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On dating or getting in to a relationship….

Just a quick post to remind everyone bout this esp the youth. Here’s something from Jefferson Bethke:



So when you enter a relationship, there are only two paths as to where it will lead: either you will break up or get married. So which path are you taking?

To all the guys and gals out there, pls lang, don’t date/court or get into a relationship with someone if you don’t have the intent of marrying the person okay. Ang pag-ibig di yan laro na dahil feel mo lang laruin eh lalaruin mo na. Ang pag-ibig sineseryoso yan, kaya kung di ka sigurado sa kanya wag mo nang ituloy yan pls. Basta sa mga girls eto lang, LOVE A GUY WHO LOVES JESUS MORE THAN YOU bcoz “Only when a man looks to Jesus, does a man know how to treat a woman.” 🙂 Maniwala kayo okay! Ayun lang!

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STATUS: Engaged

STATUS: Engaged

Yep, I just got engaged recently and no words can express how happy I am. Well, for now I felt three things: blessed, grateful, and loved. Indeed, He makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Btw, really thankful also for all the people who supported our relationship – family, friends, and everyone (everyone talaga? hehehe).

Happy HEARTS month! Keep lovin’ beautiful people!

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Undefined. Unintentional. Unpredictable. Unspoken.

Undefined. Unintentional. Unpredictable. Unspoken.

He needs me, but I need you.
When you cared for me, I cared for him.

I listen to him, but you listen to me.
When he was talking to me, my attention was on you.

He was there when I needed you.
I was with you when he needed me.

When I was scared, he came to rescue.
But when he was scared, I was with you.

This is the story of us, three.
It may sound complicated but we understand how it should be.

Life is different now from the way it was used to be.
Coz when we started to live our own lives,
Fate set us free.

Hey everyone, have you ever caught yourself in the middle of two people who mattered most to you? What did you do? Did you end up choosing someone? Or did the three of you ended choosing someone else? Forgive me if somehow you find my words absurd. This poem was written long time ago and I just saw it while I was tidying my notes. Guess, I don’t need to explain bout it haha! Anyway, leaving you with this quote:

“Don’t choose the better guy, choose the guy that’s gonna make you a better girl.” – This Means War, 2012

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Nothing in life is free. Some may say there is a FREE GIFT but LOVE is way better than that free gift! (photo:

This is a random activity of ACTS Church encouraging everyone to love thy neighbour as it is the second commandment of God. Neighbour is not literally your neighbour but they can be someone or some random people you meet and bump into everyday. He/she can be your friend, your enemy, your coworker, your boss, your teacher, your cousin, your fruit dealer, your plumber, your dormate, your opponent in taekwondo, etc. So basically, ANYONE. Yes, anyone. You do not only show your love to someone you like but to anyone. No but’s! 🙂

Our relationship with people reflects our relationship with God. So if you are cool with anyone, then you are probably then be cool with God. Like it or not, they are interconnected.

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Words/Quotes To Live By: ON LOVE

This is the first part of my series called “Words/Quotes To Live By.” Am doing this series to encourage some people and hoping that eventually they will learn and get something from this. And since LOVE is always in, I decided to make it my pilot topic (kaumay ba? hehe).

Let me start with this: The Rules in LOVE

1. Never KISS if you’re not committed (lugi ka pagbabae ka, maniwala ka hehe!)

2. Never LOVE a taken person (dami namang di taken dyan)

3. Never EXPECT, just hope (bawal umasa at magpaasa syempre)

4. Never FALL for a friend (uhm no comment!)

…then realize that in love, there are no rules (naman! so keep lovi’n!)

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What if…

What if may nagmamahal sa iyo pero

may mahal kang iba?

What if yung mahal mong iba

ay may mahal rin naman palang iba?

Eh what if kung may mahal ka

pero hindi niya alam na mahal mo siya?

What if hindi niya nga alam na mahal mo siya

pero hindi mo alam mahal ka rin niya?

What if alam mo na mahal ka rin ng taong mahal mo

pero wala kang lakas nang loob na aminin ito?

O what if ang taong mahal mo handang umamin sa iyo

pero hindi mo alam ang isasagot mo?

What if alam mo ang isasagot mo sa taong mahal mo

pero sa umpisa hindi ka sigurado?

What if yung nagmamahal sa iyo ay sigurado na sa iyo

pero ikaw ay nalilito dahil may ibang nagpapakita ng motibo?

What if itong nagpapakita ng motibo sa iyo ay hindi para sa iyo

pero bigla kang nagkagusto?

What if naging kayo nang may motibo sa iyo

pero sa huli narealize mo hindi pala talaga siya ang para sa iyo?

What if gusto mo nang balikan ang nakaraan mo

pero ayaw ka ng bitawan ng kasalukuyan mo?

What if handa ka ng i-let go ng kasalukuyan mo

pero habang tumatagal ay natutunan na rin siyang mahalin ng puso mo?

What if pinili o pinagpilitan mong manatili sa kanya

pero sa huli, ang tanging nasabi nalang niya ay “wala na”?

What if di ba?

Lahat nang ito posibleng naranasan mo, o maaring ilan lamang sa mga sitwasyon na ito. nagmahal ka, nasaktan ka, nagkamali ka… umibig, nasugatan, nadapa…

Pero hanggat may hininga at may tibok ang iyong puso, lumaban ka dahil may pag-asa ka pa ring maging masaya.

(ps. this post was inspired by some of my friends who are now experiencing these ‘things’. you know who you are and i dedicate this to you and to all the people out there who can relate, as well. pls feel free to share your comments or what if experiences too. lovey’all) ❤

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have you ever felt being so lonely at times because you feel so helpless of the situation you’re into?

i really don’t know how i can put my feelings into words right now but i really can’t handle the pain am feelin.

i cant understand why bad things need to happen not just once but many times especially the things that hurt you most.

i know iam not a perfect person but i also assure u dat i was never a very bad person at all which made me think and ask myself, do i really deserve the pain and the hurt am feelin.

im broken. pls help me fix myself and make me whole again.

i dont have much to say ryt now but still wishing you all a happy weekend!


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paalam sa isang matalik na kaibigan…

i am not so sure how to begin this entry. but yesterday, while going to the world trade center, pasay city, para sa last day ng agrilink 09, sa loob ng jip na sinakyan ko may tumatak talaga sa akin na mga salita. i always see this sticker since i also attend to victory christian fellowship, pero dat tym, saka lang nagkaroon ng meaning sa buhay ko ang sticker na ito. it says…

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