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I am a traveller, not a tourist…

I travel, not tour.

I am not a tourist, I am a traveller.

Travelling – like photography, is my way of life.

I really love seeing and experiencing His masterpieces – the people, the culture, the nature, the places, and the history.

When I was young, I always dreamt of travelling the world. So as I grew up, it was always been part of my prayer – to see and explore other [beautiful and extraordinary] places.

Guess, God didn’t fail me. When I started working in 2006 I didn’t expect that my job would be offering me a lot of travelling opportunities. I’ve seen, if not all, most of the beautiful places my country has to offer and have stepped already to almost every provinces. Well, I may say that traversing the 7,100 islands of  the Philippines  is indeed fun – especially if you’re looking for adventure and varieties.

Not long enough, God really knew my heart’s desire so He allowed me to travel outside/abroad as well.

Meeting new people and experiencing new culture is a must in travelling. I travel not because I am into shopping, luxury, or the idea of travelling itself, but I travel for the experience it will bring me. The more I see the world, the more my perspective widens.

Because of travelling, I learned to appreciate life more. That there is beauty in diversity. And that happiness does not come from the material things that we have and we want, but it comes from the small things that can bring us genuine smiles.

I know He is not yet finish in giving me more surprises in life. Who knows, tomorrow I might be cruising on the other side of the world. After all, I am really into travelling and He always has the best for His children.

With God on your side, the BEST is yet to come.

With God on your side, the BEST is yet to come.

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short taym… a busuanga island (coron), palawan experience

my last weekend’s trip to busuanga island (coron), palawan was definitely a blast and an experience worth keeping. thanks for the Philippine Agricultural Journalists, Inc for giving as an award with a cash prize which enables us to travel to palawan. see story here.

PAJ Binhi Awards 2010

thou, its a ‘short time’ since we arrived at coron sunday noon and left tuesday morning, still we managed to explore the place.

we stayed in a lodge located at sitio maricaban, an hour away from coron townproper, where me and my colleagues experienced a ‘real’ seaside life. the lodge is not so extravagant but with the service and hospitability they offered, sure it was worth it…

this is where we stayed...

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Palawan’s hidden treasures…

last last week, had my third trip to Palawan. but this time my work took me to the southernmost part of the province.and yes literally the southern part since we slept in a house near the coastal area where Malaysia and Spratly Islands is just an hour away via boat.

everytime i visit this place, i am always amaze with the little surprises Palawan has to offer. at least, it gave me a reason to always come back di ba?

el nido, coron, etc, to name a few is famous for their beautiful beaches, and all of these are located at the northern part of Palawan. but then who wouldn’t want to dare for a little adventure in the south, where the Tabon caves are located. yes, the Tabon caves, this is a series of caves where the first civilization in the Philippines was found by Robert Fox. just a little of history.

too bad we dont have enough time, so we only saw it from afar.

behind this mountain is the famous Tabon Caves.

it will be an hour boatride from the mainland of Quezon, Palawan.

aside from the Tabon Caves, a majestic view of their beaches can also be seen in the rustic parts of Brgy. Aramaywan, Quezon, Palawan.

as we woke up in the morning we encountered this dawn breaking. breathtaking, indeed!

when the water, sun, and air, meets the earth…


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palawan, again…

there is a saying among Palaweños that once you have come to their place you will come back for some ‘unknown’ reasons, they call it the ‘balik-balik’. wel, for a place like Palawan, who would never wanted to come back di ba?

so again, here’s my second trip to Palawan, particulary at Puerto Princesa City. the last time, i enjoyed the nature, this time i enjoyed the people.

i met Puerto Princesa’s Mayor Hagedorn, and infairnes to him, he welcomes visitors with warmth.this was during the socials night at the a&a hotel.

me, ate chona, and mayor

i also got the chance to have a picture with ms love añover of GMA7’s Unang Hirit and HappyLandia, who happens to be a tourist, like us,  dat tym.

ate chona, love, me, and mel

i also enjoyed a beautiful cultural performances presented by the beautiful people of Palawan.

wd the cultural performers

moreover, i met this young farmer of quezon, palawan during the aerobic rice conference, who is, i may say, very pretty and nice.


i tried the kilawen or sashimi version of Kalui’s resto, which is very very delicious.


and tried a baby crocodile meat at Kinabuchs bar and grill. a little spicy, but perfectly done.

croc meat ala bicol express

wat i really really wont forget was our visit to the Iwahig Prison and Penal Camp, where i got my INMATE/MEDUIM shirt, yeah i got one. thanks to some ilocano prisoners who were very glad to know that i am an ilocano too. hehe. unfortunately, i didnt have enough courage to ask wats their case, you know, it myt offend them.


i asked the inmates if can take a picture with them, but they refused. since baka daw makilala sila ng mga tao sa labas. however i can take pictures of them naman daw as long as they will not be recognized.

inmates going to their celdas

inside the prison camp is a resort wherein a flowing water is set to entice the visitors to dip.

a pool in the prison camp

unfortunately, i was not instructed to bring clothes for swimming that’s why me and some friends ended picturetaking nalang.

striking a pose

so there you have it. again, my palawan’s new experiences. taking home with me is a rainmaker (natives of Palawan created this believing that it can call rain to fall, and yes if you flip it, it sounds like a pouring rain), just in time for the el niño. 😉


GodBless everyone!

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this past few days, ang dami kong realizations in life. realizations na pumapasok nalang kung saan saan depende sa binibigay na circumstances. may tungkol sa pag-ibig… may tungkol sa buhay… may tungkol sa pamilya… at may tungkol din sa pakikipagrelasyon sa kapwa… iba-iba talaga eh.

ang dating tinatawag kong resolutions ay naging realizations na. mas maganda kasing tignan ang bagay na natututunan kesa ang bagay na plinaplano palang at walang kasiguruhan.

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3 days in paradise…

serenity… nature… and very nice and friendly people…

Palawan is the place to be!

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