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lessons from 2009

extremely happy… extremely sad…

extremely exciting… extremely boring…

last year, i had the most extreme experienced. the ups and downs were very visible. tila ba sumasabay lang sa sitwasyon ng pinas.

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natagpuan mo na ba ang ‘HAPPINESS’ mo?


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anything goes…

yes, its already December and i can already feel the coldness of the night and the breeze of the day. this is a month where every Filipino family join hand in hand in celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dec 1 – in the stillness of the night an image of a smiling face appeared from above. it’s like God smiling to us, reminding each and everyone about His day (Dec 25) or perhaps it’s nice to remember Him first on the first day of the month. it depicts that even life is so miserable our God is always there for us. we just need to look above and see His greatness.

this photo shows a crescent moon together with two planets Venus and Jupiter. (


Dec 5 – PhilRice sets the mood for Christmas by lighting its tower or simply we call it the tower lighting. this is a yearly event started last December 1991. people from the Instistitute and nearby brgy’s join this celebration. aside from tower lighting, a fireworks display also followed.


Dec 7 – congrats to Manny “pacman” Pacquiao for winning his fight against dela Hoya. maagang pamasko yan sa kanyang pamilya at sa sambayanang Pilipino. Mabuhay ka Pacman!

APTOPIX De La Hoya Pacquiau Boxing

Dec 7 (parin) – ayan i really can’t resist sa mga Christmas lights kaya nagpapicture ako kahapon sa CLSU maingate kung saan ang dami talagang kumukuti-kutitap.


Dec 7 (parin ito) – after some moments of smiles bigla akong nalungkot sa balita yesterday. yes, its TRUE, pumanaw na nga c Marky Cielo. nakakalungkot isipin dahil masyado siyang bata at mabait para sapitin ito. nwei, may dahilan naman ang Diyos kaya nangyari ito. he was my schoolmate sa SLU before and he was a very humble lad. condolence tou Marky’s family.


whatever circumstances happened to our life this year let us not forget the true essence of Christmas – to remember and thank the Lord our God for giving Jesus Christ to save us from our sins.

hope everyone will have a fruitful Christmas and a Happy new year! GodBless!

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i am grateful… i am thankful… i am blessed… and i am happy!

I live to this words and my life is fulfilled…

and I always think that…

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23 things…

yes… i am twenty-three na and im happy!

listed are the 23 memorable things in my life!

23. I am happy i have a blog like this where i can put everything i wanted.

22. I got my dream phone back (wel of course, alam naman po ninyo na nawala yung N82 ko noong August pero got another one ngayong September!) hehe! stik 2one ata ito!

21. Nakagraduate ako ng hindi delayed! (Hirap po kaya ng course namin)

20. Nakatapak na ako sa Ibat-ibang parte ng Pinas (LUZVIMINDA) pero karamihan pa rin sa Luzon, thou work related masaya pa rin.

19. Nameet ko na personally sina PGMA, Senator Angara, Cynthia Villar, Senator Biazon, Sec Yap (DA), Senator Zubiri, Congressman Mitra, Dulce Gozon, Antonio Roces hmmm cno pa ba? madami na sila eh!

18. Nakapapicture na rin ako sa mga artista, singers, basketball player, band member, at ilan pang kilalang tao.

17. Nagkaroon ng mga kaibigang tunay na maasahan (Baguio pips-nieto, ruel, ia, rudell, joza, jam, kring, chub, lakay tian, john paul/Reach pips-jp, frodie, jessie, blad, kit, kitin, re, charlie/Officemates-ev, erik, hazel, te toni, rum8 ko, hanah, te iam, te tina, te brends, kuya virdie, alvin, kuya nan, kuya carlo/Ilocos pips-chel, budz, alvir, bossing, von/Dorm pips/Encircle family/Ka-blog) hehehe ang dami naman!

18. Nakalathala na ng article.

17. Naka interview na ng magsasaka, poor pipol in the rural areas, negosyante, media, press pips, etc.

16. Naka rampa na sa mga exhibit (tulad ng Agrilink, Rice expo etc)

15. Iv’e tasted rat meat. (adobong daga, as in) noong fineature ng Kapuso mo Jessica Soho ang Rat campaign ng PhilRice.

14. Ano pa ba? Nakalusong sa putikan, nagtanim ng palay, nag-abono, etc.

13. Nalibot ang buong Baguio. (docu namin sa college ito)

12. Naka inom ng wheat grass. Aba akalain mong pati damo ginagawa ng juice. hehe!

11. Walang tulog ng 72 hours. (Noong college pa rin ito. nag ginagawa namin Magshoot, Mag eedit, Papasok sa school, tapos magshoot, mag eedit, papasok sa skul) Ganyan ang drama namin noon.

10. Nakapag-trabaho sa PhilRice.

9. Naka recieve ng citation for being an outstanding staff during my first year sa Job.

8. Nakatikim ng dragon fruit. hehe! sarap yun eh.

7. Umibig. Nabigo. Natuto. Umibig uli. Nabigo. at Natuto. at Umibig uli… hehe!

6. Nakapasa sa civil service.

5. Natutong mag-ipon (mejo ayos na ang ipon ko.. ehhe!)

4. Ipinanganak sa magandang Pamilya.

3. Nagkaroon ng bagong pag-ibig. (wel masaya ang lovelife ko ngayon ha.. in fairness!)

2. Mababait na magulang at mga kapatid.

1. at siyempre nakilala ko c God.

