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On dating or getting in to a relationship….

Just a quick post to remind everyone bout this esp the youth. Here’s something from Jefferson Bethke:



So when you enter a relationship, there are only two paths as to where it will lead: either you will break up or get married. So which path are you taking?

To all the guys and gals out there, pls lang, don’t date/court or get into a relationship with someone if you don’t have the intent of marrying the person okay. Ang pag-ibig di yan laro na dahil feel mo lang laruin eh lalaruin mo na. Ang pag-ibig sineseryoso yan, kaya kung di ka sigurado sa kanya wag mo nang ituloy yan pls. Basta sa mga girls eto lang, LOVE A GUY WHO LOVES JESUS MORE THAN YOU bcoz “Only when a man looks to Jesus, does a man know how to treat a woman.” 🙂 Maniwala kayo okay! Ayun lang!

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I got bored so I decided to ride on to this Twitter trending hashtag/topic  #50factsaboutme. Now, here’s my list on the 50 facts about me:

1. I believe in Jesus Christ, so I am a Christian.

2. I admire and love my Mom and Dad, they are the best and awesomest parents in the world for me hehe.

3. I am close with my sisters, that eventhough we are not young anymore we still sleep in one bed.

4. I am a people-person, I believe hehe.

5. I have this ‘selective memory’ thing coz I purposely (sometimes) forget unimportant or even important things. Pls don’t ask me why. Hehe

6. I am a big fan of Youtube celebs such as Aj Rafael, Ryan Higa, JR Aquino, Kevjumba, Mikey Bustos, Victor Kim, etc. I love their vids, they keep me sane.

7. The only books that I’ve read completely are the books written by Bob Ong and Pastor Ru dela Torre. Yes, that is true. I am not bookish.

8. I love photography and travelling. If they will offer me a job that will require me to travel and take photos with their own expense, even they will not provide a salary, I will SURELY go for it.

9. I am adventurous and somehow a risk-taker. I still go for something even if it cost my life.

10. I have a very short attention span. Probably, I can only stand listening to someone a maximum of 15-20 min. The rest of it, I tend to ignore. hehe

11. I dislike people who always rant about life because I believe in positivity. I always want the feeling of being blessed and encouraged.

12. I tweet but I am not a twitterwhore. Believe me. Haha.

13. Some friends call me the ‘social media queen’ because I am always online. Well, I guess somehow I am. But that doesn’t automatically mean that I am addicted to it, I still have a life outside.

14. I enjoy organizing get together parties, out-of-town/country trips, events, etc. Probably, someday I’ll be able to put up my own company that manages events.

15. I am more of a listener than a speaker.

16. Math is not my thing. We are not friends with numbers, that is for sure.

17. I dreamt of becoming a star/celebrity/broadcaster. Well, who knows it still might come true?! haha!

18. Movies/films are my bestfriends. They also keep me sane.

19. I believe in music, just like how others believe in fairytales.

20. I have a special someone who has been there for me in the last 6years already.

21. Smiling is my therapy. If I don’t smile, I feel naked.

22. Earrings, cameras, and phones are my fetish.

23. I collect Starbucks’ tumblers with the different places/cities/countries printed on it.

24. Whenever I am down I go out for a walk then eat anything.

25. I enjoy hanging out with people from different countries, races, cultures, etc. I felt that I learn a lot if I hangout with them.

26. I believe that school marks/grade or whatever degree you finish is only important when you are looking for job. In the real world, it’s always how you deal with people and with the job itself.

27. I always go for quality over quantity.

28. Food loves me. Haha! I can go/try anything from the most exotic to the most famous ones. I’ve tried crocodile meat, field rat meat, tamilok (woodworm), dog meat, durian, marang, ants (hantik), etc…

29. I love sayings, quotes, Bible verses, poems, etc. These things guide me somehow and when I am encouraged I have the tendency to share it to other people coz I want them also to be encouraged as well.

30. My bed is my comfort zone. You cannot disturb me when I am with my bed. It’s my rule. Haha

31. When I was young, my nickname was Mariel (a combi of Maria Adrielle), but since I cannot pronounce ‘r’ and ‘l’, Mariel became Mayen. And it evolved to Yeyen, and now, Yhen.

