Check your yourself/attitude and you might find out if you are bound to succeed or bound to fail.


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From “Bloody Monday” to “Black Tuesday”, I am definitely supporting the petition against the Cyber Crime Law (RA 10175).

Thank you Senator TG Guingona for fighting with us. The following photo was posted on Sen. Guingona’s facebook page.

INFORM YOURSELVES! These are the possibilities that can happen with the current Cybercrime Act. For just sharing or retweeting something online that contains criticisms – you can get jailed for 12 YEARS.

Let me just point out that we need a Cybercrime Prevention Act. However, the inclusion of these problematic provisions on cyber-libel will just curtail a fundamental principle of good governance:

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION.The last time I checked, we were still a democracy—we want empowered citizens, not scared and passive ones. – Sen. TG Guingona

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It’s more FUN in the Philippines

Yes, it is! To find out why here’s the official AVP from the Department of Tourism.

What do you think of the new video? Drop your comments and let’s share thoughts.

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#IChoosePhilippines + Malaysia

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The El Gamma Penumbra once again showed to the world how awesome they are as they rendered an “oh wow” performance in one of the episodes of X-Factor Philippines (to see the video CLICK THIS).

There are a lot reasons why you have to choose Philippines and the awe-inspiring work-of-art of this group is just one of them.

As a Filipino staying outside the Philippines, this video is more than enough to make me feel proud of my country.

I love my country. I choose Philippines.

I Choose PH

I Choose PH

Visit It’s More Fun in the PH website for more info.

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The TRUTH hurts and REALITY bites!

This is the video that is going viral again. It is entitled “20 reasons Why I dislike the Philippines.” The title itself made it to the limelight, simply because it’s about Pinoys or Filipinos [for formality purposes hehe], which in most cases almost everJUAN is affected [much].

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Please STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Be moved by this MV.

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