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REPOST: What is REALLY offensive in Filipino culture?

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It is important to smile in Filipino culture otherwise one will be considered to be serious. Try smiling as you go about your day, and you’ll find that more people will talk to you. However avoid smiling too much in other places if there are a lot of drunk people….

Body odor is offensive, and as Filipinos wash at least twice a day, there is no socially accepted excuse!

Cleanliness is a premium. If you dress for work in tsinelas and shorts, you will not earn the respect of your colleagues or the community. Most government offices will not serve you unless you are wearing shoes, long pants/skirt and a collared shirt.

Pointing with your finger is impolite and can cause offense. ( There are so many non-verbal cues using our fingers)

General derogatory comments on the Philippine Nation by foreigners are not acceptable. Comments like ‘ Filipinos are….’ or ‘What I hate about the Philippines is……..’ will not make you any friends.

Bobo,tanga, tarantado and other useful words that you may have heard taxi driver say, do not translate directly, and are very insulting to Filipinos. For example bobo is Spanish for ‘stupid clown’, but in Filipino it is extremely insulting word.

Beachwear of women can often be offensive especially in the provinces, if not covered by a t-shirt at all times, even when swimming. ( not in Manila area)

Kissing in Public, ‘making out’ or ‘Public Displays of Affection (PDA) are considered inecusable.

Respect is key, especially to elders! in Tagalog the use of the honorific ‘Po ‘is extremely prevalent, and the use of ‘Po ‘especially to the elderly, officials and community leaders, is one of the keys to respect from one’s peers. However in Visayas and Mindanao can be different. Listen to the difference in the tone of voice when people show respect.

Losing your temper will seldom not achieve anything positive, and often gives officials/people a rationale to refuse your request.

Blowing your nose, especially during formal occasions or where food is being served is offensive.

If you happen to be eating and visitors arrive, it is a social requirement to invite your visitors to the table to eat. If you are not eating when you have visitors, you will often be expected to offer snacks, coca cola or at the very least water.

Eating crackers or any junk food infront of a Filipino without inviting them to eat is not acceptable.



I totally agree with this post and my point here is, for Filipinos if you give them respect they will respect you, too. But if not, then expect the worst from my own kind. Moreover, just to share it also one thing I noticed with my fellowmen, I admire how Filipinos thrive and survive outside the country. One reason is that Filipinos know how to adopt to one’s culture. We know how to give respect and honor the country where we are. We can adjust or tolerate, in some cases. That is why, you can find Filipinos anywhere around the world (ika nga ni Mikey Bustos “Operation Pinoy World Domination”). And though, we maybe all over the world, trust me we always still bring the Filipino in us and we will forever be grateful that we are part of this great nation called the Philippines.

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From “Bloody Monday” to “Black Tuesday”, I am definitely supporting the petition against the Cyber Crime Law (RA 10175).

Thank you Senator TG Guingona for fighting with us. The following photo was posted on Sen. Guingona’s facebook page.

INFORM YOURSELVES! These are the possibilities that can happen with the current Cybercrime Act. For just sharing or retweeting something online that contains criticisms – you can get jailed for 12 YEARS.

Let me just point out that we need a Cybercrime Prevention Act. However, the inclusion of these problematic provisions on cyber-libel will just curtail a fundamental principle of good governance:

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION.The last time I checked, we were still a democracy—we want empowered citizens, not scared and passive ones. – Sen. TG Guingona

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It’s more FUN in the Philippines

Yes, it is! To find out why here’s the official AVP from the Department of Tourism.

What do you think of the new video? Drop your comments and let’s share thoughts.

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#IChoosePhilippines + Malaysia

(subscribe to ChoosePhil’s Channel for more youtube vids)

The El Gamma Penumbra once again showed to the world how awesome they are as they rendered an “oh wow” performance in one of the episodes of X-Factor Philippines (to see the video CLICK THIS).

There are a lot reasons why you have to choose Philippines and the awe-inspiring work-of-art of this group is just one of them.

As a Filipino staying outside the Philippines, this video is more than enough to make me feel proud of my country.

I love my country. I choose Philippines.

I Choose PH

I Choose PH

Visit It’s More Fun in the PH website for more info.

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I am a traveller, not a tourist…

I travel, not tour.

I am not a tourist, I am a traveller.

Travelling – like photography, is my way of life.

I really love seeing and experiencing His masterpieces – the people, the culture, the nature, the places, and the history.

When I was young, I always dreamt of travelling the world. So as I grew up, it was always been part of my prayer – to see and explore other [beautiful and extraordinary] places.

Guess, God didn’t fail me. When I started working in 2006 I didn’t expect that my job would be offering me a lot of travelling opportunities. I’ve seen, if not all, most of the beautiful places my country has to offer and have stepped already to almost every provinces. Well, I may say that traversing the 7,100 islands of  the Philippines  is indeed fun – especially if you’re looking for adventure and varieties.

Not long enough, God really knew my heart’s desire so He allowed me to travel outside/abroad as well.

Meeting new people and experiencing new culture is a must in travelling. I travel not because I am into shopping, luxury, or the idea of travelling itself, but I travel for the experience it will bring me. The more I see the world, the more my perspective widens.

Because of travelling, I learned to appreciate life more. That there is beauty in diversity. And that happiness does not come from the material things that we have and we want, but it comes from the small things that can bring us genuine smiles.

I know He is not yet finish in giving me more surprises in life. Who knows, tomorrow I might be cruising on the other side of the world. After all, I am really into travelling and He always has the best for His children.

With God on your side, the BEST is yet to come.

With God on your side, the BEST is yet to come.

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The TRUTH hurts and REALITY bites!

This is the video that is going viral again. It is entitled “20 reasons Why I dislike the Philippines.” The title itself made it to the limelight, simply because it’s about Pinoys or Filipinos [for formality purposes hehe], which in most cases almost everJUAN is affected [much].

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sad ang xmas sa pinas?

nitong mga nakaraang araw masyado akong nababahala sa mga nangyayari sa Pilipinas. lagi nalang kapag nagbubukas ako ng tv sa umaga para manood ng balita sa unang hirit at umagang kay ganda puro mga nakababahalang pangyayari ang mga iniuulat.

natanong ko tuloy ang sarili ko paano na ang pasko ng mga Pilipino?

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shout your love for RICE…



Celebrate LIFE; Celebrate RICE this November – the National Rice Awareness Month.

Be part of the many Pinoys who will express their love for rice through a fan sign. This activity aims to instill the importance of rice to our lives. If every Filipino will learn how to save rice, there will be enough rice for everyone.

Participants will also get the chance to win some prizes.

The Mechanics:

1. Create your most creative way of saying how much you love RICE. For example, you can snap a photo of yourself while holding a piece of paper with the “I love rice” phrase. (You can use your photography skills and Photoshop, too. Moreover, manipulations of photos are also accepted.)
2. When you’re done, email that digital photo/artwork at and use I love rice Fan Sign as a subject. Place also your nickname and contact details in your message.
3. Remember: BE CREATIVE!

Start submitting your entries now. Deadline is on November 20, 2009. Winners will be announced on November 23, 2009. The organizers will contact the winners through email/text messages.
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