Saved by GRACE


“His grace is there for you, just for who you are.” —Joel Houston 

Believe that you don’t have to be perfect or behave right to earn that grace.Jesus paid it all at the cross.  Grace is freely given, but it is not cheap. It was bought at an expensive price. Let’s understand the grace of God today and to begin, let’s remember that it is not performance-based.

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It’s Christmas Post! :)

Lord Jesus,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the things that you have done to me. I am grateful for all the blessings. You have blessed me bountifully through some awesome people, so might as well bless them, Lord. Jesus, I am nothing and no one without you. You are my everything. This is your day, so I just want to take my time remembering you and the beautiful and good things you have brought to my life, after all this is not about me but it’s about you. Thank you Jesus, because of you I am SAVED BY GRACE. You alone, are worthy to be praised, honored, and glorified! I worship You and I love You JESUS!

This is my prayer, in Jesus name. Amen.

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. – Charles Dickens

A blessed Christmas everyone! Remember Him as the reason for this season!

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Nothing in life is free. Some may say there is a FREE GIFT but LOVE is way better than that free gift! (photo:

This is a random activity of ACTS Church encouraging everyone to love thy neighbour as it is the second commandment of God. Neighbour is not literally your neighbour but they can be someone or some random people you meet and bump into everyday. He/she can be your friend, your enemy, your coworker, your boss, your teacher, your cousin, your fruit dealer, your plumber, your dormate, your opponent in taekwondo, etc. So basically, ANYONE. Yes, anyone. You do not only show your love to someone you like but to anyone. No but’s! 🙂

Our relationship with people reflects our relationship with God. So if you are cool with anyone, then you are probably then be cool with God. Like it or not, they are interconnected.

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Is it God’s will or Not?

Often times, we, Christians are having a hard time knowing if what is or what will be happening to us is God’s will or not. It’s normal to doubt sometimes, but it’s not normal not to believe in what He can do in our lives.

I’ve been to a lot of situations where I needed to decide on something. More so, I have a lot of dreams, wishes, and prayers that sometimes came true and sometimes it didn’t.

But one thing I learned about these things and that is to still be thankful in all these circumstances. I always remind myself that disappointments are just God’s way of saying “I have something better in store for you,” so there’s no reason for me to blame God for not having what I desire. But then again, if it’s truly God’s will, then nothing can stop it!

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thank God its raining…

after months of suffering from the sunheat, at long last its now raining… i mean like real raindrops, unlike d other day na nagpatikim lang. and bcoz of the sudden fall of rain di ako prepared, wala akong dalang payong. so aside from listening to shakira’s gypsy and train’s hey, soul sister eh magpost nalang kaya ako ng bagong entry db? hehe!

rain… others love it, others dont… others even feel nostalgic bout it but others feel excitement. but generally, most people believe that wen its raining blessings are pouring? i for one believes it… bkit ang hindi dba?

almost all of us have experienced na maglaro sa ulan, mabasa ng ulan kaht di balak magpabasa, at malungkot minsan dahil di natutuloy lakad ng magkakaibigan…

for the past years, ganyan lang ang tingin ko sa rain o sa pagulan, until a friend of mine died because of heavyrainfall na nagcause ng landslide na tumupok sa bahay at buhay niya/nilang magpapamilya. its been 7months already since nangyari un but till now everytym d rainfalls naalala ko siya dahil sa iniwan niyang magandang ala ala.

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amazing bicol…

yes, bicol for the second time around…

its almost a year since i visited this place (you can check it here)… and for a second timer, i am not actually expecting something new or more bout this place…

yeah nothing new but more amazing things ive discovered…

…like how majestic the mayon is. i saw this volcano d last tym i went here but i didnt actualy see the real thing. u know… its perfect shaped cone. now, perhaps im lucky enough that i got the chance to take a second look/shot to it.

mt mayon and the greenfields

town at the foot of mt mayon

...and of course me and mt mayon.

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sad ang xmas sa pinas?

nitong mga nakaraang araw masyado akong nababahala sa mga nangyayari sa Pilipinas. lagi nalang kapag nagbubukas ako ng tv sa umaga para manood ng balita sa unang hirit at umagang kay ganda puro mga nakababahalang pangyayari ang mga iniuulat.

natanong ko tuloy ang sarili ko paano na ang pasko ng mga Pilipino?

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paalam sa isang matalik na kaibigan…

i am not so sure how to begin this entry. but yesterday, while going to the world trade center, pasay city, para sa last day ng agrilink 09, sa loob ng jip na sinakyan ko may tumatak talaga sa akin na mga salita. i always see this sticker since i also attend to victory christian fellowship, pero dat tym, saka lang nagkaroon ng meaning sa buhay ko ang sticker na ito. it says…

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