32. I always have a birthday party in my home before, from the moment I was born until my secondary (highschool) days. However, when I started to be independent and study away from home, I realized party is only just for kids. Hehe.

33. Green is my fave color. Next is torquoise. These colors are so pleasing in my eyes.

34. I was one-of-the-boys before. I enjoy their company simply because boys are not complicated, unlike girls they are so hard to understand. I even dress like a boy before, but nah, I am not a tomboy, I was just boyish.

35. My hair was so curly and bulky when I was a kid. It can even attract lies. Haha!

36. I got drowned twice already. First, when I was 5 in a pool at Los Banos, Laguna and second, when I was 14 in a beach we call Pangil in Currimao, Ilocos Norte.

37. I fantasized Ryan Gosling. Who doesn’t, anyway? haha!

38. I am hooked to TV series like The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Are We There Yet, and Dawson’s Creek.

39. I was a big fan of Moffats, Backstreetboys, Westlife, N’Sync, and even A1. Darn these boy bands! Haha! Now, I am loving One Direction and The Wanted. Oh my word! Spare me haha!

40. I used to be an active blogger and bloghopper but as time passed by, I felt that blogging is just important to me whenever I feel really (really) bored. Maybe because there are other platforms already like Facebook and Twitter.

41. For me, Parokya ni Edgar, is the greatest Filipino band of all-time. Since their music can go from the sweet-type to the most hardcore rock songs which gave the audience more varieties making them perhaps to be the oldest existing band in the country.

42. I am a cry-baby. Period. Haha.

43. I cannot stand mediocrity. I always want to go for excellence bcoz I believe God created me/us to be extraordinary people. So we should not settle for less.

44. I can easily forgive someone at fault. And saying I am sorry, If I am at fault, isn’t also too hard for me to express. Try me. haha!

45. I am in good friends with Google. Surely, you are, too. Haha!

46. My crush in highschool is my crush until now. I don’t know, but I really find that guy attractive. Ohemmmgeee! So kidstuff haha!

47. To dress-up is a must for me whenever I attend events.

48. I am not a bookish but I really enjoy going to the bookstores.

49. Prayer is my weapon… when I am weak, insecure, sad, scared, depress, confused, tempted, discouraged, sick, broke, stressed, and feeling empty. TRUST ME, IT ALWAYS WORKS.

50. I always thank God in good or bad times. I really see to it that my heart is always  grateful.

I think that would be all for now. Maybe you can also share your own version of the ’50factsaboutme’ and post it here on my comment box. ヅ

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Words/Quotes To Live By: ON LOVE

This is the first part of my series called “Words/Quotes To Live By.” Am doing this series to encourage some people and hoping that eventually they will learn and get something from this. And since LOVE is always in, I decided to make it my pilot topic (kaumay ba? hehe).

Let me start with this: The Rules in LOVE

1. Never KISS if you’re not committed (lugi ka pagbabae ka, maniwala ka hehe!)

2. Never LOVE a taken person (dami namang di taken dyan)

3. Never EXPECT, just hope (bawal umasa at magpaasa syempre)

4. Never FALL for a friend (uhm no comment!)

…then realize that in love, there are no rules (naman! so keep lovi’n!)

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thank God its raining…

after months of suffering from the sunheat, at long last its now raining… i mean like real raindrops, unlike d other day na nagpatikim lang. and bcoz of the sudden fall of rain di ako prepared, wala akong dalang payong. so aside from listening to shakira’s gypsy and train’s hey, soul sister eh magpost nalang kaya ako ng bagong entry db? hehe!

rain… others love it, others dont… others even feel nostalgic bout it but others feel excitement. but generally, most people believe that wen its raining blessings are pouring? i for one believes it… bkit ang hindi dba?

almost all of us have experienced na maglaro sa ulan, mabasa ng ulan kaht di balak magpabasa, at malungkot minsan dahil di natutuloy lakad ng magkakaibigan…

for the past years, ganyan lang ang tingin ko sa rain o sa pagulan, until a friend of mine died because of heavyrainfall na nagcause ng landslide na tumupok sa bahay at buhay niya/nilang magpapamilya. its been 7months already since nangyari un but till now everytym d rainfalls naalala ko siya dahil sa iniwan niyang magandang ala ala.