Salamat po sa lahat ng bumati sa akin at sa mga regalo ninyo. Akalain mong may mga sponsors pa talaga eh. To follow na mga pictures ko.

Loveyou all!

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7 ways to joyous day

by Max Lucado, San Antonio, Texas

Ever have one of those bad days? You know—not kind of bad, but bad. You mess up at work. You have a terrible fight with your spouse. Your doctor calls you in for some tests that sound pretty scary. A day seemingly beyond all redemption. When you have a day like that (and let’s face it, we all do sometimes), you have several choices. You can retreat into paralyzing fear, act out inappropriately or just go into complete denial.

But there’s actually another choice: You can rejoice.

Rejoice? Why? you ask.

Because it’s the only real way out. “This is the day the Lord has made,” the psalmist tells us. “We will rejoice and be glad in it.” This day? This messy, painful, frustrating day deserves a chance? Yes. Every day, whether it includes a lost wallet, a dented bumper or the funeral of a loved one, deserves our full presence. They all come from God’s drawing room.

Still not convinced? Try these seven strategies the next time you find yourself trapped in a day that holds more than you think you can bear. You’ll be surprised at how freeing they are.

1.Fret Not

Anxiety will ruin your day. And it can be a real confidence-killer. I know. I get plenty of opportunities to fret: Was I too long-winded in my talk? Is my latest book any good? Do I have any business telling people how to live? The drumbeat of worry can be deafening.

I like the approach of a friend who once told me, “Well, Max, I always assume everyone likes me.”

What a crazy idea, I thought. But I decided to give it a try—not just once, but to make it a regular thought habit. I started by giving myself and my audience the benefit of the doubt: We’re all here because we’re comfortable with one another.

That habit has changed how I view the world. It’s not such a menacing place anymore.

You can’t add one more day to your life or more life to your day by fretting. Worry doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles; it only rids today of its strength.

And why should you worry when you are surrounded by friends wherever you go?

2.Forgive Freely

I forgive easily. Or so I like to think. But some years ago a Christian leader publicly criticized me without giving me a chance to defend myself. This leader was offended by something I’d said on my radio show, misinterpreting my words, I thought. He wrote an article about me, inferring untrue things. I was angry and hurt. Really hurt.

I moped for a few weeks, until I realized I was letting this man’s accusations rob me of joy. So I wrote him a letter, telling him how I felt. He never wrote back. Maybe he never got my letter. I don’t know. But what I realized was that by writing that letter, I forgave him. Forgiveness is not about saying that what a person did is okay or that they’re right. It’s about making a decision, a choice to let the hurt and anger go. It frees you up to move on. Forgive someone and you’ll discover that that person has virtually no power to hurt you anymore. Then you’ll be able to focus on what you really care about: the joy of life.

3. Fear Not

Heart trouble runs in my family. Mom, Dad and my older brother have all had heart problems. I was so scared about having a heart attack, I became an exercise fanatic. I’m taking care of my health, I told myself, gritting my teeth. I even trained for the grueling half-Ironman triathlon. That should fix things.

Then about a year ago my cardiologist told me that I would probably still need to have heart surgery. All those miles of jogging and skipping desserts and stressing about my health, and my heart was no better off than it was before!

I’m not saying that exercise is bad. In fact, it’s very good for you. I still run. My mistake was to think that I could run from my fears.

Fear is a joy-killer. It can make me stressed out, short-tempered, unhappy.

What’s the opposite of fear? Trust. I do better when I trust in God—and go for a short jog. He’s in control of my life.

Place your fear in God’s hands and you’ll find that you have greater peace each day.
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don’t take yourself so seriously (aba, maghunos dili ka dong)

One of the facts of life is that we will always have problems…83 to be exact. We might solve some of them and others will just stay with us constantly.

The thing with problems is that it creates all kinds of other side effects like stress, worry, depression and generally an unhappy life. The 84th problem we all have is that we think if we can just get these problems out of the way, we will be happier. We reason that it is these external things that are stopping us from having a fulfilling life.

The truth is, however, that some of our problems might go away and some will stay with us. Those that go away or get solved then just get replaced by other problems. Now that’s the thinking flaw…the 84th problem. The moment you think that you shouldn’t have problems or that you can only be fulfilled and happy when your problems go away, you will forever and ever be unhappy and unfulfilled. The reason is, like I have mentioned, that we will always, for ever and ever, have problems. The moment we accept this, we can let go of the grip it’s having on us. So how do we do that?

There is one sure way to solve any problem. Just get yourself a bigger problem. It’s true. Ok, you didn’t really solve the initial problem but the significance of it disappeared. The point I am trying to make is not to deliberately burden yourself with bigger and bigger problems, but that even if problems still exist in your life, they can shrink in significance and the moment that happen, it loses its negative grip on you.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t solve your problems? Definitely not. But if you are in a constant state of stress and worry you are in the worst possible space to solve them. People from the outside usually have a much clearer perspective on one’s problems than we have. It is because we are usually so paralysed by them and because of that, we struggle to think with a clear and objective mind about them.

The key is first of all to accept that it is there. To really accept it and not to resist it. Most people resist their life situations. It doesn’t matter how bad your problems are, the fact of the matter is that it is there. So except the “is”-ness of the situation. Don’t resist it. Don’t take it so seriously. This resistance is easy to recognise if you just take time to become aware of it.

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matuto… maging masaya dapat tayo…

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