Words/Quotes To Live By: ON LOVE

This is the first part of my series called “Words/Quotes To Live By.” Am doing this series to encourage some people and hoping that eventually they will learn and get something from this. And since LOVE is always in, I decided to make it my pilot topic (kaumay ba? hehe).

Let me start with this: The Rules in LOVE

1. Never KISS if you’re not committed (lugi ka pagbabae ka, maniwala ka hehe!)

2. Never LOVE a taken person (dami namang di taken dyan)

3. Never EXPECT, just hope (bawal umasa at magpaasa syempre)

4. Never FALL for a friend (uhm no comment!)

…then realize that in love, there are no rules (naman! so keep lovi’n!)

From the rules in love we go to its definition. For me, I solely hold on to the Bible’s definition of love and I believe that most of us are familiar with this verse (aba naman ewan ko nalang ha kung di mo alam to).

Anyway, here’s a little advice to those who are so excited to fall in love and be in a relationship (wag kasi masyadong heksited teh).

Moreover, ever tried of wishing you have two hearts? Well here’s Johnny Depp’s advice for you (cge kumanta pa na sana dalawa ang puso ko, ikaw na ang mapagmahal!)

For those whose dramas are “I have loved you, but…” (cge magrason pa, sa presinto ka magpaliwanag hehe) here’s a better justification (o explanasyon. bitter lang? haha).

But this is true, falling apart doesn’t automatically means you didn’t love that person, sometimes there are things in life that needs to change… and this change should lead us to be better (naks, gumaganun?).

Anyway, who among you watches the ever famous TV series Gossip Girl? Who would have thought that “THE” Chuck Bass can also be (sometimes) serious bout love. So here’s something from him.

From serious to cute. Here’s a conversation from one of my fave cartoon characters.

Well, as we all know we don’t live in fairytales so here’s another sad truth.

Anyway to wrap this up, here’s one last thing about love (para naman kahit papano kiligin kayo).

But again, remember that…

…it will happen at the right time, right place, and on the right person. You just need to entrust your heart to God who is in control of everything and also knows what/who’s best for you.

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7 thoughts on “Words/Quotes To Live By: ON LOVE

  1. haaaay, love.

  2. amazing, superb pictures of love 🙂
    love it
    Love Quotes

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