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this past few days, ang dami kong realizations in life. realizations na pumapasok nalang kung saan saan depende sa binibigay na circumstances. may tungkol sa pag-ibig… may tungkol sa buhay… may tungkol sa pamilya… at may tungkol din sa pakikipagrelasyon sa kapwa… iba-iba talaga eh.

ang dating tinatawag kong resolutions ay naging realizations na. mas maganda kasing tignan ang bagay na natututunan kesa ang bagay na plinaplano palang at walang kasiguruhan.

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liham [na pagtingin]…

Since, malamig ang panahon itatake ko ang pagkakataong ito para ishare ang mga maiinit na sulat sa akin ng ilang mahahalagang taong naging parte ng buhay ko.

nakatutuwang basahin at balik-balikan. kung kasalanan ang mag keep ng mga ito kapag may bf /asawa ako cguro magiging guilty ako.

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DSC04315 copy

What makes a girl gorgeous is more than her appearance, size and shape. Her personality is her true source of beauty.

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what’s on your desk?

last week, habang naglalakbay ako sa ibayong blog, napadpad ako sa tahanan ni rowjie. nabanggit niya ang “National Clean Off Your Desk Day”. ayan kaya na-inspire ako na magpost kung ano ang laman ng desk/table ko.

here are the things na hindi pwedeng mawala sa desk/table ko dahil sa opisina itong mga sumusunod ang buhay ko.

of course… di mawawala ang PC. nasa gitna yan nakalocate. sa gilid nito ay may speaker at headset. may mouse din na nakapatong sa yearbook ko noong colej.


sa ryt side ko naman eh mga papeles na pagkarami rami. kasi para sa akin mahalaga pa lahat ang mga yan eh… naka compile lang sila at nakalagay sa folder dpenede sa nilalaman. may categories din yang mga folder na yan na nahahati sa personal, media and public relations, exhibit, radio, press/broadcast releases, at others para sa diko macategorized. jan din sa syd na yan nilalagay ko yung bag ko. at yung yellow na box eh lagayan yan ng mga food. pero infairness tagal ng di nalagyan. ehhe


sa left syd naman tayo, ito yung corner ng mga gamit na binigay lang sa akin. tulad ng key chain, souvenir items, id’s (pag may conferences), chocolates (box lang yan actually), etc… tinetreasure ko lahat yan…


tabi naman nito eh mga love notes (kuno) na nakadisplay lang din… dahil gusto ko lang.


sa taas naman ng mga notes na ito eh wallpaper ng mga quotes at isang litrato kasama mga barkada ko noong kolehiyo (senti ito). isa sa mga paborito kong kowts eh yung nakalagay sa gitna, sabi dito “Never look down on anybody, unless your helping him up!”


sa tabi uli nito eh isang lalagyan ng pen, bookmarks, etc, na ginawa ng labidabs ko at may nakaukit na Psalm 37:4. tapos may picture/note holder din ako dito na ang shape eh spaceship. diko din alam kung bkit spaceship, basta yun na yun.


sa pinakadulo ng desk/table ko anjn yung mga baso at kubyertos ko, dahil dito kami nakain sa opisina. iba ibang baso yan, baso para sa tubig, baso para sa kape, at baso para sa ice cream (pag may handaan hehe). sa harap nito, dahil maluwang, eh ang pinagpapatungan ko ng cellphone ko.


aside from my pc, ang nasa harap ko din ay ang aking planner/organizer. dahil jan nagagawa ko ang dapat gawin. isa din itong way para matuto sa time management. kaya di ito pwedeng mawala sa table ko. tnx sa sony, dahil libre ito nung binili kong cam.


maliban sa planner nakatambak din sa table ko mga papers na naglalaman ng mga ininterview ko. may magsasaka, researchers, agriculturist, common tao, etc. ayan halo halo na yan.


sa lahat ng gamit s adesk/table ko, ito ang sadyang tambak lang.. wahaha… mga references ko pag nagsusulat ako ng article. yan yung mga publications na ginagawa namin at the same tym nagiging reference na rin.


ayan, imagine-nin niyo nalang kung gaano kaayos (kagulo?) ang desk/table ko. napipicture niyo rin ba kung gano kaluwang (kasikip?)? hehe! sa guys nakikita ko puro papeles lang ang laman ng desk/table nila, ewan ko kung gaano katotoo.

nwei, so ano, share niyo naman wats on your desk/table.

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