It has been an issue that blogs are for writers only and this has been so true with some who are really good in creating articles and stories posted on their blogs. Their creative minds represent their skills, their personality. However it is not true that only good writers can make their own blogs.

But first let us see what is the definition of “blog.” To Mr. Wikipedia it is an abridgment of the term web log. It is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

For me, blogging is an expression of one’s self… an expression of freedom… and passion. It does not mean that you can not post your fave color, fave song, fave food, fave movie, fave pet, or perhaps define love is? Everything can fall into your site and with this, blog means fun!

At first attempt I was so hesitant to write or put everything I want, but to my surprised I got positive feedbacks from other people. People I know and people I don’t know. That’s how it goes. However, my blog reflects the real me. They get to know me as they are browsing my site. Deeper and much deeper…

The pictures itself speak everything. Little words. Little descriptions. That’s enough. People will crave more if you are not putting all the details they want to read and that’s the purpose of “comment” box. This creates network to others not knowing that a friendship is built.

Reading other blogs is really quite nice also, I learn from them, really. How? We have our own unique way of expressing things. Given this situation, I am able to see and explore the world beyond me. Appreciating and complimenting. This is what I do as I view others’ site. Sometimes it also gives lessons in life. Thou sometimes its of no use. Nevertheless, I enjoy every detail I see.

So what comes next… start blogging your way… share your experiences, smiles, sorrows, favorites, and life mysteries!


22 thoughts on “LOVING IT!

  1. danmihalache

    1. I met an American writer in Greece; most of my friends whom I attend to were Romanian writers and poets; we talked, joked, related stories; in English, of course; Gregory (Gregory Maguire) was the only that noted all the time in his notebook. After two or three days he told my friends: see, that’s why I’ve lot of books published, I chip from all of you whereas you waste your talent to make me feel fine;
    2. Another time I was at a long beer with a Romanian writer (in fact, literary critic, Emil Iordache). I, Gregory and Emil asserted the other days that it’s very easy to write as Sandra Brown, a simple receipt, much eroticism and much gaudiness. So, I and Emil took a piece of paper and alternate wrote a sentence; we were prancing; when we left, I wanted to pouch the papers but Emil took them; there were poked 20-30 pages; after two or three weeks Emil showed me a book: Cinders and Gold at Las Vegas.
    He put not his name, of course (he’s dead now; he was a very repute slavonist and translator) so the “writer” was Hilda or something Hill, from USA, translated by a fictiv person. The book was sold in over 250.000 number.
    Regards, Dan.

  2. ySa

    ` hi ..

    ` ganda ng site na to ..

    ` pno ba mag post d2 ng mga happiest moment ??

    ` tnx ..

    ` more power !

    — O.N.E

  3. Tenayaabernathy


  4. hi nice post..



  5. Hi azul, sureness… hahaha

  6. ganda
    ng site na to….

  7. jheNn

    Luv da syt!

    mOr pOwer 2 u…^_^

  8. Meri Greis Uy

    Hello can I reblogg this at my tumblr? share ko lang 😀

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  10. april

    kung alam mo tama, sabihin mo huwag mo itago

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  15. 🙂 liike your blod site

  16. 🙂 liike your blog site pala sorry

  17. If there is something, that caught me, it is the creativity, naaahhh…Its YOU!

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