Nothing in life is free. Some may say there is a FREE GIFT but LOVE is way better than that free gift! (photo: http://www.facebook.com/campusrevo)

This is a random activity of ACTS Church encouraging everyone to love thy neighbour as it is the second commandment of God. Neighbour is not literally your neighbour but they can be someone or some random people you meet and bump into everyday. He/she can be your friend, your enemy, your coworker, your boss, your teacher, your cousin, your fruit dealer, your plumber, your dormate, your opponent in taekwondo, etc. So basically, ANYONE. Yes, anyone. You do not only show your love to someone you like but to anyone. No but’s! 🙂

Our relationship with people reflects our relationship with God. So if you are cool with anyone, then you are probably then be cool with God. Like it or not, they are interconnected.

Anyway, allow me to share you this (also posted as my status in Facebook):

My Iranian housemate walked through my room early this morning. I thought all the while she was in trouble for waking me up so early, but good thing she was not. She just want to tell me how worrysome she is coz she’ll be having her IELTS exam today. So as a housemate, I just did my part by encouraging her, telling her that everything will be ok, that she’ll be able to surpass it. After I talked, she thanked me and said “I really admire you for having a POSITIVE disposition in life,” and right then before she left, she gave me a tight hug and kiss me on my cheek, unexpectedly. This made me realized, that I guess I just did something good today.

LESSONS: 1) Always be POSITIVE. To do this you just need to welcome Jesus into your life. He can turn your -ve life to a +ve one. (Remember the cross?) Moreover, He also promised in His word not to worry about tomorrow, for it will worry bout itself. Life is so short to be stressed and worried. 2) HELP/ENCOURAGE/Be NICE to someone today. After all, it’s a good way to start your week. You’ll never know! That small things you do to someone may mean big things to them. 🙂

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Hope you were encouraged after reading this and will also find a way to love your neighbour.

#LoveYourNeighbour started last Sunday (Sept 16, Malaysia Day)! Do something for someone that shouts “#LoveYou” or “#ThankYou” or “GetWellSoon” or “#BlessYou” or “Sorry” . Sign up to be a part of the revolution of Love – http://www.urtherevolution.com/loveyourneighbour-signup/

Use the hashtag #LoveYourNeighbour if you wanna share your stories or perhaps suggest ways on how to show your love to your neighbours via twitter.

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8 thoughts on “#LoveYourNeighbour

  1. uhm.. hi.. 🙂

  2. A great reminder that our neighbors extends to everyone we come into contact with….

  3. amen to this post ^_^

    • thanks for the like 😀 hope you are encouraged by this post. 😀 so, start loving your neighbour! 🙂

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