#IChoosePhilippines + Malaysia

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The El Gamma Penumbra once again showed to the world how awesome they are as they rendered an “oh wow” performance in one of the episodes of X-Factor Philippines (to see the video CLICK THIS).

There are a lot reasons why you have to choose Philippines and the awe-inspiring work-of-art of this group is just one of them.

As a Filipino staying outside the Philippines, this video is more than enough to make me feel proud of my country.

I love my country. I choose Philippines.

I Choose PH

I Choose PH

Visit It’s More Fun in the PH website for more info.

But hey, my post doesn’t end there. I also want to share to you this vid, I know it’s about Malaysia but it inspired me and now, I am considering MY as my second HOME already. I love their “BOLEH” mentality. So please allow me to show to you this vid for a better understanding of what I am saying:

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“There is a theory that everyone in this world, is connected to anyone,
through a chain of acquaintances of not more than 6 links. They call this the 6 degrees of separation.

It’s fascinating to know that we are all, 5 friends away from being acquainted to a random stranger in a train in South Korea…
Or even a tuk yuk driver from Thailand…

This shows that we are all relatable to one another,
that our culture and influence can make a difference in this world.
And that Malaysians have a voice of our own
And we should spread our Boleh spirit to the world”

My heart goes out to this country! Godbless Malaysia!

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