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On dating or getting in to a relationship….

Just a quick post to remind everyone bout this esp the youth. Here’s something from Jefferson Bethke:



So when you enter a relationship, there are only two paths as to where it will lead: either you will break up or get married. So which path are you taking?

To all the guys and gals out there, pls lang, don’t date/court or get into a relationship with someone if you don’t have the intent of marrying the person okay. Ang pag-ibig di yan laro na dahil feel mo lang laruin eh lalaruin mo na. Ang pag-ibig sineseryoso yan, kaya kung di ka sigurado sa kanya wag mo nang ituloy yan pls. Basta sa mga girls eto lang, LOVE A GUY WHO LOVES JESUS MORE THAN YOU bcoz “Only when a man looks to Jesus, does a man know how to treat a woman.” 🙂 Maniwala kayo okay! Ayun lang!

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STATUS: Engaged

STATUS: Engaged

Yep, I just got engaged recently and no words can express how happy I am. Well, for now I felt three things: blessed, grateful, and loved. Indeed, He makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Btw, really thankful also for all the people who supported our relationship – family, friends, and everyone (everyone talaga? hehehe).

Happy HEARTS month! Keep lovin’ beautiful people!

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Undefined. Unintentional. Unpredictable. Unspoken.

Undefined. Unintentional. Unpredictable. Unspoken.

He needs me, but I need you.
When you cared for me, I cared for him.

I listen to him, but you listen to me.
When he was talking to me, my attention was on you.

He was there when I needed you.
I was with you when he needed me.

When I was scared, he came to rescue.
But when he was scared, I was with you.

This is the story of us, three.
It may sound complicated but we understand how it should be.

Life is different now from the way it was used to be.
Coz when we started to live our own lives,
Fate set us free.

Hey everyone, have you ever caught yourself in the middle of two people who mattered most to you? What did you do? Did you end up choosing someone? Or did the three of you ended choosing someone else? Forgive me if somehow you find my words absurd. This poem was written long time ago and I just saw it while I was tidying my notes. Guess, I don’t need to explain bout it haha! Anyway, leaving you with this quote:

“Don’t choose the better guy, choose the guy that’s gonna make you a better girl.” – This Means War, 2012

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a not so holy week…

this is a late post, nevertheless let me just share it with you.

last last week, as the whole world celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I  together with some friends spent some time at dingalan, aurora, where the earth meets the water, sun, and sky.

its not bcoz we/i dont celebrate holyweek, its just that, for me holyweek can be done any time anywhere where i can have a personal time with Him (serving and praising Him) or at least do a reflection of myself.

so there, from munoz, nueva ecija to dingalan, aurora is a one and half ride using a single motor. good thing its not a ‘super’ rough road… whew!

a little rough road

aside from that, i really enjoyed the beautiful sceneries, specifically the flowing waters in the river, grassy mountains, valley of coconut trees, and bluish sea. i felt like, i was entering to another dimension leading to other countries like new zealand and hawaii (oops sorry, a little exagge of course, hehe).

road (not) taken

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got this one from an email… and i really felt sad after reading it. very compromising naman ito… ito yong mga exenang If Only… pwede niyo ring irelate ito sa song ni Bugoy (PDA Champ) na PAANO NA KAYA. nwei, go ahead read it and dont forget to leave your comments or kung anumang hinaing ninyo sa buhay… hehehehe!

They’re good friends, really good friends.

th_boy_girlHe’s a great guy. Amazing actually. A few people see him as the “guy who always messes up” but the truth is he makes things better. He’s a good friend; always there when you have a problem, takes care of you when you’ve had too much to drink, gives you his umbrella even if he needs it more than you do, makes you laugh, makes you cry when he makes you laugh too much… and the best reason why he’s so remarkable, you can cry on his shoulders anytime you want. He won’t stop you from crying but he always gives you the feeling that everything will be alright.

She’s okay. Quite quiet, reserved but not really. Many people think that she’s the type of person that no one can truly understand but they’re wrong. Like him, she’s a pretty dependable person. She helps with just about anything that sometimes she forgets a lot of stuff yet that is what her friends like about her. She makes fascinating stories that she doesn’t want anyone to read, she loves kids and kids love her back, very generous and one great thing about her, she’s a good listener. She doesn’t give paramount advices still, in some way, you get the most comfortable feeling when she listens.

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of love notes, love letters and sentiments…

i was cleaning my drawer and in all of a sudden, memories led me back to yesterday. i saw letters, small notes and pictures that i kept, yes, i know i am a melancholic at times, however sometimes it’s also nice remembering the past.

I first received a love letter when I was in third year high school. It’s not a surprise for me because the letter came from one of my closest guy friends (do I have to say his name? hehe!), Itwas not surprising because guys fall easily just like girls. I mean, just show some sweetness and he will think that you like him (but not all guys okay! Just some). So that’s what happened, he fell for me. He used a pen and a piece of paper to tell me that “Hindi ko alam, pero gusto talaga kita!” (haba ng hair diba). Yun nga lang I was still young then kaya siyempre I answered “Bata pa ako eh, magagalit nanay ko!” Ayan so we ended as friends gang ngayon, but I know masama pa rin loob niya but that’s life. So when I graduated highschool, nagka jowa ako, pero hindi siya, someone older than me at ka-brod pa nung unang nanligaw. Since he was older, siya lagi nagiinitiate like dates, our monthsary, annive celeb, etc. one thing I really appreciate about this guy is that dahil long distance relationship kami he makes it to a point na every month or twice a month nagsusulat siya. Imagine may cellphone na’t lahat-lahat he still writes to me. And that was our scenario for three years. Kaya ang dami kong sulat from him, napuno ata yung isang box ng shoes ko. Nwei, after collecting [a trash] I mean love letters, napunta din iyon eventually sa basura because my next bf was so possessive. Eh ayaw niya ng bakas ng isa man sa mga sulat na iyon.

