walking on the streets. Haha! So shallow, but yeah, that’s it. But FYI, I am not a KPop fan. Trust me. 😀

I will end the list here since I wanted to make these happen first. I still have a lot of places in my mind that I am dying to see like Paris, England, Israel, and Greece, but for now I wanted to concentrate on the feasible ones.

So there you are guys, there’s nothing wrong in dreaming big, but if you want to make your dreams come true make sure to believe and pray that He may grant you the desires of your heart.

in Him, nothing is impossible.

in Him, nothing is impossible.

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. – Miriam Beard

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19 thoughts on “I am a traveller, not a tourist…

  1. may araw din sa’ken yang Palawan na yan!!! haha .. wish ko rin makapunta sa El Nido… as innnn! ^^

    • hahaha yep… kung mayaman lang ako bibili nako ng lupa sa palawan eh.. 😀 but yeah, i would really love to see el nido 😀 thanks for dropping by. mwah!

  2. Then, isama mo naman sa mga balak mong puntahan yung rock formationg ng Biri sa probinsya ko. Yes, this is a shameless plugging of the place hahaha! Pero pramis, mapapa-wooooow ka talaga sa ganda. It’s idyllic, di pa masyado na nai-explore but a lot of bloggers have been there already. You can just google Biri rock formations of puwede mo rin naman makita sa categories ko, just look for Biri and click hehehehe. Maraming salamat! Good luck, Then. Sana’y mapuntahan mong lahat ng dream places mo.

    • Ive checked Biri, mukang maganda nga dun… how to get there? via Tagbilaran Airport? Mura rin ba dun?

  3. Nature is a gift of life . A gift from God.

    matitikman ko din ang mga lugar na yan ..ahaha

    matitikman?? XD

  4. wish koding maging traveler! hehehe

    miss u yhensky!!

    • come na dto sa malaysia lensky… itour kita ng bongga 😀

      miss you too lensky 😀

  5. nabasa ko sa huling comment na nasa malaysia ka? are you working there? if so, it’s not far fetch na makarating ka sa south east asian countries. 🙂

    • naku sana magdilang anghel ka 🙂 yep dto ako sa MY, aral aralan lang… pero gsto ko talaga makita ang tatlong bansang nabanggit ko eh.. 🙂 anyway, salamat sa pagdalawa uli 🙂

  6. Jeffrey Buenaventura

    Thank you so much for sharing some of the wonderful places of PI
    Hope more of our kababayan will spend interest in touring/vacationing locally
    I think is a win win opportunity both for the travellers and locals
    Can’t. Wait to more of your posting on PI natures wonder
    I missed being home

    • Thanks too for dropping by. Yes it is true that PH is really a beautiful country we just need to know how to preserve these masterpieces God crafted. Surely, if we do, more Filipinos will experience these wonderful creations.

      And yeah, uwi ka naman ng Pinas para maexperience mo ang kagandahan ng ating bansa. 🙂

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