On the other hand, mahilig din magsulat at magcompose ng song itong ex jowa jowahan ko. He made songs for me at na appreciate ko iyon. He was a vocalist ng isang banda.Nwei, marami pang nagbigay ng notes and letters sa akin, yung iba manliligaw yung iba friends at yung iba nagging jowa jowahan. I am really a senti person kaya ito nakatago parin.

I really love keeping these notes, letters and pictures. Nakakatuwa lang talaga silang basahin. Here are some of my favorite lines:

“I can remember the time when I spilled the cup of apple juice in the hall but you told me it’s not my fault. And now, I’m slightly bruised and broken from the collision of your kiss and I appreciate that because you made me feel pain again, for I was paralyzed and could not feel anything before.”

“This world is too much for me to take. So can I lay down and follow you? I’ll be everything you need in every way. Just tell me what you want, because I will give you everything.”

“I haven’t been this scared in a long time and im so unprepared. So here’s your valentine: bouquet of CLUMSY words with a simple melody. This world’s an ugly place (trust me!) but you’re so beautiful to me.”

“How does a butterfly live? How does a buttefly become a butterfly? How does a butterfly just float around without knowing that it has so many admirers? How does a butterfly not know how beautiful she is? How does a butterfly not know she is a butterfly? How does one catch a butterfly? How does a butterfly respond? I know you will never understand. There are so many nets floating around trying to catch a butterfly. My butterfly, be careful. In a world full of nets, there is an open hand just waiting to take care of you and is always willing to care. My butterfly, float gently into the world.”

“Just like an unfinished image we begin to see the picture, but we fail to understand the whole message. There were so many things to be said that were never said and some things that needed explanation that could not be explained. Sometimes its up to faith to finish the whole picture.”

“I thought I would not have the chance to tell you how much you mean to me. I was very glad that I was given the chance to show you that I love you. I don’t know how this came to me, but it just happen. All I know is I’ve treasured the moments with you.”

Grabe when I was reading all of these kinikilig pa rin talaga ako. Nwei, so here’s some of the small notes na nakalkal ko.

Sa kabilang banda, I also kept the charcoal drawing of my best bud in college (tnx bert for this). I was so touched when he gave me this drawing. Alam ko nagddrawing siya pero I didn’t expect na he will make one like this.

And to end this, here’s a pix of our batch in college Mass Comm Sais! I miss them all kaya nilagay ko na din sila dito. Hope to see you sometime soon… sa malayang panahon!

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will you do this for your girl?

Every girl dreams that one day she will find someone that does these things for her. even the smallest action can have the BIGGEST impact in someones life.
• give her one of your t-shirts to sleep in.
• leave her cute text notes.
• kiss her in front of your friends.
• tell her she looks beautiful.
• look into her eyes when you talk to her.
• let her mess with your hair.
• touch her hair.
• just walk around with her.
• FORGIVE her for her MISTAKES.
• look at her like she’s the only girl you see.
• tickle her even when she says stop.
• hold her hand when you’re around your friends.
• be the one to take her hand, don’t make her reach for you
• be the one to call her, don’t make her always call you
• when she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her.
• let her fall asleep in your arms.
• get her mad, then kiss her.
• tease her and let her tease you back.
• stay up all night with her when she’s sick.
• watch her favorite movie with her.
• kiss her forehead.
• write her letters.
• let her wear your clothes.
• when she’s sad, hang out with her.
• let her know she’s important.
• let her take all the photos she wants of you.
• kiss her in the pouring rain.
• when you fall in love with her, tell her.
• and when you tell her, love her like you’ve never loved someone before.
guys repost as : i’d do this for my girl.
girls repost as : will u do diz for ur girl?

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sinong BF mo doon?

What do you look for in a friend? Pick from the qualities listed and build your own TOP 10!

a. Loyal and reliable
b. Plenty of money
c. Good conversationalist
d. Honest and trustworthy
e. Good looking
f. Similar life goals
g. Popular
h. Not a gossiper
i. Wears cool clothes
j. Enjoys similar activities
k. Fun. makes me laugh
l. Able to keep a secret
m. Makes time for me
n. Willing to help when i need it
o. Respected by others
p. Good listener
q. Looks for the good in others
r. Intelligent
s. Always knows the latest fad or fashion
t. Lets me barrow his/her stuff
u. Offers me honest, constructive criticism
v. Same political views
w. Same economic/social status
x. Won’t embarrass me in front of others
y. Not jealous
z. Doesn’t pressure me to go against my convictions.

Who are your friends? Are they just acquaintances, or intimate friends? Sometimes even our friends may let us down, but there is one thing that is sure-Jesus wants to be your friend. When you accept His friendship you will never be disappointed.

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